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  1. When you tell the head priestess that she has been rejected by Magran because she sent someone else to do her trial for her, you receive the worst reward. From listening to Durance and everything we've learned about Magran, that is the correct answer. The other answers are merely blowing smoke up her ass which Magran would not appreciate. At first I loaded and went with one of the fluff answers just to get the better reward but then went back and did it the first way and just decided to eat the negative reputation. It just seems bizarre and frankly wrong that the only Magran quest in defiance bay would reward dishonesty/weakness since everything we hear and know about Magran has her prizing brutal honesty and strength of character over all else.
  2. A prison is an interesting idea. Do you have ideas for how you'd capture people to go in it or what kinds of npcs would be capturable? Practically it might have to be scripted, ie some npc betrays you and if you own the stronghold you can lock them up and interrogate them but without it you miss out on some key info.
  3. I just caught up on the updates I missed but didn't see answers. Did you guys get an answer to your questions? I'll look forward to seeing what you've made in beta and the final game.
  4. I would imagine this whole thread to be ideas and suggestions, not expectations.
  5. Moral relativism: The end product brought about by the actions taken or the intended end product is what determines whether it is a good or bad act, not some pre-defined black and white system of "murder is bad, charity is good". It's fully possible that by murdering someone you make the world a better place and by not being charitable you force someone to become a more capable person. Eugenics: A society where its most accomplished members are mandated to reproduce with other successful members and the unsuccessful are outlawed from breeding. Culling of criminals: A society with no jails where the worst offenders are killed, midrange offenders are castrated to prevent them from breeding and low end criminals are rehabilitated. Different political systems: (this was great in New Vegas) a dictator or two, a parliament, a political religious leader in a region of religion based politics, a caste based society where warriors OR scientists are at the top and it all exists to support them Culture clash: Different cultures coming together and fighting over their differences. There should be a technology gap. Does the winning side commit genocide? Reeducate? Enslave? Stop their advance and leave them some territory? Control or Revolution: Different groups with different ideas. Some in power some not. All are trying to get enough people on their side so that they can take power. A group with less followers but their zealot like devotion makes them difficult opponents. A group with many members but is based on more passive ideals likely meaning they lose more people during fighting but do better during peacetime. A group with many similar ideals as those in power yet completely fixated on those aspects they want to change to the point of revolution.
  6. Honestly that also helps solve the HUGE problem in RPG's of level scaling and powering up your character WAY past the level of the content. I find in games I'm super thorough and do everything, but the difficulty is balanced so that someone who just ploughs straight through can still get the game finished. The end of games are almost ALWAYS too easy with the way that I play.
  7. It's going to be called Fort Condor. It's going to be defended by Fighter, Defender, Attacker, Archer, Engineer, tristoners, fire catapults and at the end you get to summon a phoenix. I'm surprised by the serious thought put into this to be honest. I mean what's being proposed here sounds like a complete game within a game. For once I'm going to agree with the "not enough resources" argument and add my own: not enough interest. Not just from players but from the developers as well. This could be an interesting game, as a game on its own. I don't think it's what they're looking to make for this. The idea of this kind of rpg is to travel and adventure having an effect wherever you travel to. Having people come to you in a castle sounds like it's the opposite of that.
  8. First solid argument in this whole thread. Everyone knew that prophecy was lame, you're just the first one who hit on the deeper reasoning for why. Well done.
  9. I think the poll just has some granularity unexplored. A person doesn't seem some magical boost of godly selection or lineage to be not a regular joe. He could just be the try-hardiest joe on the planet. As much an everyman as John McClane. The guy with guts. Even if that was the case, he WOULD gain a huge amount of fame simply by his actions alone. That's Commander Shepard for you in a nutshell and yet I GUARANTEE you most of the people would go "oh god not commander shepard, he is SO a chosen one, he's always being bugged by NPC's about how great he is and conveniently being put into situations". There are many people on this planet who experience that exact thing every day. All of our celebrities are in that position. All that you have to do is something to get yourself noticed and make yourself stand out and suddenly people will be the ones approaching you with propositions. I hear what you're saying but my position remains unchanged. Judging by what people have said, they have this image in their head that won't actually work. If you do great things, you'll be treated as a great person, regardless of what your history is or your base stats. There's no such thing as a regular joe hero. The moment he becomes a hero he ceases to be a regular joe and becomes known as something special.
