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  1. Would love to see this feature, even if it's just for walking around town or exploring.
  2. Yeah, feels like he is more optimized for a chanter. However, I’m sure with gear and then being really particular on what food you feed him you could get him to be a decent Druid.Pretty sure you can make anyone fit the role you want, it's just disappointing that it looks like they give companion odd attributes on purpose just to makes things harder (but at least on poe they realized some of the attributes were nonsense and they changed them) That’s not true on why they assign attributes. Viable characters to help the player is a part of their aim, but they largely assign attributes based on the personality and backstory of the character. They’ve said this awhile back, can’t remember where. Completely agree with this approach to stat allocation, I was just looking for some minor changes. Maybe one point each from int, res and dex moved to might. That way you still have a character with high int and good resolve so character concept stays the same, but now 15 might is something to work with atleast
  3. Tekehu's stats seem to be pretty terrible for a druid. Prob the class with the best damage spells and he's got might 12, dex 11 and per 10.
  4. I don't edit very often, so here's an attempt at just the portrait. Thank you, it looks great
  5. Hey another request here... would it be possible to add background colour to the elf portrait and also do a watercolour of it?
  6. Same as PoE 1, pure fighter god mode tank with a greatsword. Will probably get the shield out for dragon fights though. I'm more worried about Pallegina... want to go pure paladin but don't know if I can get decent damage out of her if she has the same stats from the first game. Any suggestions? Maybe try and pump accuracy and go with single weapon crit build?
  7. So how do wizards work in the latest beta? Since you can now choose 3 spells per level, does that mean grimoires only have 1 fixed spell per level?
  8. I'd also like the option to choose no voice set... is that possible in the beta?
  9. Same, I loved the look of the staff and spirit lance from the first game. Could someone post some screenshots of the new summoned weapons please?
  10. A few questions for anyone who tested out the Fury subclass for Druid... How good is the storm blight compared to the other spirit shift options(def, armor,health, damage etc.)? Does it scale with level? Also is it only ranged attacks? Thanks in advance.
  11. Liking a lot of what I've seen so far... I do think ship combat mechanics need to be a bit clearer and better explained though. Also, a minor complaint, but I would like to have the option of no voice set at character creation.
  12. I'm not sure I understand what you mean... could you elaborate please? I'm saying the base damage will scale with power level. So, for example, what is the difference between the damage of a fireball at level 5(power level 3) and level 7(power level 4) on a single class wizard with 10 might?
  13. There have been a lot of complaints about the damage of spells in the beta, especially with the longer cast times. I wonder how much of that is because they have to account for scaling with power level. Maybe dragon thrashed and other spells will actually be pretty powerful on a 20th level single class.
  14. Anyone try chanter/rogue? And how badly has dragon thrashed been nerfed?
  15. The spellcasting boosts have been moved to grimoire passive abilities.
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