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  1. So, impressions of PoE, reasons why not finish the playthrough and bazillion posts about gender equality. Firstly: Yeah, have to agree with you. Secondly: Well.. I did finish PoE, finally, last summer. Here's what I thought about it back then. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86994-a-kickstarter-backers-first-playthrough-and-some-thoughts/ On the other hand, I still haven't finished Dragon Age: Inquisition, or gotten more than 2 hours into Witcher 2. And yeah, that's two incomplete playthroughs of PoE for me, neither time did I touch the mercenaries and master boss superwizard quest, the first playthrough skipped much of side content and white march. While the second play skipped to white march and didn't continue the main plot to twin elms (this latter play was the more enjoyable one BTW).
  2. 1. Dragon Age: Origins 2. Knights of the Old Republic 3. Neverwinter Nights (because of fan made modules)
  3. Hear, hear. http://www.rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=10231 Yea. I've never played an rpg that was too short (Phantasie III was a few hours and I must have played it 10 times, while I never finished Ultima IV or V) Or where I'd have been left wanting for a little more padding in form of fetch&carry missions, or a few more "kill 20 bugbears" tasks.
  4. Yeah. Art style questions, didn't get them. Guess I don't like swirly lightning balls all over the place so picked 1. I would like the blokes to keep their shirts on, so early pathfinder. Also. Less tortured souls raped through childhood, more spunky lasses ready to meet the world.
  5. The last post in this thread is a pretty thorough explanation. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87158-adventure-experience-reward/
  6. I let Zahua do it, felt like the right choice. Since I wasn't going to continue playing after WM, having finished the main quest on previous playthrough, I didn't strip him of his items. .. and that came in handy, or the +3 con necklace did. High enough con to survive the experience. Saved by the bell, of my laziness. Now reading this thread, had to go back to see if I had the diving bell and no, had sold it at some point, not that I needed the money. Also, had bound the souls, killed the ogres. While at it, decided to see how it would go for Maneha. She drowned. And struggling my way out, got the oh yeah, only Maneha could frenzy clear the blockage, nice touch.
  7. FYI, you are going to hit the new level cap of 16 also, if doing all the side quests. So it'll be doing stuff for no XP gain anyway. And you can't continue after finishing the main quest, there's a point of no return. I'd rather suggest playing through the game now and then doing a separate playthrough for white march.
  8. So I found this thread in trying to figure out how to make the sword work for Pallegina. It was the food not stacking that had befuddled me, damn obscure mechanics here.. Anyway, in 3.2 the final requirement is now 28, so my Pallegina now has Steadfast fully upgraded. Guess the devs heard your plea.
  9. Guilt by association? You don't know that. Some of them might have stayed at home, some might have been children at the time.
  10. Yep, but it wasn't the right choice. I just did it because of my aristocrat going; whatever, my companion wants to kill some peasants so why not. For one, we also killed a bunch of, as far as we know, innocent woodcutters. Devil also pretty much admits she killed a bunch of innocents along with the guilty ones to pursue her vendetta, so any high and mighty justice must prevail character should just have killed her right there and then.
  11. Oh one more thing, having now killed a big dragon. If you show a roomful of gold and tell it's a vast, immense pile of wealth.... ... I'd expect a bit more than 86gp.
  12. To be honest, I did play the game through in this version, so it's not actually unplayable at all.
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