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  1. Infinite ships is fine for me. It'll make the archipelago feel more alive. But I like ship combat, so I might not have the most common opinion. Exactly. Infinite ships would be a plus for who like ship combat, but a disappointment for who dislike it. I hope the developers won't force it on us. I cringe at the idea that whenever my party sail there is a good chance to be bothered by a random pirate. Not to mention that to people like me that do not enjoy ship combat mechanic...a battle on the sea is simply : 1- Skip the whole minigame by simply keep going straight and ramming against the enemy's ship 2- Start the battle and hope you are not facing a ship with a crew of 2+ levels in comparison to your party.
  2. Ship respawning? Both Great and annoying. In my opinion, the best way to make it works is having the " defeated " ships respawn once you reach fixed points in the plot. Like : Let's say that during the main plot there are 10 more or less important location that more or less advance the general progress of the main story. Each time you reach one of those points, the ships are refreshed. Respawned. So, it means also adding the challenge of creating a strong and effective enough party so that you can destroy as many ships as you can. Because with my suggestion, the respawn is not unlimited but tied to reaching " fixed points ". So, early in the game you'll have problem taking down some ships (your low level...) This adds the challenge to test yourself and see, for each ship respawn event, how many ship you can sink before being unable to destroy the " bigger fish of the sea ". ------------------------------------------------ In my opinion this is better than a random general respawn once in a X hours or minutes.
  3. Now, i may be wrong (that's why i'm asking this here... ). But, isn't this DLC included in the baker DLC season pass (that i bought months ago as a baker)? Because if that's the case, i do not have access to it. GoG ask me money for this DLC.
  4. And now a small video to show my party (as you can see, my party just killed another bounty ). 1- Amaleari, barbarian archer ( notice her damage reduction for melee attacks, it is not less than 17. That allow her to get hit without getting killed, plus she gains healt for a short time like a warrior do, plus my druid can cast healing spells on her) 2- Ayrn, dual-whield paladin ( i try to make her a strong damage dealer. She work, but if too many monsters target her she requires help. She is effective but not reliable for now, her survival chances are high but not high enough ) 3- Eder. 4- Frejya, pale elf monk ( she is my second favourite of the party. I use her to kill the annoying enemy archers / mages / clerics and such things. Usually i support her with my barbarian archer and druid with arbalest. Fists and arrows to destroy annoying bugs ) 5- Fury, druid ( In short, the second archer of my party and the bodyguard of my barbarian archer. He is always near my barbarian. If monsters attack my barbarian, he casts the thunder spell that stuns monsters, then he cast a support healing spell that affect both him and my barbarian, then he morph in cat form and maim whoever attacks my barbarian) 6- Palegina Other things... 1- my party wear heavy plates because i like my characters to be offensive / defensive. Never only offensive or only defensive. I like to drag battles.
  5. I drown them each time because you have to remember that they are a cult of fanatics that don't think twice before killing people. I kill also all the monks. Eradicate the cult.
