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  1. Funny thing is ... this is the worst possible ending for all parties. =) lol
  2. I would like to see the option of the orphan given to Aufra of Gilded Vale, she is the pregnant women you meet who begs you to find a cure for her unborn child. She can breast feed the child and the town is lacking in children.
  3. None, animancy is a threat to the gods much like natural philosophy was a threat to Christianity. No paladin would take up animancy as a cause. However, a monk with a heretical philosophy might take up the cause of animancy if he believed that the practice and studies of animancy advanced both spiritual and societal advancement.
  4. I agree that an Industrial revolution in PoE would make for an interesting setting! However, it would be better to have a PoE 3 with an Enlightenment first and THEN have a new RPG series and story set in the same world that happens a century later that is in an industrialized Eora.
  5. I would like to see Chanters able to learn new stories/phrases in a manner similar to wizards learning new spells. It would be nice to just pick up a book from the environment and read the lore and then have a Chanter character equip the book and be then a button labeled "Copy story" be available on the bottom of the book's text.
  6. A two-handed saber is basically a short pole-arm. There are several asian cultures from Mongolia to Japan that have variants of two-handed sabers, mind you they mounted it on a pole roughly a yard long because someone using a normal saber two handed looks really stupid and is a good way to get yourself killed.
  7. Wael Godlikes would probably look like the portraits painted by Picasso, all distorted an unsymmetrical.
  8. I would like to see the character import from PoE to have actually have no equipment and is reduced to level one of a class you can pick. The only thing worth carrying over is a few endgame results and world states. It could be done by having the statue at Cad Nua cause a local biawac when it surfaced and as the keep collapses in on itself; most of it and all your equipment plummeting into the abyss the statue leaves behind. The Watcher is hit by the biawac for the second time in his life and a portion of his soul is absorbed by Eothas. The character is left an amalgam of the fragments of soul
  9. Just use the party formation system that is in place in Tyranny and everything will be fine.
  10. Aloth could be suffering even greater effects of being an Awakened soul and he could be researching a cure for both himself and you when the statue decides to go out for a stroll. He could be in the area working with some researchers when you stumble into town looking for help.
  11. I would have a journal/scrapbook the Watcher salvages from the ruins Cad Nua that is used to update quests and has notes that mention these decisions so they are put to rest. As for the child, I would give the child up for adoption to someone in Gilded Vale; they have been struck hard by the hollowborn sickness and a new child would help the community.
  12. I honestly doubt we will ever meet her again but it would be possible if not likely we overhear npc's mention the dragon slayer.
  13. I would like to point out that the PoE game designers have already placed these book into the game and all they really need to do is cut and paste the programming that governs the mechanic for wizards copying scrolls to these books. I would like to see chants based on themes involving the gods or qualities of legendary monsters, battles or events. You can have everything from ghost stories and romance stories to rousing battle hymns about ancient wars. All of this is very possible because the books have already been made and it would give a player a reason to collect volumes and store them say
  14. I know I am late to the game with suggestions but I would like to add that it would be great if chanters could gain new chants by reading in game books and parchments and then paying some price to memorize them. Basically a system like the wizard class that copies spells, chanters would copy folk lore and religious text to form inspiration for chants.
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