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  1. If you wish to build a portfolio, maybe work on game engines is a good idea? There's a lot of open source projects trying to replace old game engines with more modern ones. OpenMW is for Morrowind. It could use a shader system, performance optimizations and improved shadows. There are also Daggerfall Unity, GemRB for Baldur's Gate, and probably hundreds of others.
  2. Thanks for the in-depth replies to my post . Just to clarify: I see that my post might have given the impression that I'd like to see some formal rules about banning strategies I listed. That was not my intention - my intention was to say that I'd be particularly interested in following playthroughs in which some of those are banned. That ban, however, of course would have to stem from individual player decision, not some kind of community pressure or thread rules. Thanks once again
  3. @Alessia_BH, and other no-reloaders, while I'd love to participate in this thread and challenge, I feel that I have other priorities right now and don't want to devote my time. However, there are four things I've found inherently imbalanced in this game. I'd love to read a playthrough of somebody who tries to ban some of them in their POTD no reload playthrough. Those are: - Summons from figurines(especially early - they don't depend on your party level and skills) - Charms, both from casters and items(especially against strong opponents with higher level. Many strong foes have weak Will
  4. What's your opinion on White March difficulty with and without scaling? I'm considering entering at level 5/6 without scaling, or at 8/9 with scaling enabled, and I'm curious about opinions and experiences.
  5. Same issue. No workaround known for me. The next questline started upon turning Poko Hokara quest.
  6. Gread read in general, but I found this part to have a special resonance with my own feelings. Now I'm a bit bored with Pillars, and the only thing I regret is not spending enough time with the White March content.
  7. Thank you for the input. At the moment I'm trying a 3-people team and it's good, forces me to rethink the tactics
  8. Have you tried it? Most of the active abilities inflict statuses, have you considered i.e. Knockdown a debuff?
  9. I've lost my saves with few nice complete playthroughs, and I'd like to have a completely finished game by the time PoE 2 is up. However, the game got quite easy over time, and I know most of the content by heart. What self imposed restrictions do you have to suggest, to get a man creative again and cause him some problems? I've tried: -no Vancian casters party. Things get quite different, it's fun, but I already did it. -huge leveling delays. A must for me, as after Caed Nua you can outlevel the content very fast I'm not into: -Ironman -Smaller party. I like the banter Any thoughts? What
  10. For some reason I like to play characters with low Perception(5-6). While such characters keep being useful and viable on POTD, most character concepts emphasize at least average(~10) Perception due to high monster defenses and the need to punch through them with abilities, which sometimes might be critical to winning a fight. This especially applies to tough bossfights. I've started considering what type of builds aren't heavily handicapped by low Perception, and get a good benefit out of other attributes. I'll note what thoughts I had class-by-class, but primarily I'd like some feedback, sug
  11. I believe that POTD is challenging enough do that most players have to be careful about camping supplies, or backtrack. If somebody is good enough to breeze through POTD, then it's time for self-imposed restrictions, e.g. postponing leveling...or dismissing companions after their first knockout. Nevertheless, system is meaningful for most players. Ninjamestari writes either about edge cases or lower difficulty levels
  12. There are buffs in PoE which are being upkept all the time - auras and phrases. You pay in abilities. Personally, I like the variance between strong, short-timed buffs cast in combat out of per-rest resources and the low-maintance paladin/chanter bonuses.
  13. This discussion is going off the rails. I have few postulates: -Let's expand it to all caster classes, not only wizards -Let's put aside our sentiments or resentments towards D&D reality-bending mages and priests -Let's focus on question: "How can magic feel more magical without hurting game's design goals or enjoyment flowing from game?" Giving the wizard ability to do anything he wishes(as high-level D&D wizards used to) might make a fun game with nice atmosphere (BG II anyone?), but is obviously against the spirit of PoE. However, while I wouldn't like to twist commisar's thought*
  14. I'd like to strongly support the OP. I don't know if introducing more varied spells is viable in PoE 2 due to economical and balance reasons. I think, that scripted interactions create a great opportunity to substitute for that. The point that magic often doesn't feel magical in video games seems very valid to me. Too often are the mages are reduced to "magical warriors" - whether they are crowd-controllers of damage specialists, their skills are solely battle-oriented. PoE is an example of that - all of wizards competences are seen purely in battle, except for few additional dialogues and scr
  15. Based on what I remember from dev blog from before release, all the classes abilities come from soul power and characteristics. A fighter doesn't have superior martial abilities only because of his training, but also he has particular soul alignment allowing him to perform superhuman feats. A class isn't about what you can do, but about who you are. Also similar to D&D convention, when even possesing 1 level in a class is heroic in it's own right. I get the impression that this convention have been abandoned later, but it would stand for a good explanation of why anyone represents exclusiv
  16. Background dialogue summary: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78795-i-explored-all-character-backgrounds-so-you-dont-have-to/ Resolve seems to be the most frequently demanded and impactful attribute, Might is often used for threatening. Ciphers get the most class-specific interactions in maingame. White March does way better than the base campaing in terms of acknowledging your attributes, class and race. Also, don't expect much from priest of Eothas - IMHO the class shouldn't be possible to play, as game quite often joyfully ignores that you are a priest of that god.
  17. One of the game design goals was to make any class, race and attributes combination playable and fun, and I feel that the goal has been reached. So, unless you want to maximize your battle effectiveness, pick whatever you feel like.
  18. On my first playthrough I've been really touched by everything related to Eothas and revealed in the first hours of the game. Don't know why, but after exiting Gilded Vale I rerolled as Eothasian priest in the result. Also, Eder persona and questline. I really liked how they are composed of realistic, down-to-earth motifs - adoration of older brother, conflict between country and religion, lack of understanding among your own society, lack of certainty about past choices. Thanks to that the way game's main theme of necessity to live and make decisions while lacking important knowledge was exp
  19. Even if PoE lacked memorable moments, The White March has plenty of them, at least for me.
  20. I never got the sense the fanbase was rebuked at all by Pillars - which I presume you mean it missed the mark of our collective expectations. In some sense yes I would say the game did not live up to expectations, it never could of course, but that isn't to denigrate its quality but instead acknowledge its own message to us about the nature of expectations, especially those born out of nostalgia and memory. The whole game is suffused with melancholy and many of the characters and quests involve people in some ways trapped in the past to their detriment. The soul reading mechanic seems t
  21. Main story fitting the huge, open world and freedom so doing random quests for random people makes sense for the player whole game(Act III anyone?), or world fitting the main story, PS:T style.
  22. I think that most people care for both "context" and sensory input. PoE creates it's atmosphere through text enhanced by visuals and audio, or maybe the other way around. I.E. I've been always fan of portraits in cRPG's, despite the fact they don't add anything to the text and are hardly deal-breakers as far as visuals go.
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