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Found 4 results

  1. I've recently got to the Rising Tide part of the WM2's quest. A brief spoiler: you ultimately can be faced with the choice of either rising the waters of Ondra, drowning her previous incarnation of abbots in the crypts below, or freeing them, alienating the rest of the abbey and prompting rather a large number of difficult fights. I'm intrigued by this decision -- my instinct is to be nice, and not kill everyone below. Ultimately, this leads to equal bloodshed: you either end up with every member of the temple hostile, and a rather unpleasant fight with Koto that you can't easily prepare for, or -- if you follow through with the ritual -- he leads you onto the roof, and then begs for you to fight him. This is an easier battle. After speaking to the god, I actually found that I had -- oddly -- more respect for her ways. Given that most of the people in the halls of silence were insane and murderous, I feel that the actions of drowning them were not perhaps as evil as they might otherwise be. Are there any (many?) long term consequences to this choice? Which path do you think is "better" in the sense of being more ethically justified? What happens in the endgame?
  2. Hey guys, I was looking how to get the best ending of white marsh with tempering Abydon, but I have a doubt about the duc decision about Animancy. If I'm against the research of animancy on the last choice from Animancy Hearings, but the final result is the Duc allow the animancy or is neutral, it will be possible to use the argument of animancy being dangerous to abydon without he deny? Actualy I already have done all side and main quest of Act 2 and White Marsh I (Only need finish Winds of Steel and Animancy Hearings). I hafe fear I can't use Aloth argument becau in his quest I Gained Iselmyr's favor and increased Aloth's stance on autonomy.
  3. I could not find any info on this on reddit or by google search. The wiki at gamepedia has an old reference that still claims Athletics affect your fatigue level but Josh Sawyer was saying in a patch 3.0 -preview that Athletics would no longer affect fatigue after the overhaul from what I could find. Is fatigue now the same for every individual at all times (I haven't played much with the latest game version)? Does it in fact still scale with Athletics? Is there something else that determines it?
  4. When Ondra speaks about Eyeless, she says that she "reprogrammed" them to fit her purpose, and that they are a perfect tool because they are mindless, relentless and obedient. From what I understood, they mindlessness is important because they don't remember what they do and destroy, so when they bury a secret, the secret stays buried. However, when you talk to them after destroying the crystal, they are obviously a thinking entity with the ability to remember things(although not remembering what happened between Abydon's death and the destruction of crystal). Is it some kind of internal inconsistency for the sake of narrative, or have I misunderstood something?
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