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  1. Infinite ships is fine for me. It'll make the archipelago feel more alive. But I like ship combat, so I might not have the most common opinion. Exactly. Infinite ships would be a plus for who like ship combat, but a disappointment for who dislike it. I hope the developers won't force it on us. I cringe at the idea that whenever my party sail there is a good chance to be bothered by a random pirate. Not to mention that to people like me that do not enjoy ship combat mechanic...a battle on the sea is simply : 1- Skip the whole minigame by simply keep going straight and ra
  2. Ship respawning? Both Great and annoying. In my opinion, the best way to make it works is having the " defeated " ships respawn once you reach fixed points in the plot. Like : Let's say that during the main plot there are 10 more or less important location that more or less advance the general progress of the main story. Each time you reach one of those points, the ships are refreshed. Respawned. So, it means also adding the challenge of creating a strong and effective enough party so that you can destroy as many ships as you can. Because with my suggestion, t
  3. Now, i may be wrong (that's why i'm asking this here... ). But, isn't this DLC included in the baker DLC season pass (that i bought months ago as a baker)? Because if that's the case, i do not have access to it. GoG ask me money for this DLC.
  4. And now a small video to show my party (as you can see, my party just killed another bounty ). 1- Amaleari, barbarian archer ( notice her damage reduction for melee attacks, it is not less than 17. That allow her to get hit without getting killed, plus she gains healt for a short time like a warrior do, plus my druid can cast healing spells on her) 2- Ayrn, dual-whield paladin ( i try to make her a strong damage dealer. She work, but if too many monsters target her she requires help. She is effective but not reliable for now, her survival chances are high but not high enough ) 3-
  5. I drown them each time because you have to remember that they are a cult of fanatics that don't think twice before killing people. I kill also all the monks. Eradicate the cult.
  6. As the title says, it is an ongoing experiment. A very succesful experiment. All started when i thought " if my main character is a ranged cleric, how can i defend her ? " So my first idea was to give her 2 bodyguards, but during the development of the party i did something better. So, the party. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My main line : () are the real stats, non () are base stats Eder ( saber , shield and heavy armor) : STR 16(18) COS 16(19 DEX 11 PER 12(16) INT 10 RES 13(14) AIM 79 LE
  7. asnjas, he wants to save redceas without proofs of a true menace. He is a watcher and he had a vision, ok. So that justify the destruction of Stalwart ? If his idea of " protecting his people " is to destroy an innocent town...well, i can't consider him a good guy. You says that he is a defender. But don't judge a man based on how he treats his people. Judge him based on how he treats the others.
  8. As the title says, i'm curious to know what did you do with Adaryc, the leader of the Redceas fort. Did you let him live ? And if so...why? I killed him without a second tought. And i believe that if you play as a good character, this is the only good solution. ( The best solution would be to persuade him to go away, but you don't have that choice ) Killing him is the best solution because regardless of his reasons, the point is that he is a conqueror. Durgan's Battery belongs to Stalwart, and he desire to crush innocent lives only to obtain the cannons and the Durgan's s
  9. If i retrain i can change animal companions ? I don't know how was i able to beat the game on PoTD , considering how many things i still don't know.
  10. Thank you for your help and advices, i can't wait to try these bows. About skills and companions, i already have Swift Aim and lion companions, so in this matter i can't turn back, i fear.
  11. So i should give Persistence to one ranger and stormcaller to the other? 2 questions then : 1- Where do i find both bows ? 2- What kind of skills, talents, should i do ?
  12. Interesting, i have to say. Don't know those items because i never do WM, but this time i will do WM1 and 2. I have a feeling that i'll need WM items if i want to beat Talos with my unbalanced party.
  13. you know, you are right. On a side note, what weapon should i put on my 2 rangers ? I was thinking of war bows, but i don't know. I would like to give them unique bows. Not guns, bows. What bows should i find and where to find them? Plus, i'm not used to do ranger class : in what kind of skills should i focus ? Improvement of my rangers or improvement on my animal campanions?
  14. UPDATE Just to make things a bit more harder... my rangers will be naked. No armour means faster attack speed, but it also makes then 2 glass cannons.
  15. As the title says. After i cleared the game on PotD with full party of 6 allyes, i wanted to try something else. So i said : why not making a party of only 4 custom character, unbalanced and with Hard (no PotD, because it's an unbalanced party) ? So i made my godlike party. 4 godlike girls ( NO SCROLLS as a rule of my personal challenge) : 1- main pg, a fire godlike barbarian with 18 STR and 19 COS. (tank) 2- a fire godlike druid with 18 perception and 20 INT. ( accurate and strong with spells) 3- a moon godlike ranger with lion companion , 20 DEX and 18
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