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    "I had considered the NPC option, but chose the item instead. I was afraid I'd get assigned an NPC sweeping the floor in the back room of some tavern and he'd mumble something about bread for the 5 players who ever went in there during their game. I'd have to name him Ruprecht the Irrelevant or something. The thought really depressed me."


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  1. Has it been mentioned/offered to just give our money back for the physical rewards? Loved the game, and it obviously turned a profit, so I'd not have hard feelings if they just paid me back for the statue I thought I was getting, which... I really don't care about anymore.
  2. It's not like Obsidian took your money and ran to Mexico. We'll get it when it's done. That said, something about it should have been mentioned in today's email. Even if it's, "we've had to make the statues out of paper mache to save time & money on shipping"...
  3. Surprised today's update email from Adam didn't mention physical rewards... I'm staring at a pedestal devoid of Eothas.
  4. I think controlling 12 "units" would be a disaster with the current pathing system, unless you treat it as a real-time strategy combat thing where you just mob everything. That said, other than healing, I completed the game with no real magic/chanter/cipher users. So it should work just fine in that sense.
  5. Obsidian, this was really, really cool. Thanks for showing us how all of this game production stuff works. Blood, sweat, tears and Feargus. I'm glad you "get it" with RPGs, and I'm proud to have been a small part of this thing (the Forgiveness pistol!). As a 40-year old gamer, the BG/NWN games were huge escapes for me years ago, and my pledge was a dreamcast. I figured if PE came close to capturing that magic again, it was worth it. You captured lighting in a bottle.
  6. Now Chris can say he has some of his art "framed" in Wisconsin! Thanks Obsidian!
  7. Has anyone come up with a fix for this? AS mentioned, it's getting worse for me as well.
  8. Glad to hear I'm not the only one playing a melee ranger. High dex/might w/12 con, and I avoid selecting the ranged-only abilities to instead focus on my pet, or melee-focused perks when offered. It really isn't that hard to make a hybrid fighter/ranger this way for DPS in this system. I'm quite happy after trying several other classes, and it's the character I decided to continue with. I dual-wield and switch to pistol when needed. I'd go so far as to call it an off-tank build as she's very survivable on the front line. Also my primary trap/chest person, so she fills several rolls.
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to find a way to print a picture of the pistol "Forgiveness" which was my KS unique item. I'm making a shadow box with several of the CE items, Avellone's troll, etc and I'd like to include a high-res image of Forgiveness in addition. I've found the file, but obviously cannot open it outside of the game, and a print-screen just doesn't cut it. Any ideas? Also, a personal Thanks to whomever the writer was who helped with the description!
  10. I don't think they're "evil", but I'm sure they tend to attract that type. Folks think they're cruel simply due to how ruthless they are in stopping conflict. But one could argue that in the long run, perhaps they save lives? I'd call them pragmatic zealots.
  11. Wait! Why does Leonardo DiCaprio get to play first? Is it not enough that he gets to *#$% Victoria's Secret models, but now he gets dibs on Pillars?? EDIT: After reading further in this thread, it seems the rumor of Leonardo DiCaprio getting PE first is not true. NOT true.
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