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  1. Does anyone have a list of bonuses you get depending on whom you sided with at the end of Pillars of Eternity 2, as after my first play through I found I got a bonus item referring to whom I sided with via my old save. However when I started my second play through I didn't receive any item or boon. I know of two regarding Hylea and Berath, but I can't seem to find any other boon from any of the other gods. Do I have a glitch or do some gods not provide you with a bonus if you import a save/ state you sided with them previously.
  2. I personally would imagine that a priest of "The beast of winter" Would favor Cruel (as nature goes onward) and Stoic, and would likely get access to Decay spells from the Druid list, likely sharing another priests lack of regenerative spells, as he does not heal, but erodes. Hylea would likely get access to either a chanters ability of phrases, like a bird song and maybe would even have talent in medicine, as many are trained as mid-wives and the like. Ondra seems to favor stoic, and yet kind individuals, as she seems to at least see herself as fair and helping people by taking away their pain, although she might also be ok with shifty actions in order to have people "forget their pain". I could see her priests having access to a few mind altering abilities to show off the power of forgetting. And Abydon seems to focus on improvement, helping ones fellow man and making each other better, probably being honorable, benevolent and honest would be the best way to show fealty to him. I imagine he could either offer more protection or buff options or maybe even offer social skills centered around blacksmithing or crafting in social situations. As for Woedica, she is a little tougher, as she is the god of justice, law and binder of oaths one could assume she would favor honorable conduct and fairness, but... She seems more tyrannical and more of the strong arm of the law, so can't really say what her preferred actions would be. Although I would assume her priests might gain some form of charm/ domination powers or maybe something a bit more martial, like weapon training or fighter abilities. Just my opinion though.
  3. I would say, with the current available information, that I am most excited for "The Forgotten Sanctum" DLC, as it seems to offer the most reactivity for helping or screwing over particular arch mages (At least I am assuming they are the arch mages) and might also have different mages there depending on your actions (Trying not to spoil). Then the "Beast of Winter" as if offers a mysterious island that will likely offer some deeper lore into the world and then the Combat focused one at the bottom, as I'm not super focused on the "kill things, get loot" idea, but who knows, might be really interesting and might have a solid story behind it.
  4. I did not purchase the backer beta during the Fig campaign, so I thought I would ask those in the know. I intend to play, when the game is fully out, as my cannon watcher, a pale elf druid. However looking over the subclasses I found two really interested me. 1. Fury: stronger attacks and being able to turn into a literal force of nature aka lightning seemed cool and... 2. Lifegiver: cause I roleplay a fairly protective, caring character. I was curious if anyone would know if Fury is worth a play, perhaps just because the Lightning form is cool, or is it a let down? Thanks.
  5. I figure I will just toss my two cents in on the conversation. I see that a lot of people who might have played a lot of these games before or played a fair number of their pan and paper inspirations would be ok with the idea of pre-buffing and doing a fair amount of prep between fights. However I will be honest, if that existed in the first game, I likely would never have finished it. So, story time, POE was my first ever Isometric RPG. I am in my early twenties and grew up entirely on consoles, only getting a proper gaming PC a few years ago. I loved all the new games I could play and the different experiences and when I played POE, I fell in love and wanted to play so many more isometric RPGs. However being a scrub, while i loved the roleplaying, I was rather **** when I first started out because I was still learning, but being a life long gamer would not play on beginner or normal. I know, partly my fault, but I loved it all the same despite some hard fights. But if I needed to pre-buff or metagame to be successful, I likely would never have finished, never fallen in love with the genre and would not be waiting with baited breath for the sequel. So I must fall on the non-pre buff idea, if for no other reason as I want new comers like myself to find these great games.
  6. The funny thing is that, while I understand why people don't always want to play a buff/ body builder wizard in regards to strength, I am planning on Multi classing one of my original POE characters who only uses summoned weapons and self buffs. He is literally a brawler wizard and so the idea of strength working for his damage works for me as he pretty much just uses his arcane arts to beat people into the ground.
