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  1. I am having the exact same issue. Case in point Pre patch older build previous playthrough I never had this issue.
  2. Having same issue but with xoti, and had the same issue with sefran. it went away when i switched at an inn, but in time returns...
  3. Yeah I figured that. What I mean is, as a Soulbound weapon that seems to have differing stats depending on the class of the character it is soulbound to (as was the case in PoE 1), is the Int affliction immunity always there? Edit: oh wait, according to the wiki, once you finish the quest by visiting the original owner, it turns into a standard unique weapon instead of soulbound anyway? yes however u want to fully unlock the soulbind before u do or it wont be as srtong..ttested it each step
  4. I am running into this problem all the time. Using English version by steam. Only thing that clears it is quitting to desktop and starting over. Eventually in time it crops up again.. It also does not just affect mouse clicks but key press's too. Atempting the overlay bit BRB Played for over an hour without issue with steam overlay off. Seems some corilation with the steam overlay.
  5. Ranger Cipher with the strong cipher passives. Espeshally the cipher sub class that works at max focus. VERY nasty hard hitting combo.
  6. really...has no one mentioned this?....... Cosmic Giant Miniature Space Hamster named OOB.........cause reasons........ Or Cosmic giant miniature space berserker name Csnim.........just saying.....
  7. Just like it says on the tin. Is there a stat, skill and or class calculator so we can plan out our characters prior to launch? Or at launch?
  8. Just liek it says on the Tin. Which seems more viable. Since druid spells are VERY slow. There are few bonus's to reduce caster speed in a meaningful way. Which seems more viable? ; High speed/recovery to toss out spells quickly with precsion. Yes I know you can move spells but too often that isn't enough. Or Massive strength and Large AoE with minimal recovery? Regardless it seems a Druid Tank with Armor Shield Deflection etc doesn't seem viable anymore if you want to use spells in a meaningful way. Yes I know there are Druid build posts out there but non with current/last beta build. Thoughts??
  9. I am surprised instead of reverting resolve back to might and having "muscle mages" once again, they didn't jsut have an option/tag in game for skills/items. This item/skill uses might or resolve, which ever is greater. So apply it to wands, scepters, rods, staves and magical class skills.. Seems a compromise that would have worked.... ohh well..
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