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  1. Headed back over to the Santa Monica Pier to do a side quest added in the plus patch. I never explored this part of the pier. It's got a nice view with the rain.
  2. It has been raining the past few days and today is a muggy and a sunny day. I think I will stay indoor today.
  3. "You have been...no, no, you are going to China."
  4. Sewers were the worst part of the game, but getting to the Nosferatu warrens was worth.The lighting, the cramped corridors, I always liked the feel of the warrens.
  5. Nope, Brujah. I having lots of fun punching people into bloody pulps. Dance moves of the century
  6. I think there may have been a mix up. I find that the publisher/developer suddenly pulling their game (that was on sale) out of the store to be shady. It on the base level it shows either greed by the publisher/developer or incompetence on Epic part. I think that the slashing of prices is common and a given in the marketplace but covering of that cost is what concerns me. This is the first time I've heard of a company pay the difference for the slashed prices and I just don't know how long Epic can keep covering that cost. They may be making bank with Fornite but not everything remains popular forever. I'm sorry if wasn't entirely clear about that part in my previous post.
  7. Yeah this whole event felt really shady. If anything it makes both Epic and the publishers/developers seem untrustworthy. I think it is nice that Epic is willing to cover for the loss in sales but I just don't know how long Epic is going to be footing the bill for the sales but I imagine it can't go on forever, they would just end up bleeding money.
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