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  1. There is a robe called 'Mataru Clothing' (the one with long sleeves) that looks very nice but has no shoes / sandals. I want a unique + elemental power level unique version with shoes for my Wizard. Maybe also remove the thick yellow shoulder pads and arm pads and add a feminine replacement. Unmodded: Modded:
  2. ^^ This. Especially because these balancing issues (Ranger / Cipher / Priest / single classes in general) are not being worked on and removed.
  3. PoE1 wizards never had this problem, all spells availiable, increasing number of casts per level. A shame !
  4. Neither are good. Deadfire is bugged and unbalanced and the developers do not care. Witcher 3 developers do care but the game forces me to play as a man. That sucks.
  5. They are working hard on the DLC or it gets delayed or it is lightweight on content. Pick one.
  6. I feel like they started from the PoE 1 release state rather how they ended up after balancing as a template for a number of the class powers. The ranger pets are one example of that. The paladin's reviving exhortation is another, since if I recall at release in PoE, it revived someone for a time, then killed them, then they changed the delayed damage to be more reasonable. Single weapon style was also giving graze to hit in the deadfire beta, just like PoE at release. I could be wrong about this, but development seemed pretty rushed in some areas, and it's possible obsidian just didn't really
  7. I like the Deadfire resource system for martial classes and the PoE1 spell system for casters. Voted PoE1 because I usually play casters. I dislike the Empowerment system for casters. Id favor a larger quantity of metamagic-type spell alterations like extend, maximize, quicken etc.
  8. There it is. Better than: INB4 ... Boeroer ... Ranger is strongest class ... Ranger has best accuracy ... Evasive Fire ... never got my pet killed ... you're playing the game the wrong way ...
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