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  1. Snow again? White March 3? Is the boss the same because it would at least be theme relevant to deadfire.
  2. Still nothing for me, no email, shipping confirmation etc. Are people getting them yet?
  3. Hoping for some sort of update. Going on over a month without any official updates.
  4. Still no updates I see. *sigh* Care to elaborate? I didn't back any Larian games, but you have piqued my curiosity. If the manufacturer cannot produce the rewards due to limitations then it isn't Obsidian's fault. If they run out of dye #359 that goes on Eothas' nipple it can absolutely be an issue and Obsidian paying them has nothing to do with that. For instance one would surely not blame a restaurant for running out of a certain type of food because they couldn't predict demand right? I very much understand the frustration but I cannot get on board with the hate because Obsidian has been transparent about it both before and after release. Waiting a few weeks for my stuff really isn't an issue. The backing campaign ended over a year ago. The demand is pretty much set at that point is it not? What is there to predict when they stop taking money and X amount of people purchased physical rewards.
  5. So this is the most recent? There's been no other info in over 2 weeks?
  6. I backed on a high tier with physical rewards (box, statue, map etc). I have not heard anything about the status of these. Have people been getting theirs already or heard anything?
  7. Thanks for the info but as stated in the OP, this specifically is not what I was looking for. What I'm asking about would be the equivalent of this for PoE1 I also believe the guidebook is in some higher tiers of backing, so I'm pretty sure I'm already getting one.
  8. Not worried in the least. PoE is one of the greatest RPG's of our age. I'm sure this one will be great too.
  9. This was my suspicion as well. When there is one, it's available to pre-order well before launch.
  10. I dunno, I never thought he's as into DnD that he says he is. His witchhunter thing he did on nerdist didn't convince me that he's been playing tabletop RPG's for 20 years or whatever he claims.
  11. To each their own. I find it to be an entertaining form of improv storytelling with rules. Radio dramas used to be a big thing, critical roll and other tabletop RPG podcasts are not far from that. They definitely make long drives a bit shorter. I think it helps too that they get really into it with their voice acting and characters.
  12. I really enjoyed the PoE1 Prima Strategy Guide, if simply as a collectors item with cool screenshots and crunch in it. Apparently $200+ now since it's out of print. Will there be something similar for PoE2? I'm not talking about the guidebook that comes with the CE.
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