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  1. There is a robe called 'Mataru Clothing' (the one with long sleeves) that looks very nice but has no shoes / sandals. I want a unique + elemental power level unique version with shoes for my Wizard. Maybe also remove the thick yellow shoulder pads and arm pads and add a feminine replacement. Unmodded: Modded:
  2. ^^ This. Especially because these balancing issues (Ranger / Cipher / Priest / single classes in general) are not being worked on and removed.
  3. PoE1 wizards never had this problem, all spells availiable, increasing number of casts per level. A shame !
  4. Neither are good. Deadfire is bugged and unbalanced and the developers do not care. Witcher 3 developers do care but the game forces me to play as a man. That sucks.
  5. They are working hard on the DLC or it gets delayed or it is lightweight on content. Pick one.
  6. I feel like they started from the PoE 1 release state rather how they ended up after balancing as a template for a number of the class powers. The ranger pets are one example of that. The paladin's reviving exhortation is another, since if I recall at release in PoE, it revived someone for a time, then killed them, then they changed the delayed damage to be more reasonable. Single weapon style was also giving graze to hit in the deadfire beta, just like PoE at release. I could be wrong about this, but development seemed pretty rushed in some areas, and it's possible obsidian just didn't really have the time to review or balance some abilities beyond the template they used to start with. Of course, it's also possible that telemetry data suggests some multiclass ranger builds deal bonkers amounts of damage (and it likely does, given frost seeker at release), and obsidian isn't sure how to balance the pet so that it's a useful and capable addition to weaker or lower damage rangers, but doesn't push very powerful ranger builds even further over the edge. Then it might help to restrict OP weapons like Frostseeker to single class Rangers only E.g. give it a PL requirement of 8.
  7. I like the Deadfire resource system for martial classes and the PoE1 spell system for casters. Voted PoE1 because I usually play casters. I dislike the Empowerment system for casters. Id favor a larger quantity of metamagic-type spell alterations like extend, maximize, quicken etc.
  8. There it is. Better than: INB4 ... Boeroer ... Ranger is strongest class ... Ranger has best accuracy ... Evasive Fire ... never got my pet killed ... you're playing the game the wrong way ...
  9. INB4 ... Ranger is strongest class ... Ranger has best accuracy ... Evasive Fire ... never got my pet killed ... you're playing the game the wrong way ...
  10. The animal companion is the problem. They are supposed to interfere the enemy and not tank. Yet, they cannot break engagement (only Maias bird can) and dont have an AI that breaks engagement when hurt. They have to be micromanaged in addition to the party. And because they are so squishy, they feel like a burden to the player. Therefore they should A. be made tanky enough or B. have an AI and inherent abilities to retreat when hurt. Additionally, they should have better offensive stats that allows all ability points spend by the ranger on their animal companion to have a noticeable effect on their performance. Single-class Rangers are also lacking meaningful PL 8+9 animal companion abilities. The ability to have an inherently better, exotic, animal companion (dinosaur, dragon) comes to my mind.
  11. There are no dialogue choices regarding SUBclasses in Deadfire, only base classes. Nope. Valid, but most of them are Faith based. The Ghost Heart subclass is the only subclass that has more than a few responses. While not necessary, creating a few responses for the 7 companion subclasses should not pose a problem. However since Berath's Blessings are all optional alterations, the added classes should just use the main class to get the usual responses.
  12. There are no dialogue choices regarding SUBclasses in Deadfire, only base classes. I know of this mod, but it is sadly bugged. Once an expansion drops, savegames modded this way may be broken. Rather, Ive been thinking of a more official way to integrate these classes into the game. Berath's Blessings already hamper / interfere with the games balancing but above all they are optional. I think added options of playing the game would benefit it as a whole.
  13. Hello all, Id like to propose a new Berath's Blessing. The ability to play (single-class/multi-class) as one of the 7 companion-unique subclasses: Gunhawk (Ranger subclass) Watershaper (Druid Subclass) Freremas mes Canc Suolias (Paladin subclass) Wild Mind (Cipher subclass) Storm Speaker (Chanter subclass) Priestess/Priest of Gaun (Priest subclass) Sister/Brother of the Reaping Moon (Monk subclass)
  14. 1.2 Class Changes Fighter Barbarian Rogue Paladin Ranger Monk Chanter Priest Druid Wizard Cipher
  15. The Patch Notes for 1.2 ... Ranger ... leads me to believe they will not do a major rework for the whole Ranger (sub)class. PoE 1 also had a broken Ranger class to begin with, especially the pet. It got better with 2.0 and the first addon (I believe). Whats left is to hope they fully rework the class alongside Deadfires first expansion in a year or so.
  16. The poll covers all subclasses as well. Ghost Heart is the only viable subclass because it removes the pet / Bonded Grief. This fact alone demonstrates that the Ranger as a whole is broken. The pet sucks, Bonded Grief sucks, large number of pet passives to make it viable sucks. The Sharpshooter subclass bestows a 10% penalty to ranged combat speed. The Stalker has to be micromanaged as to not have permanent Bonded Grief and the Gunhawk subclass is not availiable to players while it is much better than all other Ranger subclasses, pet able to break engagement when hurt and being superior to all other pets.
  17. Increased resource pool for single class characters would definitely help. Maybe +50% Rage/Discipline/Mortification/Zeal/Bond/Guile, +1 Cast per Encounter for Wizards/Druids/Priests, -20% Focus Cost for Ciphers and -1 Phrase cost for Chanters ?
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