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  1. Why so many action adventure likers? were there a lot of console gamers who answered? pc gamers don't seem to like them anywhere near as much.
  2. Gonna take a wild guess and say that a lot of people (this forum included) thought she looked really serious and Obsidian decided to make her look a bit less serious. but its nice to have serious people.
  3. i did have a problem with sims 3 the other day, but only because Ea is trash.
  4. I wonder if it's because they haven't gamed on a PC for a long time? I know that back in the mid nineties I had to go through an arcane procedure to get Mechwarrior 2 to work (it required DX5, but for some reason you had to install DX2 first), and before that there were games that came on multiple floppies and invariable failed to install at least once and often took quite a bit of fiddling to get to work properly. But yeah, these days installing a game on a PC is a pretty painless process. That said, each to his own. Even when i started gaming in the 2000's it was pretty streamline, now it's as easy as a console, if not easier since you don't have to pay membership fees.
  5. Should it? No, that restricts creative freedom. it can be if they want it to be, but should it be? no.
  6. What... i don't get why console gamers think this, you don't have to do all of that its automatic, and fixing errors? what i never need to fix errors. they act like pc's are too complicated when children can use them.
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