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  1. Do we really need "God of something", what is theirs interest in this? Berath God of doors, why? Do they gain some power from helping people (by worshipping them)? It should be in the game rational reason for this. I don't believe that Gods don't have something more interesting to do than for example blessing doors or help their followers. Most of Gods should be selfish. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My idea for God - Linda once admired by male gods because of her beautify, intellect and charm, other female gods were jealous that she can seduce every men and sometimes women. Once when she again seduced another God who was in stable relationship it was the end of the line for them. Opponents of her disabled her powers and imprisoned her in human body and have sent to brothel. Where she was detain and forced to take drugs. But one of the hookers helped her to liberate by killing her human body. When Linda was free again she started with killing every man that was in the brothel, and it was a bloodshed because she was very popular there. She is to weak to make harm her Gods opponents directly but she revel her rage on theirs human followers. Also everyone who is making any prostitute harm, has to expect that she will hear, hers plea for help. She will appear as beautiful women in sexy costume only to cut off the pimps **** with blunt knife. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Also there should be lots of Gods of fear and terror, because their bored, and this helps them to entertain ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Death - the grim reaper, not a GOD but a thing which helps souls to go to the other world, appears when someone dies. Maybe sometimes we could have little chat with him when someone in team dies and he is asking that if he could take him this time? Grim reaper with good sense of humour it would be great.
  2. Guild is good word to describe organizations that I think about. One of them can work official. Member of other will decline that it exists. When the mystery with that organization is bigger, and head of organization/guild is anonymous than better. It could be puzzle to be solved, or possibly not... Most of organizations would like to gain power/authority and money, other would function because of their philosophical and religious reasons. Like I mentioned Planescape Torment was pioneer in that. This is other world and here, could be other questions to ask, or the answer could be different. What is the meaning of life? Does the Creatures from this world are believe in coexistence? Are they equal? Are the true gods/god really existing, or there are only false idol? What is a soul? Does fate or destiny really exist? etc. That are my suggestions. For example there could be an organization that doesn't believe that soul really exists, afterlife is a lie, and they are attacking every cult-place, to make false (in their mind) deities weaker, and thrown them from the world away.
  3. I can't find any topic about that but for this sort of game is very important to have guilds like thieves, merchants, assassines, mages. Player could have some interesting informations from them, special items and abilities, but belonging to guild would require devotion for example - being caught on stealing - and you're thrown out from merchants guild. Another thing is religion and beliefs, you could choose your own God and sacrifice for it items and animals, to have blessings, also philosophical quasi guilds like in Planescape Torment would be nice.
  4. Well the same as Arcanum, BG, etc. I know that game should start with exploding vulcano but this is boring already, it would be more interesting when, people are against you because of your choices not because you're special.
  5. We will get plenty of sharp weapons, so i think a decapitation and etc. would be a normal thing. It could be also in correlation with character level, when it's higer then more stuff is happening (bad characters could also kill in some ugly way).
  6. Why mages would be interested in being part of the economy? OK if magic power is non limited, if it is there are for them more interesting and profitability things than spending them on brewery or industry.
  7. Romance with the companions are simply boring. I had enough of it in Baldur's Gate. What about something new? Why not marry barmaid or some other simply woman, or when you become richer and stronger for your deserts for the king, he gives you knighthood. Than you can arrange marriage with some princess/baroness etc., and live with her in your fortress. Or don't have any wedding, just woman/guy in every town or be a polygamist. All of this could be with some interesting quests.
  8. You don't relay need any iron mode, if your hero died etc., you can always can start a new game. I barely use autosave (only before entering a new location are good ones) if something happens you have only 1 save and mostly it is too late to change something. Don't forget that this game will be big, and time is short, there will be game bugs, and all forces after the premiere will be set to do something new. For me better will be no god mode in the game, if someone want to finish it - he should be able to do it on it's own.
  9. I've got an idea. Have you played Sid Meier's Pirates! (that one from 1987, I didn't played new version)? I'd liked the system of ending the game. You choose right time - at beginning (when you're poor) - you became beggar, when you are wealthy - baron, king advisor or even prince etc (there was a lot of availabilities), there was also a romance and seek out relative. In rpg game of course it could be more complicated on dependencies if you're good or bad, if you've got stronghold or not, romance, money, quests. Maybe you lived in good health and died at age 100, or you lived only a couple years after events - because some bounty hunter stabbed you in dark alley. That would be something more interesting and different then traditional movie on the end.
  10. I don't think we need half races. I would like rather to keep proportions (humans to be only some percent of inhabitants in the world, no domination by them), and distinctness of the races, they should even think in different way, for example for dwarfs humans seem to be to tall and weak, for elves humans are like Drosophila melanogaster due to very short life (in their scale).
  11. They can still make updates on Kickstarter. I think it's good idea to Obsidian for doing so, it's important to be there (on facebook, google+, twitter also) this is free advertise of game. People who didn't heard about the game will still appear there. I don't use facebook, or other community portals, and on forum it's easy to miss something important - so I'm follower of updates on kickstarter. @Rosveen - pozdrowienia z Rydułtów.
  12. Travelling traders from town to town with some extra stuff would be great, and also other travelling NPC. This would open way to some interesting quests.
  13. On the other hand, RPG = violence all the time, our enemies are frozen, sett on fire, beheaded, dismembered, stabbed, exploded etc. This isn't mature content? So sex can be in the game also, rendered or made in fallout 2 style. Sex is also fun, there is no reason to talk about it in the game only in moral and pathetic way, and yeah I want chauvinist dialogue options in the game also. ;p
  14. Food would be good if you're playing only one hero - like in ADOM, but with whole party - too much of effort
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