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  1. 23 small ceramic figurines were found in a circular position inside a Mayan Kings Tomb. They were created around 600-650 C.E. https://unframed.lacma.org/2017/09/21/archaeology-el-ú-waka’-maya-ritual-resurrection-scene-broader-perspective
  2. Yeah and its one of the reasons I love his art style so much. His women are all very long and slender but they are all proportioned very nicely.
  3. @Bartimaeus So far I'm really enjoying it. I'm normally not a fan of anthologies but from what I have seen each episode connects very well with one another. The editing and transitions of the show is so far is one of the biggest strengths of the series. It manages to blend reality with dust a dash of delusion. Knowing Kon's work I expect that delusion is going to get bigger as the series goes on. Those are some Leiji Matsumoto legs right there.
  4. Woke up in the middle of the night I slept through my alarm and I ended up waking five hours later than usual with a headache. Ibuprofen and a warm meal is on the menu today.
  5. To be fair anybody who has watched the Legend of the Overfiend would want to wipe their hands clean. Edit: No, Not that way you perverts!
  6. @SarexThank you! I love art restoration projects I will gladly dive in.
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