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  1. My Orlan certainly won't mind that with Serafen. Oh, you're talking about the knife game.
  2. Just read what Aeldys have to say and you can already see how they all react this to. "Eothas gonna destroy the wheel? What's gonna happen to my soul then? Bah, It's not like anything will happen until I'm dead so I will just go to Ukaizo, take all the richest and turn Deadfire into a pirate land" That's the exact reaction given by all 4 leaders with different benefit. Huana wants to restore themselves to glory. Vailian what all the luminous adra for all the research and profit that can easily be used to strengthen them, like the teleport adra being used for attacks. RDF wants the pote
  3. Eothas is a huge threat to watcher because he deals a blow to the watcher personally and the gods also get us into this mess. It's not a super big threat to all the other factions because Eothas isn't going around destroying towns for the sake of destruction. Doesn't help that those who get to see him kinda die if we aren't there to help so they don't get to report anything. They don't even know there's a giant green walking man until we start investigating Hasongo for them. Considering that only RDF really got major stomped by Eothas, the other 3 are pretty much happy about it. PoE 2 is a
  4. I would just make it so that you had some real influence with the faction you sided with and be able to steer them to some extent to the path that your character would take. Being able to pick who to install as chief isn't all it's made out to be considering how things were implemented in the game. Not only are you a lapdog to the gods, but if you choose to side with a faction and have that come up in the ending, you also end up as a lapdog to a faction. What a useless guy this Watcher character is. That's kind of the point though. In PoE 1, you really are too powerful and
  5. VTC officially are against slavery (at least illegal one involving locals), so if you wanna keep Castol in his position at the trial another thing to do is to kill slavers and Furrante beforehand so there are no leads connecting him to them. I imagine with Ukaizo in VTC control Castol definitely won't have any funding problems anymore for his animancy research investments, so he won't need to resort to any shady and desperate deals like with those slavers. Once a slaver, always a slaver. He will just come up with new idea that require extra funding from slavery. This is Castro, the man
  6. Save the Adra pillar and credit him with it. Says the experiment is successful and will lead to a grand future. Admit there are tons of adra in Ukaizo. And vouch for him or get Pallegina to say it. tbh, I went with the female because
  7. Nah that happened with me too on PotD so I had to reload that part. The thing is, companions and sidekick can die whenever. If they aren't recruited yet, they don't gain the injury protection benefit. Eder got crit-killed during the tutorial for me and he exploded. Hard to keep track because you don't have his face on your member box yet so you have to track his health manually. And if they die to Death Ring anyway, that also counts as a real death, not an injury death. Happened to my Ydwin out of nowhere during one of the bounty ship fight when I received a tool tip box informing what Dea
  8. You can't really be evil for smiting the Huanas. Remember, they eat Koiki fruit. Koiki is purple Durian. And let me tell you, durian is hella smelly, so smelly it spreads everywhere within a room and a half radius. Now imagine a whole continent with them. We're being the hero the deadfire need. 1 less Koiki at a time toward a rose-scented ocean.
  9. Completed twice already so I'm just waiting for the first paid DLC at this point before I replay with a rogue or something. Good thing a new MMO is coming out so I can waste time and money while waiting.
  10. This is a great bow for ciphers. It fires three projectiles that seek out the enemy and each projectile buils focus. The bow itself won't do wild damage on it's own but if you need to build up focus quickly this a great weapon for it. If you're a cipher, use Arquebus instead and you can buy one really early too if you just explore the town alot. Arquebus is way better than Bow because there is no recovery time, only reload time. The difference is that you can interrupt reload time meaning you can shoot and just use a cipher skill without having to wait 2-3 seconds for the recovery
  11. I guess the range of what are considered "Spoiler" has to be defined first. To many, spoilers really only include story and critical path moments like who does what and who will die. Weapon and gear acquisition barely matter when it comes to spoilers unless they are tied to a certain story aspect on the game like So when it comes to item like Frostseeker that are just there on the map for you to pick up and is tied to absolutely nothing, I can see why people will just give the exact location, me included. If anything, the OP also asks for the location and doesn't view this as spoiler
  12. I dropped Wild Orlan for Hearth Orlan in PoE 2 for the sake of being a qt. At least they made Serafen so charming I forgive them for killing my choice to play as a Wild Orlan. They need to fix the ears disappearing when wearing certain captain hat though.
  13. Frostseeker is so broke you stop using all the other ranged weapon.
  14. Wolf because I based my ranger char around a Cat x Fox shipping and I treat my Orlan char with a depressed cat personality.
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