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  1. Dude. Please don't build a one handed rogue build. Don't get me wrong you can do whatever you want but if your looking for effectiveness dual wield, or possibly look at using two handed with tidefall. Both options are way better then single handed. Don't worry about accuracy and critical hits with rogues. They almost allways never miss and they crit all the time. You certainly don't need to go a 1 handed build to increase you chance of hitting or crittting.
  2. Yep. Anyone with an opinion on these forums gets cut down. It's the way it works here.
  3. People on this forum need to stop attacking other people just for writing posts. Unbelievable how this keeps going on and on.
  4. The problem with druids is that you will possibly get bored with the game because of the storm spells. You will basically eneter combat and activate relentless storm every time, which will trivialise most encounters. Priests are great. Rogues are great fun to play. From a power game perspective priest comes out on top. Rogues are arguably the most fun class out of three to play.
  5. Haha thats exactly how i feel. Obsidian balanced it to much. There are some powerful items in the game especially Durgan steel. Abydons hammer area of affect stun is just crazy. Stormcaller is very powerful in the mid game but not so much in the end game. But yeah I don't rewlly think there are many other powerful items of note.
  6. Thank you to all the usuall internet Lecturerers for giving me such important feedback. You must all have miserable lives to be in this mood all the time. Maybe you use these forums because you are to nerdy to get girlfriend. Because of that you are always in this mood. Bingo
  7. I just had a really good think about what the strongest 6 man party would be and I've come up with a surpassing result. Say if you had to bet your life on it what would you say the strongest possible six would be? I reckon as long as your not facing huge numbers, say less then ten enemies, I reckon 6 rogues would be the strongest if you did this. 1. As soon as combat starts all 6 rogues enter invisibility. 2. Each rogue individually targets a seperate enemy 3. Then unloads its afflictions on each enenemy, blinding strike, crippling strike, wounding strike, stun, crit, deathblow ect.... I can't see any other combination doing better then that purely because rogues are the only class that can go invis (at will), then they can lock openents down. Casters especially would get killed easily. Against large numbers it wouldn't work as well. If at all
  8. Most powerful 6 man party to steamroll POTD? In my opinion: Two completely dedicated tanks maxed deflection as high as you can go: 1. Chanter maxed def with shield, and dragon thrashed (I personally don't like this build because i think dragon thrashed is too cheesy). Take talents/ items to buff will to stop mind control 2. Fighter maxed def with shield, max intelligence to make the most out of unbending, also take unbroken. Again prevent mind control. Then absolutely no rogues or barbarians. They are completely not needed. You can do what they do from a distance but better. 3. Fire priest, abydons hammer, maegfolc skull, minor avatar. The strongest build in the game. 4. Wizard. Built anyway doesn't matter. 5. Either another wizard or ranger 6. Another wizard or ranger This would be the most powerful 6 man party that would beat the game the easiest i think.
  9. Really? That's taking the nerfin hammer to far I reckon. If was never that strong in the first place And you really think that acuan gimas is stronger then abydons hammer? That area of efftect stun and the knock prone per encounter are insanely strong. Plus it's mythic, +4 might and I can't remember what else it does.
  10. OMG this is a good game. Please try this game it will change your life. I've been playing it for 3 days straight now. So addictive
  11. That's exactly why I don't use the sceptre for the dominate proc. it's harder to target enemies when there charmed and you have to adijust around them if you want to make them most out of it. It's not needed and Is just a nuisance
  12. That's funny. When you play the game as both a ranger or a rogue you definately " get a feel" that when a rogue locks down an opponent he noticeably kills enemies quicker and easier then a ranger. Maybe it's because of the afflictions the rogue applies, I also swear that he crits a lot more, also those crits give greater durations for the afflictions. I no rangers get stunning shots but I still swear that rogues kill quicker and easier.
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