  6. As the title says, it is an ongoing experiment. A very succesful experiment. All started when i thought " if my main character is a ranged cleric, how can i defend her ? " So my first idea was to give her 2 bodyguards, but during the development of the party i did something better. So, the party. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My main line : () are the real stats, non () are base stats Eder ( saber , shield and heavy armor) : STR 16(18) COS 16(19 DEX 11 PER 12(16) INT 10 RES 13(14) AIM 79 LEVEL 12 HP 300 Rain ( sword, shield and heavy armor ) : My moon godlike warrior, this girl is basically a Eder without defender but with top perception at the cost of RES. Useless to write the attributes. Kana ( stiletto, shield and heavy armor ) : Yes, a tank - Kana. Not really a tank, but he can fight in melee and afterall most of the enemyes target Eder and Rain instead of him. Main purpose : buffs and the enchantments that raise 3 attributes of a lot of points for more or less 40 seconds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And now comes the second line, my cleric and the 2 druid sisters : Airys ( Arquebus and heavy armor ) : My cleric. Look at the stats, you will notice that she is fast for a character that use a arquebus and heavy armor. Plus, her damage is huge ( 36 - 54 ) and her high accuracy helps. STR 15(17) COS 3(4) DEX 19(21) PER 20(27) INT 18(20) RES 3(4) AIM 79 LEVEL 12 HP 124 As you can see, her main problem is health points. She is frail, meaning you have to plan how you fight or she will die fast. But she can cast spells very fast, plus her ranged damage is more than enough to kill monsters. A glass cannon, in short. Sorrow ( 2 battle axes / scepter , heavy armor ) : My moon godlike druid. She and her sister are almost the same, so i will discuss later on how i use them both. Oh, can become a cat for 23,3 seconds nd in that time her fast and strong attacks hurt. STR 16(19) COS 8 DEX 16 PER 16(19) INT 19(21) RES 3( AIM 80 LEVEL 11 HP 141 Rage ( 2 spears / hunter bow , heavy armor ) : Sorrow's sister. STR 17(20) COS 3 DEX 18 PER 17(22) INT 20 RES 3 AIM 72 LEVEL 11 HP 117 ------------------------------------------------------------- So, how do this team work ? Suppose that i face a hard battle, this is how my team work. Eder, Kana and Sorrow ( 2 warriors and a tank chanter ) engage the monsters. Kana, as soon as he reach 5 points, will cast the enchantment that gives +5 to PER, dex and INT for 42 seconds. To my 2 warriors. So i buff my concentration, speed and aim. Behind them, i keep my ranged cleric in the middle with the 2 druid sisters on her right and left. The cleric buffs the warriors, the 2 druids attacks with bow and scepter. So they both use ranged weapons. The cleric, when no shooting with the arquebus, buffs the warriors aim, will and damage reduction bonuses. The druids will cast the plague that decrease Concentration and damage monsters on a long time. They will cast also the spells that stun multiple monsters. But first of all, both druids cast the level 4 healing spell on the warriors and on themselves. If a monster try to get to the cleric, they both switch weapons ( 2 battle axes and 2 spears ). Also, they both morph in cat form and... ...well, look at their stats. More or less 16 DEX and 20 PER without buffs. Think of them when they are buffed and on cat form. They completely rule the battlefield. It's hard to explain, but this is a very effective party. Fast druids in cat form are awesome glass cannon bodyguards, always protecting my cleric and allowing me to rule the battlefield. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The key of this party is building it in a way that all the members keep getting health point during the battle, no matter if they do not need it. And micro-managing. Afterall i have to use 2 druids that goes ranged or melee.
  7. asnjas, he wants to save redceas without proofs of a true menace. He is a watcher and he had a vision, ok. So that justify the destruction of Stalwart ? If his idea of " protecting his people " is to destroy an innocent town...well, i can't consider him a good guy. You says that he is a defender. But don't judge a man based on how he treats his people. Judge him based on how he treats the others.
  8. As the title says, i'm curious to know what did you do with Adaryc, the leader of the Redceas fort. Did you let him live ? And if so...why? I killed him without a second tought. And i believe that if you play as a good character, this is the only good solution. ( The best solution would be to persuade him to go away, but you don't have that choice ) Killing him is the best solution because regardless of his reasons, the point is that he is a conqueror. Durgan's Battery belongs to Stalwart, and he desire to crush innocent lives only to obtain the cannons and the Durgan's steel and gold. As stated in the ingame dialogue. So, my party simply judged him for what he was, an evil guy. And my party destroyed him and evry single soldier in the fort. -------------------------------------------- I'm aware that probably you can turn the dialogue in a way that he becomes an ally. But he is a pillager, nothing more. A good guy would have nothing to do with people like him. Not to mention that you can afford to kill him. It's not as if he has a whole army. That would be different, because in that scenario you would start a war. There is a difference between being a good guy or a good but stupid guy.
  9. If i retrain i can change animal companions ? I don't know how was i able to beat the game on PoTD , considering how many things i still don't know.
  10. Thank you for your help and advices, i can't wait to try these bows. About skills and companions, i already have Swift Aim and lion companions, so in this matter i can't turn back, i fear.
  11. So i should give Persistence to one ranger and stormcaller to the other? 2 questions then : 1- Where do i find both bows ? 2- What kind of skills, talents, should i do ?
  12. Interesting, i have to say. Don't know those items because i never do WM, but this time i will do WM1 and 2. I have a feeling that i'll need WM items if i want to beat Talos with my unbalanced party.
