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[WM2 spoilers] A question about Eyeless

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When Ondra speaks about Eyeless, she says that she "reprogrammed" them to fit her purpose, and that they are a perfect tool because they are mindless, relentless and obedient. From what I understood, they mindlessness is important because they don't remember what they do and destroy, so when they bury a secret, the secret stays buried. However, when you talk to them after destroying the crystal, they are obviously a thinking entity with the ability to remember things(although not remembering what happened between Abydon's death and the destruction of crystal). Is it some kind of internal inconsistency for the sake of narrative, or have I misunderstood something?

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Hey Baron Pampa,


I spoke with our narrative team about this. This was their response,


"I think Ondra's implication isn't that they're completely mindless, it's that they are single-minded about their purpose. So while they may remember things, the things they remember may not be a concern to her because they're not going to spill the beans. Two reasons for that. One is that their silence may be part of the directive she gave them. But on top of that, Ondra probably does not expect anyone to ever have a conversation with them - other than when the Watcher interacts directly with their souls, we see no evidence in the game that they have the ability to talk or communicate.


The other thing is that as individual entities, their souls are tiny fragments, but when the player has the opportunity to "converse" with them as a Watcher, the souls have been released and have begun to coalesce, so it's possible that state elevates their self-awareness, enabling them access to greater perspective, knowledge, and memory than they would have as individuals. That's not specifically mentioned in the text, but it's left open as a possibility."


I got your back


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Haven't been expecting an answer from the narrative team; ). Thanks! In my secound playthrough I'll try to pay more attention and think about this - for the first time it was too exciting, and there were more interesting things to the story than such details: )

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