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  1. I think you guys have ridiculously high standards for a kickstarted gmae that already has delivered more than anyone could've reasonably expected, geez.
  2. The Duc and Lady Webb will always die as far as I know, but the choices you make, sides you take and whether you argue for or againsty Animancy will have an effect on the ending slideshow, so to speak. Make of that what you will.
  3. I loved the game, I'll say that much. Really looking forward to the expansion, since I feel it may very well resolve some of the questions I have. Thought I'd post here to see if others have the same questions, or perhaps even answers! 1. Is it ever mentioned, or explained, why you survive the Biawac/the machine? 2. When you finally defeat Thaos and read his soul, you get a glimpse of him in front of a huge crowd of people, all whom are sacrificed to the machine. They seem willing- and Thaos seems determined. What event was this? I had hoped to gain more insight. 3. If the Gods
  4. The thing I find curious about the plot is that three of the Gods actually were in favor of Animancy, and wished the peoples to further delve into it. That seems to go against their function, which is to be mighty dudes praised and worshipped. Also, I'm really curious what the gods actually are. Were they ancient people ascended? Or created out of nothing? Thirdly, why would Skaen out of all deities urge you to aid the Exiled Queen? Doesn't he hate authority figures, and those who'd force their will upon others? He seems more like a trickster god of some kind.
  5. Voss: I believe that subject is for the expansion, or the sequel. That's what the final slide hints at in the ending after al.
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