  13. you know, you are right. On a side note, what weapon should i put on my 2 rangers ? I was thinking of war bows, but i don't know. I would like to give them unique bows. Not guns, bows. What bows should i find and where to find them? Plus, i'm not used to do ranger class : in what kind of skills should i focus ? Improvement of my rangers or improvement on my animal campanions?
  14. UPDATE Just to make things a bit more harder... my rangers will be naked. No armour means faster attack speed, but it also makes then 2 glass cannons.
  15. As the title says. After i cleared the game on PotD with full party of 6 allyes, i wanted to try something else. So i said : why not making a party of only 4 custom character, unbalanced and with Hard (no PotD, because it's an unbalanced party) ? So i made my godlike party. 4 godlike girls ( NO SCROLLS as a rule of my personal challenge) : 1- main pg, a fire godlike barbarian with 18 STR and 19 COS. (tank) 2- a fire godlike druid with 18 perception and 20 INT. ( accurate and strong with spells) 3- a moon godlike ranger with lion companion , 20 DEX and 18 Perception ( very accurate and fast ) 4- a nature godlike ranger with lion companion , 19 Perception and 20 INT ( very accurate and intelligent, but way slower than the other ranger) ----------------------------------------------------------------- So, a party that first of all is weak in the front line, with only a barbarian and 2 lions. Second point, 3 of 4 members of this party have low hp, on hard difficulty it could make things hard. Third point, no one can raise dead allyes, because i'm not going to let them read scrolls. Meaning the Druid should act as my party healer AND magic damage dealer. Fourth point , Druid normally should deal damage, but mine has to became also the only healer of the party. Fifth point, no one can buff my allyes. I won't use scrolls and i have no clerics. --------------------------------------------------------------- In short, it will be so easy to mess things up... Any suggestions about what i should do to make this party beat the main game? ( no WM) I have some ideas, but i'll like to hear the suggestion of you veterans of the game.
  16. No, i don't have Long Stride or items to speed up movements, because overall my party is strong enough that it can manage to loose the time needed for my monk to run around the battle at normal speed. Btw, strangely enough my party gets more interesting when things go bad. I don't know how much time i somehow got " stronger " when i had in the battlefield only Palegina and my monk alive. They work very well, Palegina somehow can survive even if 3 monsters fight against her. And with only my monk on the battlefield, i'm more able to focus on controlling her. I call this my " core " party, because it shows that my strongest characters are the monk and Palegina. I don't use Long Pain because i like my monk to fight in close combat. That skill is very interesting, but is a ranged one. -------------------------------------------------------------------- What i love of my monk is that she has a " thorn " effect on her : 1- (it's called Deep Pain? ) each time a enemy gives me a wound, she does 10-15 damage in a AoE 2- Being a fire godlike, when her hp goes under 50% ( that for me is 140 hp) each time that a enemy hit me she deals to him 25 fire damage. So, the more she loose life, the more she gets stronger. ( Remember that DR base is 15, and it increase for each wound recived. And under 50% hp, she gains another +4 DR. And her belt gives her a +6 DR if hit by a critical hit. ) In the end, she can absorb 40 fire cold lightning damage and 35-36 melee kind of damage deal by normal weapons. (not crushing weapons, her weak point)
  17. i want at least a bit of a challenge Plus, i don't like chanters. Yes, i don't use Torment Reach. Yes, it's a build for special purposes : she use Force of Anguish to isolate an annoying or menacing target. Then she run at him, and with a stopping power of 54 (and great damage reduction) she figt with him, effectively cutting him off from the battle. So he won't bother my ally in the main battlefield. If my ally gets surrounded, she stop targeting him and instead i Force of Anguish the monsters surrounding my allyes. Same thing if a monster reach one of my casters. My monk's purpose is to lighten the weight on my allyes's shoulders ( and she is also able to kill a monster in 1 vs 1. She's no weakling). As you see, she keep running around the battlefield, that's why i say that my build is focused on micromanaging. She is build to be very effective with a party, it's not a build meant to play alone.
