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  1. I don't know about this ranged thing. All my party was melee and they got that "dominate retaliate". The Fampyrs uses the skill that is supposed to dominate but it doesn't work, my party don't get dominated with that skill. They get dominated when they attack. Its weird, I don't think its supposed to be working like that.
  2. Hi! So, I did the bathhouse quest from Castol and right after that I dealed with crookspur. When I informed castol that I killed every last slaver, the next quest he asked me to do was the bathhouse quest *again* . Problem is, I cant talk to the spy and cant finish the quest as it is already finished and I cant continue the Vailian Trading Company questline because Castol dont give me any more quests. Did someone out there experienced this? Is there a workaround? Thanks.
  3. Wait, I was trying to give him the grimoire from Concelhaut. I stumbled upon an Ancient Lich Battlemage while exploring and it dropped the right grimoire. I'm so dumb.
  4. So, there is a mod that enable achievements with cheats? Where can I get it? I will just add the item with the console.
  5. I got all 3 grimoire but for some reason Nemnok dont accept the book from the lich. Anyone knows if the right grimoire is the "iron-clasped grimoire"? Thats what the lich dropped for me, but there is no option to give it to Nemnok.
  6. It looks like it fixed by itself for me too. After some other crew members got injuried and I left them in the resting slot, everyone is healing just fine now. Weird.
  7. For me, everything gives me dominated gaze. I tried to fight those fampyrs but it turned into a loop: Only the watcher left standing, he gives a normal attack and he becomes dominated, the enemies stop attacking, dominate time expires, another normal attack, dominated, everyone stop attacking, repeat. I almost died laughing. I dont know if this "reflect" type of thing is intentional but I do know it isnt working very well.
  8. Magical healing restores health, it doesnt mend injuries. For that, they need rest. Thats why you have those "resting slots" to put your injuried crew. The mechanic is perfectly fine but I think it is bugged. I'm also having this problem, my crew isnt healing. I got one that is saying he will heal in 5 days, but i spent weeks resting and he isnt healing. Hope they fix it soon.
  9. I'll do that. I just hope the game will not be disappointing considering every releases that we are getting, especially RPG's. The dual class system gave another level for customization, but I was really hoping for way more talents to choose. Well, at this point I think I'll just have to wait and see. Thank you.
  10. Sadly, I did not backed Obsidian this time with PoE2 because of these HUGE disappointments of late (DAI, FO4, Andromeda and a lot others) so I don't have access to the backer beta. I have one question for the people who do have access: What is the state of character customization? I'm not talking about appearance, I'm talking about talents, skills, etc. The first PoE had a huge lack of talents, my characters always ended up looking the same and it was kind of a turn off for me, but I kept playing. Is this true for PoE2 as well? Am I delusional for expecting a NWN2 feat variety in PoE2
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