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  1. Just curious, I was reading the patch notes and wasn't sure if thats what it meant in there.
  2. I was just wondering if its possible to set up my companions do to at least there once per encounter skills automatically?
  3. So I am self teaching myself c++ and on using blender. Someday I would like to be able to do modding projects. While sitting at work today I was kind of thinking of how you would create a npc from scratch and implement it into the game. Which brings me to asking if someone knows any tutorials about that sort of modeling. Thank you!
  4. So earlier I noticed someone had a wurm as a pet due to being a backer and that made me a little sad knowing I wouldn't be able to get one.... but no worries! seems as if you are still able to get one... cute too. hehe
  5. Not really a spoiler, but more of a little help. How do you get past the shimmering door on the first floor dungeon below your stronghold. I ended up finding a key, but not really sure if it correlates with the shimmering door. SOLVED
  6. I am just about to take a whack at these dungeon floors beneath the stronghold and was curious your guy's progress with it?
  7. Was looking forward to watching it only to find a 'read me' in the folder.
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