  18. I don't do the WM, so no Maneha's scale. INT for my monk is always at 10, because i don't do AoE skills and such. I say monk is complex because i give him a strong build but that requires a lot of micromanaging to be effective. I'm not a fan of putting characters in a battle, turn AI on and then wait that the AI wins the battle in my place. When you say you don't do AoE with your monk what exactly are you not doing? I mean you are using Torment;s Reach, the AoE cone of death right? I agree that base 10 intellect is enough, 14 with food and items is plenty. The AI does a good job of spamming Torment's Reach so that you don't have to babysit so much. it gets jammed up sometimes with Swift Strikes. Force of Anguish and Flagellant's Path does require micro but that is pretty easy. It helps a bunch that Monks are so sturdy and that the micro required involves dishing out more damage or CC and not micro to keep a squishy alive like a Rogue. With me and my Monk I just need to micro where he starts the fight and then make sure Swift Strikes get active. From then on the AI does a fine job banging out Torment's. I just need to identify any targets that need t be prone for the rest of their life, or at least for the next ten+ seconds, or if there is a nice target for a big Flagellant's Path. No, i don't do Torment's Reach nor the AoE cone of death. I play the game in italian, so i don't know the name of the skills i use : i will descript these to you. What my monk does is : 1- the punch that stun. 2- the skill that makes her attack faster 3- the skill that punch away one enemy and makes him lie on the ground for a short time 4- the aura that give +8 to deflection or +8 to all defences save for deflection 5- the skill that the more i gain wounds, the more my damage reduction increase. 6- my only AoE : each time i gain a wound, the enemyes around my monk gets damaged. And i've almost cleared Path of The Damned like this. It's harder to manage a monk made this way, it requires micromanaging. ( because i use her on front line and with PoTD difficulty enemyes are strong). But with high perception this monk can stop enemy attacks often and has high accuracy (my monk has 280 hp, 54 stopping power and 100 accuracy at only level 12 ). It's almost unstoppable in 1 vs 1 with the ability i have.
  19. I don't do the WM, so no Maneha's scale. INT for my monk is always at 10, because i don't do AoE skills and such. I say monk is complex because i give him a strong build but that requires a lot of micromanaging to be effective. I'm not a fan of putting characters in a battle, turn AI on and then wait that the AI wins the battle in my place.
  20. I used Kana in my last gameplay ( almost 1 year ago) , but i discovered that i don't like him and chanter class in general. I know that it's unusual, the fans of this game almost worship chanters...but i find them gamebreaking. Chanters makes the game too easy, and i like instead to struggle a bit. ----------------------------------------------------------- I have those boots, but i can't use them. I already gave items to my mnk aimed to make her how it is. For example : rings are 1 to boost deflection ( +9 ) and the other 1 gives her second chance (if she faint, she gets up with 30 hp). My Boots gives her + 15 hp. 15 hp with a monk like her that absorbs a lot of damage, means that she can take 1-2 extra hits before ko. Allowing me more time to heal her and such.
  21. I start the battle with Durance casting interdiction ( upgraded at max, with both status effects and higher chance to hit the monsters ) In the mean time Aloth casts the 3 tentacles in the zone where i think both front lines will clash. This way, my front line will have 6 fighters(monk, palegina, eder + 3 tentacles) instead of only 3 fighters (monk, palegina, eder) Hiravias casts the storm spell that hit all the enemyes for 18 sec. with thunders and stun them. After that i move him near the front line. And i use him to cast damage dealing spells. Front line : Eder and my monk goes first. When they start fighting, i move Palegina near them and she do her special attacks that increase allyes attack speed ( meaning that my monk, Eder and some tentacles get faster). While they fight, Aloth keep casting spells that give status effects or reduce attributes. Durance instead buffs my party mostly. Hiravias keep being kept behind the front line, because each 18 sec the thunder spell ends and he has to cast it again. During the fight i move my monk to kick away enemyes that try to attack my casters. Or simply i kick away enemyes that i see are trying to cast spells / special attacks. I keep her with more or less 5 wound points to have the + 5 damage reduction bonus. Most times i try to isolate the enemy casters, so that i can bring Hiravias to them, morph him in beast form and kill them. ----------------------------------------------- So, we can say that my strategy has 4 points. 1- Build the front line : 3 tanks + tentacles + some summons from items 2- Protect the 3 casters ( Hiravias, Durance, Aloth) , because their role to debilitate enemyes and buff my front line is fundamental. 3- Weaken the monsters with the casters. Be it using damage dealing spells or, mostly, with status effects or reducing their attributes. 4- Control my monk to manage the flow of the battle. As i described before in detail.
