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  1. True, but they are improving a game that PE is using as a reference, and if they are doing it, that's because there is a demand. I don't see why should be incompatible to have the option to choose. The argument of not using a multi-touch technology because it is not true "old-school" is comparable to arguing against the use of higher definitions or 3D character models because they were not there in the past.
  2. Back then they didn't have the power to run IE games and now they can (using GemRB). It could be that it happens the same with PE. More reasons to think about it from the beginning! There are many people already playing old IE games on their tablets. Right now using GemRB, in the future with the option of using BGEE too. That you don't like it or find it inappropriate doesn't mean that everyone shares your opinion. Maybe you would enjoy it when you try it
  3. Windows 8 is going to have touchscreen support, so I don't see it as such a waste of time. Besides, if they are going to use Unity 3D, a port to Android or iPad should be quite easy and it could be expected.
  4. Any plans to implement these technologies? In BGEE multi-touch support will be available, I don't know about multiple screens, though it would be nice to have the option to configure what to display on each screen. Screen 1 and 2 game port view, screen 3 inventory, screen 4 journal :D
  5. What kind of movement options will be available? Traditional point&click like in IE? WASD? Will there be a zoom? If so, any plans for an auto-zoom to show all party members? And what about the dialogue? Will it be a carbon copy of IE games or can we expect some innovation, like finding from the journal the dialogue that triggered that entry?
  6. There are a few problems with that. First you have that one criticism can influence the next, then you have some people participating a lot and others not that much, and also it wouldn't be a totally anonymous system because in the forum you can see their avatar. Another thing would be if afterwards the results were public for anyone to see and they could be voted to decide the best bio ::mouth watering::
  7. Assuming this game is going to have stats, or some sort of random qualifiers I was thinking of new character creation system: 1) When you create your character, instead of choosing your class, stats, etc, you write a bio for your character. 2) The text is uploaded to a server, then you review other players' characters assigning classes and stats based on their bios until you collect enough karma 3) Finally you receive a character sheet (which can be open or invisible) which the most voted options/averaged stats for your character What do you think about this? Could it work maybe not as
  8. Since this is (or it is supposed to be) a game heavily-reliant on text, do you have any plans to translate it into other languages? Will the translations be a stretch goal?
  9. I haven't seen any topic discussing this, so I'll start with some: - How good actions can create evil - The inability to solve all problems - Interaction with societies with different values - Contamination, environmental concerns - Cultural clashes - Characters with disabilities
  10. Thanks to you all for all the responses. I didn't inted to start any trolling whatsoever, but it is nice to hear that most of the people here agree on "the more text, the better". At least that should give some freedom to the writters/designers to write as long as they wish
  11. I'm going to leave here a suggestion, that I'd love to see implemented, TEXT LENGTH ADJUSTABLE. Which means that you can choose either a short "TL;DR" version of the dialogue, or an expanded version
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