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  1. Did an art exchange with my friend. They got three small cynical motivational paintings and two **** covid ales and I got two small custom pots. Might used them for some flowers but they look really nice on their own. It was nice chatting with them and catching up on things even if it was short.
  2. Paranoia Agent episode 6 and 7, if I had to summarize my feeling after watching both of these episodes it would be something like this…
  3. My hair grows like a weed, I recently cut off my hair to celebrate some newfound freedom. Me and my father had has been growing our since the lockdowns in started in March and decided we would get it cut when we got our vaccines/ the pandemic was over. I ended up cutting 8 inches off and my father had to cut it in December because his beard hair was too long and thick to properly wear a mask.
  4. That is a possibility I hadn't considered. The hardest part would be just how much of that outline is documented. If it is not as through then getting from point A to point B in a smooth and natural progression will be much more difficult to path out.
  5. Hard to continue Berserk, his art style was so unique and detailed. Even if someone was talented enough to emulate his style only Kentaro Miura knew the path Berserk would take and how it would end. If anybody tried to pick it up I feel that they would be under a lot of pressure to try to guess how a series as beloved as Berserk would unfold and end.
  6. I don't think we will be getting that ending. Kentaro Miura just passed away.
  7. Did some exploring on YouTube and found Puparia. I love It. The atmosphere of this piece is something I can't quite explain. It is enchanting and wonderous but there is a tinge of uneasiness to it. I also linked the making of Puparia in the spoiler tag. This three minute animation took three years to make. Also @majestic I freaked out a little when I say your new profile pic.
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