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  1. So, are there any other options other then disintegrating her soul or leaving her in that "prisoner" state?
  2. Well, i remember seeing somewhere on the internet that, sadly, no: such decision in Act 2 doesn't give the respective option in the endgame. Maybe there's something else required as well, but we can be certain that taking souls for yourself on its own is not enough
  3. Yeah, thtat's pretty much known. I wondered if there was a possibility to fail all quests so that the game will be forced either to show "you looser" or present some other way to jump through the pit safely. But it seems that there's no way to fail Berath's quest. You don't have options to refrain from killing in dialogues with the respective npcs (not in the way that fails the quest). I thought maybe killing both of them BEFORE even taking the quest would solve the issue, but one of the druids doesn't even appear on the map without the quest taken, and killing only the other one doesn't help.
  4. Well, do you know if it's possible to fail Berath's and Galawain's quests?
  5. upd2: Now that i noticed it: the log in my journal has only two entries about Durance, the last one goes like "Discuss your visions with Duance". It's second here as well: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Trials_of_Durance Even though logically i should've been at least at the point: "Find out from Durance what the fading symbols meant." It seems like the whole problem occured much earlier and i didn't notice t
  6. I sided with dragon because this both reoslves the problem with Caed Nua and gives you a very powerful and knowledgeble ally. From my RP point of view it's really nice to have such a mighty creature on your side. Though i do understand people who might think otherwise
  7. Well, i'm not so sure about Eothas. After all, we don't know for sure what happened to his soul after Godhammer. It could've went thorugh the whel again and whatnot. But my point is whether there's the possibility to open something new, to deny all the gods we know about (skaen/woedica, galawain, berath, hylea, wael). Btw - what do you man "specific ending for betraying"? If you pray to all gods, does chosing one of them means betraying all the others?
  8. I've had a problems with the dialogue line to discuss the visions with Durance appearing, so i installed all the 3 files put in the dropbox. The conversation option did appear, i explored it, but the quest didn't get updated. And there seem to be no contionuation Did i do sth wrong? upd: Oh, and i did it very late in the act 3. Can this be a problem?
  9. There's also a minor small chat with the cipher of the Hardeth house if you return there, but it's so very tiny. Quite touching, though.
  10. So, i really wonder if it's possible for main hero to be like "to hell with the gods, i'm not siding with anyone". The first thing which seems valid to be tried is failing ALL quests of the councils of the stars, but i guess there's no way to fail quests of Berath and Galawain. Do you have any possible way to fail them in mind? Because i really hope that some new options my be unlocked in the dialogue with those two ladies at the terance to Tier Evron. Maybe it's even possible fo pray to Eothas somehow (yeah, yeah, i know: Godhammer and all that staff, but still?). I tried to return to his t
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