  7. Hello all! Recently I've gotten into looking over the 4 Sidekicks we have coming to us in Deadfire and I noticed that they will likely all be recruited by finishing a quest with them, basically being their loyalty quest to have them join. I'm curious on what you guys think some of their quests might be like and which ones you are most excited to meet. I personally am most interested in either Randora and maybe bailing her out from a drunken escapade or Bonteru and helping him track down so highly poisonous beastie in the wilds of the deadfire. So what do you think the quest will be that will net us these new Sidekicks? Bonus round: If they do release an expansion and upgrade 2 sidekicks, who would be your choice? Mine would be Randora and Bonteru personally. Just as a reminder the four planned are: Radora- Ocean Folk/Vailian human wizard. She has difficulty keeping a captain's position for long. According to her, she's at her best when she's had a few to "take the edge off", though she swears she never drinks at sea. Bonteru- A mountain dwarf rogue obsessed with exploring the Deadfire and cataloguing its various poisonous plants and creatures. Bonteru has memorized the effects of hundreds of different poisons and is all too happy to describe them in detail to anyone who will listen. Ydwin- A strange pale elf cipher from "a lot of different places". Fascinated by animancy, Ydwin spends her free time examining fresh and not-so-fresh corpses. Though she has a charming and pleasant demeanor, new acquaintances are often shocked at her intimate familiarity with death and her dispassionate affect in the face of even the most grisly scenes. Rekke- An odd-looking man that the Principi rescued from a floating piece of flotsam on the eastern edge of the Deadfire Archipelago. He doesn't speak a word of any language that anyone can understand, but he's cheery and willing to lend a hand to any company he finds himself in. He's just happy to be alive(at least, that's what everyone assumes). Storm Folk fighter
  8. Honestly I don't have much of an issue with the new portraits, sure they are different, but I can still see Eder and Aloth through their pictures and their personalities still seem to come through. However I will agree that Pallagina's portrait is a little to zoomed in and making it look a little too aggressive. Yes, she is a serious and focused person, but... I just feel like I wouldn't want to use Pallegina in my party for fear of having those eyes just glaring at me from the screen for hours.
  9. I thought I would post this in the spoilers section since it might contain spoilers for the endless paths of POE1. In particular the big boss at the end, the Adra Dragon aka the Master Below. While we have the option to kill her and if we do so, I imagine it will not be mentioned save for perhaps a discussion of your past exploits. But we do have the option to avoid conflict (with the dragon at least) and place her soul into the body of an old dragon hunter. A dragon hunter whom, according to the ending slides of POE1, was last seen boarding a ship... Perhaps a ship to the deadfire? if so, I would assume that the dragon might be a little surprised at the thought that the feet that they used to nibble on are now up and walking around. So what do you think? Do you believe we will see the master again and if we do, what do you want to happen?
  10. Hey, I recently thought I would challenge myself and play through POE as a physical mage whom uses summoned weapons (Draining staff, Warding Staff, BlackBow, spear, etc.) And so far have been having a decent time, mostly in thanks to suggested builds on forums like this one. Any who, one complaint I had about the weapons was that I felt that there wasn't much variety. The spear didn't seem very visually striking and both staffs had the exact same design, despite different levels and effects. So with the ability to Multi-Class in POE2, which opens up a lot of options for close range mages (fighter/paladin/monk class mixes). So now that it might be more than just a gimmick build now, do you have any ideas for summoned or mage buffed weapons? I personally would like to see some more visually striking designs. But what do you think? Different designs, effects or upgrades? Let me know.
  11. I previously asked obsidian if they were going to add any new Druid forms or Hunter Companions to the new game. Unfortunately aside from a certain character specific bird, it seems they shall remain the same and it got me thinking. If for DLC or maybe a new game with hunters, what would you want to see as a Companion for our bow wielding friends? Personally, I wouldn't mind being a hunter with one of those large spiders tagging along, perhaps having an ability like the lions roar, but instead more of a webbing shot that slows enemies as opposed to scares them. So what do you think? Do you like the current list/ design of animal friends? or would you like to see a new mechanic or type to join your adventures?
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