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  1. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but the logic of it shook my experience of the last few hours of the game enough that I feel like I should report it. I'd been planning on siding with the Huana, and got everything set up with them--taken down the gunpowder storehouse, secured the queen's alliance with the isolationist/militant tribe. I then set about clearing up unfinished business in the Deadfire. I visited Dunnage and massacred its leadership, then went down to Deadlight and took a cruise back to Dunnage with the new blood's leader. She told me how to summon the Hangman. I wanted to
  2. I have not been able to get that request on a stream that David Warner voice Eothas out of my mind if I remember right Josh just said "hm, not sure what David Warner is up to these days" give me back my Irenicus I need him yknow the real thing I miss from Baldur's Gates 1 and 2, voicewise, was the variety and character of right-click/initiate conversation generic lines from different types of NPC. the jovial "I can break an arm or a leg for a copper or two" from the toughs, the comically harsh priests who wailed KNEEL. AND. REPENT., the siege tank guards who WERE the law and who SE
  3. I may have been a good boy and encouraged her to spare her target during her personal quest, and I'm a little distressed at how bleak her ending was. I fished around in my old saves until I found one where the quest was incomplete, finished it with the murderin', then copied the flags with the word "Devil"'s states into my pre-endgame file (the only difference was that it set n_devil_quest_state to 3, rather than 2, which it is if you spare the guy). This didn't change what my quest log showed I'd decided or the final outcome, though. She still went around murderin' and then got pulled apa
  4. THANK YOU. I finally finished the game after never mustering the energy (and I was a backer, too!) and did E V E R Y T H I N G, really wrangling for an optimistic ending. was super bummed to find I couldn't get the golden ending for Stalwart because I'd spoken up for animancy or something? this worked great, although when I set the "or" I got kicked out after the adventure scene at the crystal to the entrance of the zone without talking to the Eyeless. changed the or back to an and and it all went great. ...now maybe I need to change the Devil's personal quest state and pretend I let her m
  5. hm. I have trouble doing what you do--composing a character's narrative internally, without a game's having the systems to back it up. I mean, in a tabletop setting I could handle it, because the GM could just make whatever little situational alterations would be necessary for me to be a faulty android. and I guess maybe in a non-dialoguetree game like Wasteland it's a little easier to visualize, 'cause people aren't reacting to you as interactively as they are in, say, Fallout. but I think in a game with dialogue options and tailored replies it becomes a lot harder to sort of fly with your ch
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