  10. He's just a regular guyyyyy... hes in the right place at the right time.... over and over again..... how is he so luckkkyyy... but hes such a regular guyyyy..... he's kinda dumb and smells kinda bad and gets constipated and has a bad back and gets rejected by women and yet and yet and yet there he is in the right place at the right time again... why does he always show up at the right time... he must be involved in these bad events somehow... lets kick his ass.... and this is the character, judging by multiple threads on this forum, and the poll in this topic, that most people want to play. Seriously, people don't know what they want. They think they know, but they don't.
  11. I find well reasoned and agree with pretty much everything you said except for the part about the language barrier. I don't think that makes for interesting gameplay. The rest of it is totally true though, regardless of if a place is "remote" or not. PC's are usually such douchebags. Why do we get to take everyone's valuables? Why is our murder justified simply because they attack us first? (Game rules typically are that even if you're trespassing, if you get attacked you're in the right regardless of how much you were provoking to begin with). Also, stealth skills. Let's say you manage to "hide" or whatever while picking the locks of this town. It doesn't change the fact that even if they didn't see you actually go inside their homes, they still saw 6 douchebags walking through their town, and all of their valuables going missing coincided with their "visit". They'll be able to put 2 and 2 together. They should form a militia and chase the player down, nullifying any "side quests" that the players recieved while they were there. I'd like to see players have to get rich and powerful through some other means than taking everyone else's stuff all the time. Typically PCs get money in RPG's by: -Killing enemies and looting their bodies -looting occupied buildings and stealing NPC's valuables -selling this loot to some vendor who couldn't care less about its origin NPC's also have a habit of conveniently forgetting a players crimes or being too stupid to figure out that it was you that took their stuff. I really think that a player should run into two main options as far as making money goes: -The "legitimate" way of getting quests, completing them and being rewarded. -The "criminal" way of looting houses and killing townsfolk when they come after you to get it back or seek revenge. This should nullify any chance of completing any quests in that town or region and you should be hunted. I don't believe in the "benevolent douchebag" who takes everyone's stuff yet is loved by the townsfolk because they rescued Vanessa from the Ogre encampment where she was conveniently not being eaten or raped but saved for later in some kind of tent or shackles. It seems just as plausible to me that Vanessa isn't a captive but instead finding employment, the Ogres are instead a band of mercenaries, and the PC and his party are just jerks who like to slaughter everyone. They happen to come across a daughter of someone in a town they just looted when they slaughter yet another band of armed men, and take her back to that town to ransom her back to her parents after informing them that their daughter's husband or friends or co-workers were just killed by the party. There's not much about this that makes the player heroic. I know some people will read what I just wrote and think "well that's not what the quest was, and it WAS a heroic deed" but honestly, a lot of times people aren't out to help the townspeople. When people are playing they simply slaughter armed men over and over and over again and happen to run into items while doing so that give them XP. They kill the armed men because they have a red circle around their feet. People who see things (like red circles) that aren't actually there are Schitzophrenics. Still think it's far fetched? It's unrealistic that anywhere outside of a town it's an uncivilized morass of people who are evil and must be wiped from the face of the earth. Meanwhile inside of towns everyone goes about their business while being protected by a few token guards in super shiny armor who look like they've never fought a day in their life. Also, nobody is depressed about the state of the world they live in and how dangerous it actually is. Having the entire world be a big deathtrap would be horrifying.
  12. Hell yes dude. Whatever game mechanics allow us to avoid the traps of "action rpg"s I am in favor of. I do not see a purpose to playing a game like Diablo 3 or Kingdoms of Amalur.
  13. Oh I see, you're not talking about the main character being exceptional, you're talking about the idea of "prophecy" in games. Yes, prophecy is a lame and boring way to explain how the PC came about to be much stronger than other people in the world. That said, I believe what we're discussing is the idea of whether or not the main character is special at all or if he's just some schmuck. I maintain that in that case, nobody who seems to think they want the schmuck would actually find it fun if implemented in the game.
  14. That's hilarious, because The Nameless One is one of the most powerful if not *the* most powerful player character in the history of any RPG. Like I was saying before. You think that you want a story about some completely mundane dude or girl, but you actually don't.
  15. Actually I agree on this point. That was a sweet system. It however may have fit better thematically into a world where factories are no longer running and salvage is a way of life. The ability to tinker would become very important if you had any hope of being able to use old technology for a prolonged period.
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