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  1. I made it with purpose. The wood looks more alive. For me this artistic style is much more aestetic and brings me very pleasent filings. Even if they want to represent summer in continental or tropical areas they should aquire better deversity of colours, in order to create stronger color composition. My opinion is, that the realism need to serve to the atmosphere and aesthetics, of course it need to be expressed convincingly. And of course some time it's matter of taste
  2. I don't think that's what he was getting at, i think he was bashing both screenshots, as the one in bg1 are also pretty small, they look like small trees you would usually see in orchard, not the overgrown ones you usually see in a forest. Though i don't really mind much I think, he minds stronger diversification in tree scaling and forms, rather than logical proportion man/tree/building. @ProjectBG2Respawn @Hassat Hunter any critic is welcome!
  3. Absolutely agree with you dude! I would like to see as little as possible (excluding metrics and some game development stuff like Update #67)
  4. They realized it looks horribly stupid? Man, big noses are so charming! I want big noses, please!
  5. @Junker @Grotesque - I'm shure they know what they doing and in the end they will do it well. Also I believe our critic will be very useful for them and will help them to improve even more the game! Patience is gold!
  6. Very atmospheric, this is the thing they miss till this moment...
  7. Hey, dude, they are far - far away from the something we can call final vision, aestetics or mood. This will be the role of the artists to hone all things up and to improve the mood... patience, my friend
  8. Hello to everybody! I love art updates, keep doing it! The art pieces are not bad, but they can be muuuch better. They still need lot of logical construction and polishing. The images in this state have very slight atmosphere which is the most inportant ingredent in such games, further more if this game pretend to have something common with such powerful adventure like BG. I overpainted one of the images in order to to demonstrate what I have in mind (it tooks me 3 hours): 1. The fireplace is loaded, this mean people use it often andthere is no way near it have brushes. Also when the fire burns it paints all stones in black, the grass around it dies as well. 2. Usually people walk there commonly. 3. Trees need to be more diversified, now they are very sterile. 4. Brushes on the middle of the intensively used road?!? 5. I put some imagination, the skeleton speaks but not enough. I put this soil poisoning in order to provoke the imagination of the player. 6. Obviously this place was devastated around year or so, this mean people with sure have started to cut out the dead trees around. 7. The road is not logically narrow. 8. Why there we have such turn? There must be some obstacle, people always use the shortest path. 9. The poisoning is not only around the skeleton, guess why? With this corrections I believe the shot become more alive, with deeper atmosphere and with much more story inside. I believe constructive critic is the most precious gift to one creator! Have a sunny day!
  9. I love new things, especially inter - what was it? I've searched something more specific, that's why I asked here Thank you for the link, I will chek it.
  10. You said "and we are hiring for other positions too" Where we can check this out? Wahat sort of tallents you searshing for? "Project Eternety" and "Torment Tides of Numenera" ( inXile soft.) for me are the RPG projects of the decade! You forging history... Keep it doing the best way you can dudes!
  11. Why so? It will be great to have real and deep multiple endings. I know it is realy hard task, but is is also chalange to the developers, I hopefuly belive they will make the endings realy intriguing and every ending will not only decide our fate in the end of the game, but some of the endings will decide how to end the game from the earlier stages of the game.
  12. 100 areas are much beter than 25 (like in BG2). If you dont want to explore OK leave the area or don't go there. Through the quests and dialogs you will find the important one and will be able to focus on them. In BG had lot of exploration and I loved this game much more than BG2. The Pool is OK. The choses are clear, stick to the story (like in BG2) or the story + lot of exploring (like BG and even more). The rich and complexive world is more interesting, and I'm shure, for allmost everyone RPG fan. Obsidian will have to decide...
  13. Absolutely agree!!! LET them surprise us, If we know everything before the game come out it will be very boring!
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