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  1. Not a conversation takes place without going over a few cliched Huana terms. At first this adds flavor to the story as developer perhaps intended but a while into the game it becomes thoroughly irritating, Ac?
  2. I have two gripes about this game. 1, I have hard time maintaining coolness while listening to the narrator's raspy voice. It literally irritates my stomach and threatens my sanity. I did not think it would be possible to get this uncomfortable just by hearing a person's voice. Is it both not professional and ethical to hire a heavy smoker or strep throat patient for a voice-acting job? 2, English is not my first language. Overall I comprehend the meaning of the writing but every so often there pops up a word that could be replaced by a more common word that conveys the same meaning so I don't have to go through the trouble of looking up the dictionary. 2 is just a rant but 1 is truly my personal hell. I know zero about game development but I do wish the narration be changed to a more soothing variation.
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