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  1. - Open some of the ridiculous amount of shops that are closed in Byzantium. The place feels dead - Grenades or traps/mines. Something to spice up combat...and how about being able to disarm mines too - Another level on Groundbreaker. Atm it feels way too small. - I know it is too much to ask for, but a vehicle. Just something simple. Monarch is painfully slow walking to each objective with the same mob between. - More scenes and areas in space/The Unreliable. Peril on Gorgon did this very well Peril on Gorgon is excellent btw so I'm hopeful for further improvements
  2. I have had a couple of issues in my game that I honestly don't know if they count as bugs or are working as intended. 1. Maia leaves my party after I take the quest to blow up the powderhouse. I had no intention of doing it, but there is no option to tell her this at all. Makes no sense. 2.Similarly, Serafen goes mad when I buy the slave on Crookspur even though I am obviously just playing along so I can set him free... Again, no option to tell him this at all. Thanks
  3. 45 hours in. Maia goes to deliver some stuff on her own. I get a message saying she has returned and the quests says she is eager to speak... But she is nowhere to be found! No way round it is there?
  4. My game is currently downloading a 2.1gb update through Steam. Is that the patch?...If so, I might start as soon as it finishes.
  5. My Twitter feed this morning has some stuff about shirt designs, and something about PAX. Really odd. It is like this expansion isn't even happening! I really want to play the game again, it would be nice to get some info on when it will be available
  6. Inquisition couldn't possibly be that bad. DAI is a weird cluster**** of bad design choices. Couldn't put it better myself. Better than 2 though, but then it couldn't be worse.
  7. More important to individual stealth to me is being able to dismiss/leave companions....In Divinity:OS for example, I could at any time take my rogue and go off doing bits of a dungeon myself. In POE, more than once I used my rogue to sneak past lots of enemies, then was hampered by not being able to move past a loading screen. In Raedric's Hold, I snuck past everyone, then realised it was pointless as I wasn't able to go to the next level and it was a bit annoying...being able to just say to companions 'you wait here, I'll take it from here' would be great.
  8. I agree. He has the reputation of being OTT, but get over the theatrics(which I usually find funny) and he is actually a very fair reviewer, who I more often than not agree with on games. Also, it is hilarious when he does blow up about a game that really gets to him. His review of Ride To Hell:Retribution is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!
  9. Hi, Just wondering how people prefer to play the game, with this on or off?...For those who don't know what I mean, it is the option to have the conversation option you can't use due to skill checks show up or not during the game. Personally I like to play with them off so that can just play the game without worrying that I should have picked a different option, or increased a different skill. I find it a bit jarring when the options are shown tbh. Also, big thumbs up to the devs for providing the option for those who like/dislike it! Opinions?
  10. Personally, I would be happier with VO for most quest NPCs. It isn't needed everywhere, but I would prefer everything main-plot related and big side quests to have VO. People saying fan-made VO is always bad...Mostly, I agree, but there are some decent ones, especially for New Vegas(I'm thinking Bounties) and Skyrim. Take the Interesting NPCs mod for Skyrim; some of the NPCs from that are almost indistinguishable from the professional VOs imo. Right, I'm popping along to Essex to round up some actors to VO the whole game ok?(only fellow Brits will know how...interesting that would be )
  11. Oh yeah, I know that, what I meant is that by talking to the others you find out that they are just two guys standing watch, and hardly likely to attack a group on site.... Well, if you believe their story I suppose.
  12. Hi, I have just come across this little quest and was wondering if it working as intended?...The Orlan(I think)woman asks you to go and check her ferry, and as you go down the oath you are attacked by two guys. Are they supposed to be hostile and attack on site with no dialogue? Seemed a bit odd to me as when you speak to the guys at the bottom they are clearly just two guys. Or maybe I am missing something? Cheers
  13. All personal opinion of course, but these are some small tweaks that would improve the game for me: 1. Individual stealth. 2. More NPCs...I mean, not fully fleshed out NPCs or anything, but the cities could really do with some walking around and in taverns etc. I would be very happy with a load of NPCs with no really dialogue, but the speech bubble with a random quote on it. I think it would improve the atmosphere in the game immensely, especially in Defiance Bay. 3. I imagine it would be hard to do, but I would really like to be able to sheath weapons. 4. Just do something with the Keep to make it worthwhile! 5. A big one for me- Allow you to dismiss party members at any time...Occasionally I come across a part of a quest that I might want to stealth, or solo and I have to travel all the way to an Inn to do it.
  14. The one thing from Skyrim I would love to see in the next POE game is the Radiant quests system, which, imo Skyrim doesn't get nearly enough credit for!...A faction with quests like that in POE would have been great. In fact, when I entered the Expedition Hall and they started talking about the expeditions they do, I was kind of expecting something similar tbh.
