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  1. So I've started a new game of POE II, and today I found that across multiple saves my character seems to have lost all their equipment. I know this wasn't the case when I saved initially, but for some reason all saves after a certain point have glitched out. I was hoping that since this affects multiple saves rather than just one, that perhaps it's a reversible bug rather than a corrupt save, so I was wondering if there are any ways to fix it? I could use console commands, but I don't particularly want to deactivate steam achievements.
  2. Aloth's endings involve him either becoming the head of the Leaden Key, or destroying it from within. That kind of seems like it would be a full-time job to do. How do you reckon they are going to justify him travelling half-way round the world to stop a living god? Also, if you are travelling with someone in such a position of power, wouldn't it render most of the challenges you face as meaningless, since Aloth could easily just command the Leaden Key to solve all the problems you face. Also, if we are going to the Deadfire, does that mean that we can do what we want cause a pirate is free?, You are a pirate!
  3. It sounds like Aloth's speaking style, but given Eder's backstory, it's far more likely him saying it.
  4. So Thaos has a perfect memory right? That means that any training he does in his past life, he will remember exactly. So like, if he had even an inch of common sense, surely he'd realise that he could memorise entire grimoires and become a grandmaster wizard, or alternatively learn to combine his magic with martial ability and fight like a paladin, or memorise chants and become a chanter, or train as a monk, or learn rogue techniques ect. Like, I get his reason for being a Priest, being so dedicated to Woedica, but with thousands of years to train, and being able to remember absolutely everything perfectly, why is he exclusively a priest. Like, did it never occur to him that in thousands of years he could use this power to excel at literally everything
  5. Should we continue the story of the Watcher? Given the nature of PoE, I don't think it would make much sense to be honest. The Watcher, by the end of the game is wielding artifacts that once belonged to The Gods, and is able to shape the fate of entire nations. To put someone of there power in a new adventure, doesn't seem very sensical. Plus If you are talking about playing a watcher in generally, then I'm not so sure. On the one hand being a Watcher gives you plenty of opportunities to interact with the world in interesting ways, but on the other I've never been a fan of reusing the same type of backstory just for the sake of convinience. Should we play as some other character No. RPGs should let you customise and adapt your character, or at least let you interpret a character. One of the things that made PoE one of the greatest RPGs of this decade was the amount of opportunities it gave you to flesh out a character. You are constantly asked "How do you feel about this?" or "Tell me this about your backstory", and to be frank if you have a brilliant RPG, I don't really see the point in suddenly turning the series around, and making a decision that you are unsure it will excel at. Cameos Seems like it most companions have such vastly different endings it would be difficult to implement them all Save Import Like the guy above me said, perhaps there could be a "Conquest" section recapping your actions in PoE 1.
  6. The way I see it, he's a useful ally. Killing him doesn't cause any good for anyone, and even if he's allowed to live, there's no mention of him returning to pillage Stalwart at all, so it's safe to assume he gives up that plan.
  7. So, I just completed The White March, and while it was a brilliant DLC, I thought that a lot of plot points don't really make that much sense, such as the following: Why can't The Watcher use the Salt Well?, Isn't a big part of the main quest-line that The Watcher needs to forget his past, or he'll go mad like Maerwald. Like, I get that for the main story to progress, The Watcher kind of needs his memories, but couldn't they have given us some excuse like "It's fate" or "You haven't fully remembered it yet", like shouldn't you at least have the option to try How does Adaryc know that Maerwald had gone insane?, Like not even Kana Rua knew the fate of Maerwald, and he had a professional interest in Caed Nua. How come all of your companions can speak to the spirits inside Durgan's Battery? I thought that was just a Watcher thing. Maneha mentioned she never killed anyone in cold blood, but she's a former pirate. Surely that job would sort of require you to take over merchant vessels. The Stewart makes a big deal about the Leaden Key taking an interest in Durgan's Battery, but we never actually see them anywhere, or find out what there interest was. There's a lot of talk about "The Tidebringer" at The Abbey of the Fallen Moon, but nobody ever shows up. Where is the real tidebringer? Ondra says that God's getting involved with the mortal world is always destructive, but she herself got involved in the mortal world by giving the Eyeless a purpose to begin with. What's that about? If Ondra can visit people in visions, then why doesn't she just call off her devotees from attacking you at the Crayon's Scar? If Ondra knows about all the minor side-quests you did in Defiance Bay, how come she doesn't realise that the Eyeless are a threat to the Dyrwood?, Surely if she knows that much about your adventures, she knows why you want to stop the Eyeless. Ondra says she can't call off the Eyeless, but she was the one who gave the Eyeless a purpose to begin with. Can't she just give them a new purpose? If the Eyeless possess Abydon's memories, why did they become lost without Abydon, surely they would realise what Abydon wanted them to do by there own accord. Is it ever explained how Abydon died?, I mean, a big guy like him doesn't seem like he would be easy to kill. When the Eyless ask "Why did you send us to oblivion", they don't sound like unintelligent monsters, so surely Ondra could have just given them a vision directly.
  8. Just something you could try. I had similar issues up until recently, but I solved them by restoring my PC back to it's factory settings. I'm not sure if this will work permanently, but I was able to get through several pieces of dialogue, and clear out an entire level of Od Nua without a single crash, which is more than I would have otherwise been able to do. EDIT: Was able to play a full day before it started crashing again. Wasn't a permanent fix.
  9. One thing I hope they get right in future is introducing you to the world. Pillars handled this right, Tyranny not so much. The very first part of Pillars of Eternity was incredible, with all the dialogue, and the character of Calisca. It introduced us to scripted events, and gave you an opportunity to say what your motive in this was. When the combat first started, it felt very natural, and the Glanfathan attack felt like it made sense in the context of the story. Tyranny by contrast felt like it started rather poorly. You didn't get a chance to have a proper conversation, or learn anything about the universe, before the Oathbreaker Runners showed up. It all felt very shoehorned, and too fast paced.
  10. Here's my most recent output log. Thanks for all the suggestions so far btw, I really appreciate you trying to help me out. output_log.txt
  11. Tried doing the system checker, tried installing the 373.06 driver, ect. One thing I have noticed is that the most frequent line in the output log now before the crash is: Clip On. Range: L 0, R 1920, T 0, B 1080
  12. I'm not sure what motherboard I have tbh. I tried installing the driver in safe mode, tried doing a fresh install, tried installing in admin mode, pretty much everything. Every time I think it's fixed, several new problems appear out of nowhere.
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