  22. For me the best class is monk. If you develop it well, it rocks like no other class. Monk is very fast, has good hp and the more he is damaged the more he gets stronger. ( with a talent...) Plus, monk can kick away the enemyes with an early ability, meaning you will never be surrounded. And it means also that you can keep stopping the stronger monsters of a party, never giving them enough time to attack you. --------------------------------------------------------------------- In short, in my opinion monk is the best class. But you have to know what skills you should develop. And you have no time to rest : unlike a paladin or a fighter, a monk in order to bee good has to be used. If you throw a monk in a fight and do nothing, he will probably die. A monk requires to be controlled most of the times. Else, don't do it. That's why i think that a new player will hardly make a good monk in his first gameplay. Monk is more complex than what you may think.
  23. First of all, know that there are tons of people that play these kind of games way better than me. In no way i'm trying to boast. I'm here only to show you what i do and why i do it. ( Having in mind that i am not playing easy, i'm playing path of the damned). And if you tell me what you think of this, i would be glad. You know, sharing advices. FINAL NOTE : i have WM1 and 2 installed, but purposedly i'm only doing the main story and side quests. Now as now, i have have to do only : 1- kill undead Raedric. 2- win the last 3 hunts in the huntsman hut. 3- do Cad Nua's endless path. 4- Kill Talos. So, this is why i say my party is effective : if i've reached almost the end, without problems, in the highest difficulty... my party should be not so bad, isn't it? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you can see, this is my main pg. I've made a strange kind of monk. She is not strong ( see her strength stat, only 11 ). But see her other stats. Good attack speed. Very high accuracy. 54 stopping power. 280 hp at only level 12 of a max of 16 levels. High damage reductions + her talent that reduce more damage for each wound point gained. And this belt. This belt is awesome because probably it exploit a bug of the game. In short, it casts the druid spell that raise damage reduction of +6. The spell is area of effect arund the wearer, can be cast 2 times in each fight, and the belt cast it when my pg suffer a critical hit. Critical hit include also spells, so most of the times when a fight start...when a enemy cast a AoE spell that hit my pg, chances are that the enemy buffs my party. Also, my armour has 0 damage reduction for fire and frost damage. But this belt gives a +5 to the DR of fire and frost. As a result, my pc gains a fire and frost DR equal to my armour DR + 5. In short, this belt auto-buffs my party DR for 2 times each fight + it gives my pg 20 cold and fire DR. Nice, isn't it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, my monk excels at stopping enemy attacks, kicking enemy away, and tanking ( high HP and high DR, she absorbs a lot of damage). She is like an annoying bee, in short. And she has veteran's recovery too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add Palegina. Look at her Hp, Damage reductions and deflection(112). Add that she has the special attack that makes nearby allyes faster for a short time + revive 1 ally talent + the talent that increase attack speed of someone of 20%. As you can see, she is my main tank. She can survive most kind of situations very well. Also, she has veteran's recovery too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eder...i use him as a tank, but he is mostly useless. Useful only to have a 3rd tank in the party... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aloth. I love this guy. I usually summon the 3 tentacles in the front line and then...i spam spells that give status effects or reduce attributes. He is not a damage dealer, he is built only to debilitate. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Durance. He buffs my party and debilitate enemyes with Aloth. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hiravias. A must have. I start a fight with him casting the storm spell that hit all the enemyes for 18 sec. with thunders and stun them. Then he cast the spell that deals damage and turn to stone. Then some more spells. Then i bring him near the enemyes spellcasters and morph him in beast form. Easy way to kill mages. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- My party. Durance and Aloth have their default armour.
  24. True, i entered Stalwart and the game asked me to increase difficulty, that which i did. But... now as now my monk is solo-ing the ogres in Stalwart... not a good sign. I'm too overpowered. I hope that things will get more interesting soon. Else, i will simply enjoy the plot of WM.
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