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  1. I just backed the game with 45 bucks - First game I ever backed on Kickstarter. Wheeeee! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1752350052/agony
  2. Really? I found it rather tame considering the setting.
  3. I'd swap the P-38 with the MG-42. The 42 has probably sent more people into heaven than any other firearm in the world - and the cause was rather sinister.
  4. I want to get me a license and a nice 9.3x62 Mauser, but I need to save up alot of money for that to happen. Out of curiosity I checked how much it would cost to buy a box of 20 8x57 here, going by average price and not quality; 680SEK, or roughly 70€. So 65% less makes for one hell of a saving. Whoa holy hell, I thought ammo prices around here were bad but thats a whole 'nother level! Why is ammunition so expensive ''over there''? Are you sure you didn't get your hands on the most super-premium platinum-gold magical fairy dust hunting ammo? Around here premium quality med
  5. Handloaded some ammo, 7.92x57mm Mauser. Handloading effectively make shooting 65% -85% cheaper for me, depending on the caliber. As a nice bonus I also get considerably more accuracy out of it compared to commercial ammo. Handloading is awesome.
  6. Ordered me a couple of these. Dräger RD40 1140 Nuclear P3D 40mm DIN - Particles (Level 3), radioactive iodine, radioactive methyl iodine. Never going to need it but not bad to have.
  7. Woldan

    US Dope

    Thats nice and all, but this statistic compares the mortality rate of top level athletes with the normal population if I'm not mistaken? If thats so you missed the point completely.
  8. Woldan

    US Dope

    Most of the strongmen and powerlifting competitors grow old. Legendary Bill Kazmaier for example is in his 60's now, he was 3 times world strongest man as far as I can remember and he has been competing for a looong time. Magnus Ver Magnusson is also in his 50's and he looks super healthy. Of course there are some sad exceptions as well, but its nowhere near wrestling level, mortality rate is pretty much on par with all the other high level athletes. I think the difference here is that the powerlifters and strongmen are true athletes, they try to live as healthily as possible and get
  9. Woldan

    US Dope

    If your goal is to end up with a bunch of dead athletes, sure. Albeit I suppose if you're a self-proclaimed rational person and look at the costs of professional sports compared to the overall societal value it creates, the conclusion that ending up with a bunch of dead athletes is a net gain in utility may not be out of bounds. Thats not really true, we already have popular sports with incredibly doped athletes that do not have to do any real drug tests. World strongest man, Europe's strongest man, Arnold Strongman championship, World Deadlift Championship to name a few. Those
  10. Woldan

    US Dope

    If its state sponsored doping or doping done by the individual sports clubs results in the exact same thing. Tons of doped athletes. *Shrugs* Nowadays every top level athlete is taking multiple performance enhancers, ranging from growth hormones to the newest steroids up to even more advanced crazy stuff that changes the metabolism of the muscles themselves. Thats the only way you can keep breaking records every year for years to come. The human body isn't getting better every year - its the pharmaceutical industry. The real root problem is the anti doping agency that is simply not doin
  11. Woldan

    US Dope

    Propaganda BS. The entire Olympics is one giant multi million dollar drug swamp.
  12. Woldan

    US Dope

    For beginners. And thats just amateur level power lifting with testosterone and growth hormones, imagine the athletes that have and incredible amount of political and monetary pressure behind them. Drugs in sports is a really disgusting problem.
  13. Love the new AK-12, with the dual piston design recoil impulse should be soft and absolutely minimal. The only thing I don't get is why the went with the original dustcover. The problem with this design is its too flimsy and shaky for mounting optics - thats why the AK variants usually have a side receiver mounted optical sight arrangement. And now they simply slapped a rail onto the flimsy dustcover. DAFUQ. The first thing I would have changed from the original AK design was the dustcover.
  14. Woldan

    US Dope

    They should make a new discipline in the Olympics called ''hypocrisy.'' Everyone would win.
  15. Powerlifting style squats, heavy doubles and triples. A lot of people miss out big time when they don't work their legs and only do chest and shoulders.
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