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  1. Could you consider add the options that are currently import-only and separate the options that have the same outcome? Right now i think there are PoEI options that are omitted because have the same outcome that other. And if someone wants to continue their game on another platform has to create a save on Deadfire, missing a few reactivity. These small options by itself are not really going to make anyone buy/play through a full PoEI playthrough anyways, adding them would just add and is not really that much work is it?
  2. Let us put companions on the pet machine, and make pets with their appearance
  3. My guess is that, while and since is mainly a comical option, there will be some consequences that in a comical tone will be good unexpected, like the game continuing your humor
  4. I was actually glad to know that it will be just first-person, just because it means that everything will be first-person and no third-person sections. Not interested in third-person for myself at all, but i am not sure if its the best decision since so much people prefer it. They should really make sure if is the best for the sales, and maybe make it easy to mod.
  5. EnhancedUserInterface, UnityConsole and CharacterCreationMoreColors Some others i like: Uncharged Figurines (Because i have control to not spam it, and otherwise would never use them) Panthern Animal Companion (Replace Lion) Channeler Cipher Subclass (Focus/sec) Normalizad Druid Spiritshift (15s->5min duration) Bird Companion Storm Blighters (Storm Blight uses your character model instead a generic)
  6. I really don't see them adding the companion sub-classes. Also, i think they would have said it if it where the case I can see a non-offensive non-summon invocations Chanter. Maybe since is a popular request come kind of "petless" Ranger Nice. I didn't know this mod. I was actually planning on making something similar and one for monks (something along with using their experience on the mortification of the flesh and meditation)
  7. I’ve seen this a lot lately. I personally will probably cheat lvl 16-18 at the start of the game and mod the exp so i get max level with 65% or so of all available exp If is really a problem for a lot of people maybe they could just add a Experience Multiplier Bar at the start of the game. From max level requiring 50% of the main quest to 100% of absolutely everything. With some values with a description of what kind player will probably want to choose each.
  8. This. With a big emphasis on "pseudo". I really like the philosophic aspects, but if its really logic philosophy and not the kind of philosophy that are more emotional or some times even poetry with no logic meaning. I really disliked this also on Torment, i was doubting about whether i wanted to play it or do other things and the initial question "What does one life matter?" and especially the answers take away my desires of playing it.
  9. Hope the final numbers get better enough. I really want to visit Ixamitl Plains. They do need to make some changes to adapt to the sad current market, but lets hope they don't make ones that compromise its quality and come with more creative solutions. One thing i can think of would be to make some changes on the combat that could allow it to work with no much difference on RTwP and turns-based combat (that as much as i hate it, its what people want) and make the turn-based default while the RTwP would be a option (secretly the real(?)xD). Also as someone mentioned, a social component(again as much as i don't like it). But specially, since is its established consumers are very little, give special attention to trailers and publicity
  10. I just limit myself to party members inventory. But for the implementation as a Challenge, loot disappearing from the map would help, maybe you can hide them if you find somewhere with a chance of disappearing. Still i guess you could just take and sell everything after every fight, but that would probably be tedious enough to make you give up the loot or don't go for the Challenge if is not really your thing, instead of going for the challenge and try to avoid it
  11. With Eothas Challenge i got hungry for consequence for the watcher situation with Eothas and his soul. But i will do just play through so Eothas Challenge is out of the question. So maybe a mod. I was thinking on a reduction per time on the Attributes that would let you complete all the content but left you with almost cero Might and Constitution, but haven't play more than the character creation and the tutorial so don't know more than what is said about it late in the game. So for those who know more of this What kind of mechanical repercussions do you think would the watcher suffer?
  12. Seems like one problem is the unintended perception of the achievements and specially the God Challenges as a part of the main game experience, probably due to the gods themes and the introduction or changes to mechanics, in addition the popular perception of the achievements as an important part of their game experience. I don't think there is really a reason for that they should change it, i personally just wanted it to be replaced because i don't find it fun to do and don't care about achievements so is just one less God Challenge for me, and if they replace it maybe the new Magran Challenge i would like. Definitely the game shouldn't limitate everyone based on the limitation of some, even less with something like achievements that aren't intended to be an important part of the game, but still, since they are perceived as such, and specially the God Challenge, maybe would just be nice to replace it if is not much of a problem
  13. What about a small porcentual reduction of general Recovery Time for Constitution, after all "represents a combination of the characters overall health and stamina"
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