  15. I'm not singling them out because of spite, but because they are the only other well known company which makes RPGs on a fairly regular basis. I could say Larian studios too, but their writing is fundamentally different than either Obsidian's or Bioware's and can't really be used as an example. Origins is an awful example of my arguments, because nobody had any impact on the main story (that being stopping the Archdemon and collecting allies). Inquisition is broken on PC and haven't played it much, but according to a friend of mine the story is the usual dross and the companions are just there. DA2 is actually an interesting take on the problem, because that game didn't have an overarching story and it was made stronger for it. The companions were able to shine more. Sorry but I completely disagree. In Origins especially, take the fist two companions you get, Alistair and Morrigan; one is the only other member of the order you belong to and shares the same quest as you, can become king and lead the final battle against the archdemon, or can even be the one to kill the archdemon, the other can play a large part in the final decisions you make and the final battle by giving you a choice. Inquisition story is dross, real dross, but again, the companions do all feel a part of the story, that is one thing you can say about it. I agree I prefer it when they do feel more a part of the story and I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a kind of twist concerning any of them tbh. And Aloth's Leaden Key conversation felt a bit forced imo.
  16. Interesting you single out Bioware, as this is one thing they do really really well. Especially in the more recent games like Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition.
  17. With what I am now reading about expansions, I'm alright with the way they left it providing we get a bit more closure on some of the aspects of the story. Leaving a story open for coming expansions is ok by my book...so long as it doesn't enter the realms of sequel-baiting, which this hasn't at all.
  18. The Journal is much, much better for a start, as is the general UI. Also I really like the improved stealth. The best and biggest change is the endurance system though for me. The interactive story bits are also excellent imo. I think it improves practically everything. It didn't feel as much of a chore to play as the older IE games.
  19. Well I just wrapped up the main quest, and overall I would say it is a good game. I really enjoyed it most of the time. Would probably give it 8/10. Just a few observations, mainly about the story and general game, staying away from the combat, as I can just accept it for what it is. 1. I didn't realise the game was going to end. I still had about 20 side quests/tasks left to do!...There was still the whole situation in Defiance Bay I had to sort out after the Duc being assassinated, the rivalry between the Knights and the Dozens which was quite interesting, surely something was going to happen with the Keep I had built up?...No, the game just ended with a slideshow I have to say I found it quite disappointing. Tbh, I was fully expecting to come out of the last dungeon and continue with my side quest as the story steers towards it's end. 2. The main plot was kind of interesting when it seemed like it was building to something, but it didn't arrive. It feels like there is another act missing tbh. The political situation and the whole Animancy debate was far more interesting to me, but it wasn't really explored enough. I was expecting maybe the Valian Republic to enter the story at some point, or some kind of struggle over the successor to the Duc to take place, but there were just a few slides at the end. Basically I would have liked more political intrigue. 3. Act 2 was brilliant, with Defiance Bay acting as a really good hub imo. I found Twin Elms suffered in comparison and was quite disappointed with it tbh. 4. I really liked the stealth, which imo, is pretty much as good as you can get it in this engine. There were one or two dungeons that were a real pleasure to sneak through with my specially crafted party of assassins! 5. Love the idea of the Keep, but it is very poor. In truth, the game would probably actually be better off without it imo. Just adding a task called 'minor adventure' with no details and having someone leave the party for some time is pretty lame. The upgrades are pretty much worthless and it just seems like there was very little effort put in to it unfortunately. 6. I thought all of the companions were interesting, and I enjoyed pretty much all of their quests. Pretty much spot on. 7. I really liked the Endless Paths, but unfortunately only got to level 8, as again, I didn't know the game was going to end. There are some nice puzzles and interesting fights in there. 8. I thought all of the side quests were good to excellent. Very well written and had some interesting choices and outcomes, just as I would expect from Obsidian. 9. I really, really love the little interactive bits(not sure what to call them tbh). I think they work really, really well and would love more of them. Simple and unobtrusive. Really well done. If I had one criticism of them though, it is that I found them to be a bit safe...A bit more could have been done with them. So in summary, I was very impressed with the game overall, and I shall definitely play through the game again at some point, and this time I will make sure to do everything!...I would love an expansion that features a new city to explore and use as a hub. Maybe one of these interesting places we have heard about. Thanks for reading.
  20. The keep featured some of my favourite quests in the game...Who could forget the epiceness that is 'minor adventure'(seriously, couldn't we have just a tiny bit of text to tell us something about it?!).
  21. Hi all. Overall, I am loving this game. Not totally in to the combat, but really loving it overall. I have a few comments and questions: 1. After really enjoying Defiance Bay and the quests found there, I am slightly losing interest in Twin Elms tbh. I was hoping for another city similar to DB. It doesn't work anywhere near as well as a hub imho. 2. I haven't really explored the Endless Paths yet. What level is generally recommended? 3. I like the idea of the stronghold, but implementation is quite weak. Is there any chance of it being fleshed out at all.... More NPCs etc? 4. Are any quests now unable to complete after leaving Defiance Bay? 5. How different does the game actually play depending on the character you make?... Obviously I have only played once, but it doesn't seem like there has been much of a deal made of it.
  22. For an expansion/update -Way more NPCs in towns/villages. They don't have to be fully written with conversation options, just a quick comment like the Justiciars have for example. -Some more maps that are good for sneaky characters. I loved soloing through Raedric's Hold without being seen! -Massive improvements to the Stronghold!...It is a good idea barely fleshed out. -More imagination and risks taken with the interactive story bits. They were great and I would love more of them. -Visiting a new area/Town that is different to the usual areas.
  23. I would like this also. Something that worked very well in Wasteland 2.
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