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  1. @BMac hi , it has been a little while since I posted this, I am a busy grad student and was making a living over the summer working on a side project for the Navy. I was wondering if you had any advice to give or suggestions for directions to go. @Boeroer suggested I reach out to you. It is hard to find time to do modding because I am a grad student. However, I may have a break in the winter where I can work on a modding side project if there is one I would be a good fit for but it’s hard to know where to start. Do you have any suggestions? I know CUDA and GPU architecture, I woul
  2. The connections I make at school are mostly related to my academic work, not anything else. I do not venture to far from what my advisor is looking for out of me. I have succeeded a little bit though, I met a recruiter from a pretty big video game company and was able to connect on LinkedIn. Obsidian recently joined itself with Microsoft, which makes it suddenly an extremely attractive employer. Potentially maybe having opportunity for someone with a unique set of skills! It's a shame there are not more developers on the forum (but understandable...), if you know of any good blogs
  3. Howdy, I have a somewhat serious career question. Spoiler: I've had a glass of wine and finals just ended so please excuse any dumb typos. I am a graduate student at a major state university in the US that is fairly well known for graphics research (it is in the top ~50 in the world for graphics research). I am a PhD student here. I absolutely love video games, and I have always loved Obsidian games in particular. Before Obsidian, back in the early 2000s when I was growing up, I would spend hours and hours playing Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, I've just loved these games. It is a backup
  4. Hi there, The game crashed. I attached the crash logs, I attached a screen shot of exactly where I was located on the map when the crash was encountered. I have a screenshot, the crash dmp, the error log and the output log, I attached them to this email. I attached output from the windows system info utility, the game logs, the dmp file, a screenshot of my location and will be happy to provide any details if they are needed I love your games! game_crash804pm6142019.zip
  5. Hi, this is one of my first times posting. I am thinking about switching to Linux from Windows because I am totally fed up with Windows. My computer has an AMD 8350, a sabertooth motherboard, a gtx 980 ti, and a fancy NIC. Has anyone done the switch with POE, or anyone in the beta done the switch? Did QA take a good look at it? How would you characterize the difference between bugs filed for linux and bugs filed for windows? ) Is there a distro that is good for both software development and gaming? I am starting a PhD in computer science focusing on graphics development and visualization i
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