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  1. Hi, Thank you for your quick answers. @Karkarov : I wondered if this was the good forum for my question. Should I have posted in the "spoiler warning" part of the forum?
  2. Hi, I've been playing for almost 40 hours now and I have plenty of good weapons from swords to blanderbuss and good shields, but my principal character, a ranged cipher with a bow still has a random exceptionnal warbow. Is it possible that i missed every quest or bounty with magic bows rewards ? Do you know where to find such items ? Thanks for reading
  3. I'm sorry I didn't read th whole discussion (few first and few last pages tho), so maybe this idea has already been discussed. The point Boeroer had in the OP really triggers me. This seems game-changing, and while I do want some change and improvement, I don't want a whole new way of building characters... And I certainly not want to be forced to multiclass just because they want me to. As for the current debate "fighters shouldn't be the only one to master weapons", I think the Weapon and Shield unpickable by Shieldbiearers paladins is very illustrative of the problem : this doesn't
  4. For the "where to start" part : this pinned topic gathers suitable builds for PoTD difficulty. You can also look at this one for build ideas for story companions that allow you to travel with real characters and not empty shells.
  5. I always kill that dragon, so I did not knew this second slide. The "boarding a ship" part makes me wonder : could we see possessed-Falanroed in PoE 2? I still have that save just before the fight against adra dragon. I could perfectly reload it and choose to accept its bargain before completing the game.
  6. An update in case other people would be interest in this topic. First of all, I'll respond to my question : one can perfectly play on Path of the Damned difficulty with story companions. It's a bit harder than with custom characters but perfectly doable if you know what you are doing and stay consistent in the talents and skill you choose. The only exception might be Durance : I found him way too slow... I remplaced him with a high MIG/DEX/INT build that is able to quickly cast huge amount of heal or immunity to whatever you need within a large radius. Right now I'm lvl 12 and just fi
  7. Hi, Thanks for your answer. I do know this section, that's where I found the golden dragon barbarian build. I just don't know if it's possible to adjust the builds over there to the companions. For exemple I'm not sure the fire priest build with high dex/low res can be adapted to Durance and its DEX:9 RES:19... This is an extreme example, and I know that attributes matter less than strategy, but still. Is it possible to make a good enough (for PotD) melee DPS out of Eder or Pallegina? Or a good enough support priest out of Durance?
  8. Hi, I'm starting my second game of PoE in Path of the Damned difficulty. I'd like to do it with the companions I did not hire during my first game (in order to complete their personnal quests, mainly). I'm not sure if they're strong enough. Even if they are, I'd like to know if there is material for guidance on that subject. I plan my group as follow : PC is a barbarian tank inspired by Boeroer's Golden Dragon Eder for Off-tank/DPS melee (and later that monk from WM1) Durance for support Hiravias AoE spells DPS Sangani for ranged DPS (later maybe the Construct rogue) Grieving
  9. Hi, I'm the kind of player that does every sidequest he can find. As a result, I got a lot of XPs in PoE since it's the main way to level up. The bad thing is that I'm currently level 6 after very few quests in Defiance bay and I'm a bit affraid I'm going over leveled for main quest and even those quests that I found relatively easy even in hard mode... I planed to do every NPC story, then start WM, have a little fun in Caed Nua and then to go on with the main story... But I start to fear that I'll be overleveled for half of these things. I also read there that you could tweak the XP
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