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  1. Sex = genitals. Gender = social roles/mores enforced on you on the basis of your sex that vary from culture to culture. The right demands one's freedoms be limited on the basis of your sex i.e. you must dress and act in accordance with whatever arbitrary set of customs have been enforced on your sex. And the left insists if you don't follow what arbitrary social mores are expected of your sex you must in fact be the other sex or somewhere in between because there's no way a woman could hate makeup or a man could like dresses. EDIT: Oh, and the OP was ****. What a waste of 5 minutes.
  2. The far less appealing truth is money in politics is not an issue and American foreign policy is driven by the goodness of its heart? Alright then.
  3. Russians used ‘Bernie Bros’ as ‘unwitting agents’ in disinformation campaign Well I'm glad that's sorted. For a second I was worried America might have a class issue.
  4. Burgers and their puritanism. A pair of breasts and some ass is hardly "porn". Tbh I'd be cool with romances and Witcher-tier nudity if it didn't have to come with the perverse Bioware romance cult.
  5. This game looks aggressively mediocre. Not surprising - it was outsourced to some nobody studio with the Bioware label on it. Shame though, despite the decline in quality with ME2 and the total ****ting the bed with ME3 the set-up for this game wasn't half-bad given what they'd written themselves into. Missus still wants to play it so I'll probably end up giving it a go.
  6. US [and Saudi Arabia] forces G20 to drop any mention of climate change' in joint statement
  7. I can honestly say I didn't expect Trump to win the election but always thought, in the off chance that he did, that by virtue of the sheer destructiveness of his policies the left would be dragged kicking and screaming leftward and actually begin to organise around issues pertaining to class. And that still may be true however it certainly won't be done with Democrat support. Were they smart they'd have attempted to court the left back to the centre/right with some basic class rhetoric/handouts but instead they seem to be going this route: Basically adhering to what is quite honestly a very disturbing political narrative of supposedly unified "race interests". This will of course only continue to empower the rising racist far-right.
  8. Meh, Nazis are still on your side
  9. You do realise you're responding to Volourn.
  10. Bill in Congress will allow employers to demand genetic test results from workers
  11. Except for his support for the state, capitalism and World War I. Capitalism's commodification of identity in action. Communism, anarchism, fascism, etc; these are no longer concrete political movements but commodities, products to consume and provide a sense of individuality. However just like every other product these ideologies have an expiry date and so the consumer will toss the ideology aside and move on to something else.
  12. How sensitive do you have to be to compare liberal talking points with some garbage genocidal dictatorship.
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