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Are these bugs, poor design, some other issue?



I have had a couple of issues in my game that I honestly don't know if they count as bugs or are working as intended.


1. Maia leaves my party after I take the quest to blow up the powderhouse. I had no intention of doing it, but there is no option to tell her this at all. Makes no sense.

2.Similarly, Serafen goes mad when I buy the slave on Crookspur even though I am obviously just playing along so I can set him free... Again, no option to tell him this at all.



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There were some quests in PoE that gave similarly limited options. It is like writers want to prevent the player to achieve everything and satisfy everybody but actually make a hard decision instead. Can't comment on these specific quests though.

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Poor design.


There are similar more quests and conversations which limit your options in a similar way. I hope they will add some more options after they fix major bugs. I don't even want voice acting for them.


Let's make a post aggregating all kinds of 'lack of choice' problems in general discussions and I'll drop an issue or two.

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