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  1. So as the topic says, I am going to attempt my first PotD play through. I want to do a non-custom party build using all the standard recruits. I woud like to play the PC as a tanky front lines dps, I just finished doing a ranger in POE 2. I am thinking a monk or something similar to tank/dps. This would put Eder in the side roll of offtank/dps Kana as ranged dps/backline buff, Aloth as back line dps Durance as priest buff/heal And possibly Hirivias as shape changer dps, maybe Take grieving mother depending how it all plays out for more ranged dps. Any thoughts on what I need or
  2. I wonder what you mean. The companions have no special talents. If a companion is a wizard they have access to same spells you do or any other random wizard I mean where he lists Aloth for instance as an Aoe CC build. I am wondering what are his preferred choices?
  3. Since I have only completed the game once and just got the WM expansions, Would you mind listing a basic talent sheet for each companion?
  4. I did enjoy the companion banter and think I would like to try to play with them on PotD. That being said If I were to adjust their stats as per the builds listed in the PotD companion thread listed above. What kinds of stat changes would you make to each build?
  5. I just got white march 1&2, I have finished the game on whatever difficulty is just below Potd with a base party. I would like to give PotD a try with a custom party, but have no clue where to start as its been well over a year since I played and do not know many of the patch balances and changes. It does not need to be a crazy fancy party just something that I can try PotD with and see if I can handle the difficulty.
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