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  1. - Open some of the ridiculous amount of shops that are closed in Byzantium. The place feels dead - Grenades or traps/mines. Something to spice up combat...and how about being able to disarm mines too - Another level on Groundbreaker. Atm it feels way too small. - I know it is too much to ask for, but a vehicle. Just something simple. Monarch is painfully slow walking to each objective with the same mob between. - More scenes and areas in space/The Unreliable. Peril on Gorgon did this very well Peril on Gorgon is excellent btw so I'm hopeful for further improvements
  2. I have had a couple of issues in my game that I honestly don't know if they count as bugs or are working as intended. 1. Maia leaves my party after I take the quest to blow up the powderhouse. I had no intention of doing it, but there is no option to tell her this at all. Makes no sense. 2.Similarly, Serafen goes mad when I buy the slave on Crookspur even though I am obviously just playing along so I can set him free... Again, no option to tell him this at all. Thanks
  3. 45 hours in. Maia goes to deliver some stuff on her own. I get a message saying she has returned and the quests says she is eager to speak... But she is nowhere to be found! No way round it is there?
  4. My game is currently downloading a 2.1gb update through Steam. Is that the patch?...If so, I might start as soon as it finishes.
  5. My Twitter feed this morning has some stuff about shirt designs, and something about PAX. Really odd. It is like this expansion isn't even happening! I really want to play the game again, it would be nice to get some info on when it will be available
  6. Inquisition couldn't possibly be that bad. DAI is a weird cluster**** of bad design choices. Couldn't put it better myself. Better than 2 though, but then it couldn't be worse.
  7. More important to individual stealth to me is being able to dismiss/leave companions....In Divinity:OS for example, I could at any time take my rogue and go off doing bits of a dungeon myself. In POE, more than once I used my rogue to sneak past lots of enemies, then was hampered by not being able to move past a loading screen. In Raedric's Hold, I snuck past everyone, then realised it was pointless as I wasn't able to go to the next level and it was a bit annoying...being able to just say to companions 'you wait here, I'll take it from here' would be great.
  8. I agree. He has the reputation of being OTT, but get over the theatrics(which I usually find funny) and he is actually a very fair reviewer, who I more often than not agree with on games. Also, it is hilarious when he does blow up about a game that really gets to him. His review of Ride To Hell:Retribution is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!
  9. Hi, Just wondering how people prefer to play the game, with this on or off?...For those who don't know what I mean, it is the option to have the conversation option you can't use due to skill checks show up or not during the game. Personally I like to play with them off so that can just play the game without worrying that I should have picked a different option, or increased a different skill. I find it a bit jarring when the options are shown tbh. Also, big thumbs up to the devs for providing the option for those who like/dislike it! Opinions?
  10. Personally, I would be happier with VO for most quest NPCs. It isn't needed everywhere, but I would prefer everything main-plot related and big side quests to have VO. People saying fan-made VO is always bad...Mostly, I agree, but there are some decent ones, especially for New Vegas(I'm thinking Bounties) and Skyrim. Take the Interesting NPCs mod for Skyrim; some of the NPCs from that are almost indistinguishable from the professional VOs imo. Right, I'm popping along to Essex to round up some actors to VO the whole game ok?(only fellow Brits will know how...interesting that would be
  11. Oh yeah, I know that, what I meant is that by talking to the others you find out that they are just two guys standing watch, and hardly likely to attack a group on site.... Well, if you believe their story I suppose.
  12. Hi, I have just come across this little quest and was wondering if it working as intended?...The Orlan(I think)woman asks you to go and check her ferry, and as you go down the oath you are attacked by two guys. Are they supposed to be hostile and attack on site with no dialogue? Seemed a bit odd to me as when you speak to the guys at the bottom they are clearly just two guys. Or maybe I am missing something? Cheers
  13. All personal opinion of course, but these are some small tweaks that would improve the game for me: 1. Individual stealth. 2. More NPCs...I mean, not fully fleshed out NPCs or anything, but the cities could really do with some walking around and in taverns etc. I would be very happy with a load of NPCs with no really dialogue, but the speech bubble with a random quote on it. I think it would improve the atmosphere in the game immensely, especially in Defiance Bay. 3. I imagine it would be hard to do, but I would really like to be able to sheath weapons. 4. Just do something with the Kee
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