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  1. "The tribes may not respect this throne, but the foreigners do. Sitting here and playing my games are all I can do to keep the sharks at bay."
  2. Really? I found it rather tame considering the setting. I find it as artistic presentation but I can't play it by myself due to gore and ooze. It feels unpleasant.
  3. I just couldn't watch till end. It has too much gore for me.
  4. There is new version of Maya up about. I was wondering how will this affect development of Pillars of Eternity 2? There is Arnold renderer available http://help.autodesk.com/view/MAYAUL/2017/ENU/?guid=GUID-86BDB101-2547-4E8B-9824-597EE20E4826 Bifrost improvements (http://help.autodesk.com/view/MAYAUL/2017/ENU/?guid=GUID-272692C5-E5C5-4620-8040-75A66D503E52) etc. Would it be possible to make additional simulations and include them as potential animations/asset? For example, ocean waves along the beach, underwater areas and worlds, using weird splash animations to simuate some effects..
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