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  1. I wonder is open world an evolution of rpg design? Is success like the utterly humdrum Skyrims lets pretend quasi simulation a sign of quality? I played an open world very deeply simulated rpg a quarter century ago, so that hardly seems like something radically new and daring. I'd say an example of an rpg evolved and iterated quite successfully was the Dead Money dlc for New Vegas, it built gameplay and mechanics around the narrative and used one to reinforce the other in a very seamless manner, unfortunately I can't see it catching on as tired WoW mechanics, loot recycling, trash mob grinding, and Elder Scroll "gameplay" cycles seem to be more in vogue. An old game like Stalker or Gothic might be something to look at as well, but once again hardly an evolution considering their age.
  2. As an occasional w40k player I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the hundreds of d6 I own, and the dozens i've lost when they've fallen off tables and disappeared to Nuffle knows where.
  3. Now that i'm comfortably retired and have the benefit of hindsight i'm thinking of labelling my entire working life as a mentally impairing condition. As well as fatherhood. Marriage. Bank accounts, etcetera.
  4. I do prefer that form of acting myself, DeNiro in the Mission for instance when he stiffly states to his fiancee, "And me you do not love?" He screams hurt, rage and betrayal with just a little stiffness and intonation. Mr Gosling still leaves me cold however.
  5. Exactly. Mr Gosling may be a personal matter, he has always left me cold in every role i've seen him in, a male equivalent of Jennifer Lawrence if you will. Whereas I found Mr Ford quite appealing even when playing it Bogart in the original, he had a certain likeable boyishness that still glimmers in his eyes even now. Edit: Just one of the reasons why I let him live in the denouement atop the Bradbury.
  6. I've recently been enjoying the first three missions of Ancestors Legacy, a Dark Age set RTS that reminds one somewhat of Company of Heroes, and a little bit of Warrior Kings. For a beta it's in extremely good condition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb-Pg1P7OxI
  7. Blade Runner 2049, i'm afraid to say that apart from the visuals I was just not very impressed, though the young hologram lady was rather...bracing. In my humble opinion it needed Vangelis desperately, some draconian editing and plotting improvements at an early stage, an antagonist as strong as Mr Batty, and probably most importantly less of a charisma vacuum in the lead role.
  8. I'm of the masculine persuasion, I own a gas testing kit and its never gone off merely due to my presence so if i'm toxic it's not airborne. I also regularly give blood and no one has yet been poisoned by it so i'm calling poppy**** on the whole toxicity label.
  9. Once one has played the Legacy of Kain series the voice acting in most other titles seems half hearted at best in comparison, so silence becomes preferable.
  10. Tyranny. I started the conquest section but had to stop as i'm not sure what my Fatebinders remit is exactly, is there anywhere this is explained in detail, as a loyal servant of Kyros I neither want to overstep my authority or tread on his Archon's toes. I surely cannot be acting as a general or be trusted with decisions that will decide the fate of the campaign in the Tiers, from what I understand my responsibilities lie in a more oversight focused capacity?
  11. Oddly enough I cannot remember the security measures during the troubles being anywhere near as draconian as those in place now, despite the far more effective nature of the terrorists of that period. I'm at a loss as to how exactly our nanny state developed truth be told.
  12. I trust you and yours were unaffected by the atrocity Mr Jazz? Personally I believe a little security in life and good governance before the fact might have done something to avert this, it is depressing to see what has become of some areas of our inner cities, virtual no go areas where industry has almost entirely disappeared. On a recent trip to Mrs Nonek's home city she was shocked by how various areas of her youth had withered away, trash gathered in the streets, children ran riot, business and homes were boarded up. A grim prospect indeed. Of course we have always had ghettoes, of our own people before immigration, but usually in the north that drove them to communism and socialism which made a nice balance against the mercantile interests of the south, and they were and are a somewhat different animal.
  13. Young men and women are being born and raised in ghettoes, where there are very few prospects, little police presence, very little funding is allocated from local councils, and the native population is not integrating with them (or the other way around,) in such circumstances it does not take a social engineer to see that trouble will arise. Personally I believe as I have stated before that this stems from no infrastructure being prepared for the increased immigration that Britain has experienced, self pity, a political system that seeks good soundbites and good reactions in the short term at the cost of long term stability, and of course the press demonising one side or another depending on their agenda with no thought as to the consequences. Also the issue of a new wave of immigration cannot be ignored, young Eastern European professionals who speak and write excellent English, are usually extremely driven workers, and share certain cultural similarities with the native population are challenging the precvious generation of immigrants, not directly but by their mere existence. Thus we see radicalisation given a helping hand. Of course none of these excuse cowardly acts of terrorism against innocents, but the government might look at their policies and spare a little thought for what future they are crafting. We've made a good move towards freedom in escaping the oppression of Brussels, now should be the time that we look towards making Britain all it can be, with a mind towards the past but both eyes on our future, and a hand firmly on the tiller.
  14. He might object to being buggered by a stranger, perhaps you should just bug him about it?
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