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  1. No, just no. We're not the publishers. We're not even investors. We're donators (or "crowd funders" in today's seeming terms), currently with no actual legal rights over the product outside of them delivering a game that at least basically approximates what's in their pitch (fantasy rpg video game), versus, say, taking the money and running or sending us all a chiapet instead of a video game. yes, we are not publishers, i used the wrong word but i very much think we are investors, only that we don't receive a monetary reward, but a game + all the reward stuff (i strongly reject the te
  2. Haha no one took you serious, don't worry Well, you still haven't convinced me haha. But if the majority doesn't agree, what can i do? OBSIDIAN, GIVE ME BETA ACCESS PLEASEEEE
  3. I get your point. My situation is exactly the one you said there. I don't really have the means to back that much up, that was why i really wanted a chance to have beta access also. I keep my point tough, most people would't really get into the beta, only those that are really interested in the game.
  4. It looks like you don't know the people. 50% of the backers won't want to play the beta and in the other 50% around 30% wont give any sort of input. Just look at who's active on the forums. Those would be who beta test, almost certain. I'm not saying to give the beta access now, i'm saying give it to everyone. Make a special sub-section for the beta things to keep down pollution. You would have to go to somewhere to download the beta, so kids thinking its the full game are very rare to appear. To say the truth, i don't really believe many kids backed this project..
  5. Well, i can only see advantages on this, for gamers and for the Obsidian team. 1- The user imput We all now that one of the major problems with obsidian games are the horrible bugs their games have (its true, sorry mates haha). Same with some mecanics that are not fully tested because of either lack of time or the tester team wasn't really good (i heard somewhere that it wasn't obsidian who did the testing for KOTOR, not sure if true). If all the backers have access to the beta i believe the game we bough could be so much better... 2- Much more early access to the game = more
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