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  1. 1.05, had two ciphers in my party, one with a blunderbuss another one with an arquebus. Focus gain was roughly the same, Cipher with a blunderbuss was ahead in damage overall, but that was mostly due to it being my PC with better stats. Sometimes on the PC used a pistol since it utilizes the same weapon focus as blunderbuss, still was quite similar. So, quite honestly it's a preference thing. Blunderbuss trades some range for looking cooler, so there's where my choice lies. Disclaimer - this was on hard, potd experience may vary.
  2. Achievements are a plight that came from the need to pad the console games that otherwise lacked in meaningful content. Off with them altogether, I say.
  3. And by moon-sized you mean a slight, insignificant, absolutely explainable inconsistency in the most minor of inconsequential sidequests? You do know the moon is not that little thing in the sky and is not actually smaller than your thumb?
  4. Ooh, this is really bad. It means summoning items are that way too. And this bug was the most annoying one during my playthrough. Almost broke the game completely, since if I reloaded in a location with enemies they would aggro on the summon and leave party in a perpetual state of combat.
  5. Why are you people replying in here like it's a real thread? OP is a known troll with an agenda. Don't buy into this bull****. Just post pictures of obvious trolls, gr8 b8 m8's, and n/10's. That is all that is required here.
  6. Oh, I've got one better for you. During a fight i used a charm spell that turned some of the enemies friendly for me, but not for the hirelings, apparently. They took it really personally, so much that they attacked me instead. Naturally I killed them for their insubordination. But even that was not enough, since afterwards when I would visit the stronghold grounds their ghosts would try to enact their revenge on me, as in I would suddenly go into combat and get a message that I was attacked by something-something while there was nothing there.
  7. So, I've finished the game already but on my playthrough there was an astounding number of issues that were accumulating as I went, ultimately making reloading after quitting the game quite hazardous. So, third act I pretty much rushed with doing couple of Elms side quests, a single god task(honestly, it never occurred to me that you could do multiple), and the Raedric Hold return. What I'm wondering - at some point an NPC told me that the riots in Defiance Bay ceased and you could return there. My desire to finish the game before it broke completely, as well as general dislike for lar
  8. On. The default was on, so it's on. If it'd be off, it'd be off. I don't think there's a function I care less about in this game.
  9. The Endless Paths are a Watcher's Keep/Durlag's Tower successor, and those had bosses stronger than the final bosses of their respective games. Optional bonus dungeon, super boss, etc. This is not some unique JRPG thing. Only in BG1/2 those were simply difficult encounters that I beat by preparation and several tries. You know, run in, get wiped, adjust tactics, try again. Bosses there are not unbeatable when you get to them. If you could do those dungeons - chances are you're alright with their bosses. And that, apart from the general lack of rules or clarity, is what really ruins the
  10. What I don't like about that dragon is that they pulled a Final Fantasy and included a boss that stands outside of the game's balance. Nothing you face, especially at about lvl 9 when you usually get to the dragon comes close to it. Heck, the final fight is immensely easier. This is wrong. You want to give a challenge - make it a natural progression of challenge and not just throw in a single encounter that comes out of nowhere, hits you over the head and calls into question every build choice you've made throughout the game. Also, making players return to the dragon, later after spending thre
  11. As other points were pretty much explained, my understanding of "1" was that a) You didn't survive biawac, you hid from it in the ruins, in other words, avoided it. 2) machine I'm not so sure about it, mayhaps it saw you as one of its operators. It didn't kill Thaos either. So this is my theory on what happened there.
  12. Tier 1 Durance. A crazy, tormented old man, one of my favourite archetypes, who is exceptionally well written and closely interconnected with the main story. A lot can be said about Durance, but what is for sure it's that he's a love/hate type character. And for me, he is indeed one of the best companions in RPGs ever. Also, that scream. Eder. Quite possibly the only blond man in gaming, or even the world who you don't want to immediately punch. He's that everyman with some dark secret that every RPG has, but he's so exceptionally well done and likeable, that he gets my Tier 1, regardless
  13. Have you enchanted the door recently? If so - for me, custom enchantment broke the bash on it. A bug from before the patch.
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