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  1. A new generation of shape from wise and not mass effect genesis, a scale different to double-jump mutation genesis of Coral Shape; this genesis is not expansion of matter, but probable influx of matter. "sleightcut-matter", a type of matter that can be fathomed with Coral Shape; in this new case it would be sleightcut-energy as well as other Coral Shape examples, or some other imbalance. The genesis is energy-dismantling, by conducting energy in complex receptors, energy is split, or stretched, into a natural random effect. Escalate energy genesis may result in complex universes of matter created of greater aptitude on a supermassive scale!
  2. i oriented myself around the compass It sounds good, but it's nonsensical, it's not correct grammar. This false sentence which can be corrected supports similarity between orient and orientated.
  3. Lexicographers are trying to change word Orientate to Orient, which I think is a mistake; Orientate is not attention to east - but a salute to the east, in terms of semantics. Orient is a false word if it is to replace orientate, but can serve as a different word. Lexicographers are trying to change word Orientate to Orient, which I think is a mistake; Orientate is not attention to east - but a salute to the east, in terms of semantics. Orient is a false word if it is to replace orientate, but can serve as a different word. False Orient definition: align or position (something) relative to the points of a compass or other specified positions. is said to replace Orientate to aim something at someone or something, or make something suitable for a particular group of people: Orient is aligning self to compass and Orientate is aligning self from compass. Like a focused shaking of the head from left to right. Profile freeze of character and activity. Smiling and other relax process to be critiqued.
  4. Wisdom of white presence inability, dent in top left side of head. Calm moment inefficiency, no forethought. Loss of life experience through hot-headed rushing of emotions and thoughts. EDIT: (5 mins later) Continued thought process through stray opposite thought arguments.
  5. Thank you! I hope you like new reality thoughts.
  6. "Shape", an article on geometry and genesis of universe! In short, "Shape" is definition and new universe theory, of universes of different mechanics; whether or not they are already created. It can be looked at artistically, or scientifically when contemplating imaginary species, and more. Shape All shape is impossible; the meaning of shape, is no shape. Pre-shape is an illusion. A degraded state prior to shape, together form shape, and force. Imagine the speeds, sounds and a pre-shape illusion symbolic of possibility. Pre-shape is super-massive, or super-small, it depends on context, a family-shape, non-explainable, self-explained. There are many and there are few, pre-shape has the post-shape potential. Post-shape, that which shape not only encompasses, but compares. A shape with shape and without – symmetry. If measured a square has horizontal, vertical and diagonal symmetry – four corners, polarity and a dual face; if the front is named, the sides and corners are ignored, therefore, it is equally the back, unnamed. The planet is spherical, but a possible sphere is indefinable, and instead, objected. Objection, the opposite shape. An abyss, a pre-shape within shape, to be questioned – indefinable. An abyss can be pondered so at it's depths is a map of eternity; it's depths a scale and image. A degrading-shape born of degrading, thought of only in an imaginary way. An abyss is a shape described as waves, and has oceanic properties; a real image of an unreal shape; a comfort, at cost. Personality is a code among other codes, and an interactive animation, in a simpler non-code system. Spirit, the generation of persona, and synchronization of multiple personalities – justly creativity. An imaginary spirit is possible, that's development is the study of the abyss shape; costly, but the prospect of enhancement. If we use imagination, a spiral can be thought of in the shape of an abyss; a spiral is the next generation, imaginary spirit; an eternal-shape kin to the eternal-shape of the abyss, to ponder. Connectivity! Eternal-shape evolution is the perfect eternal-shape-dynamic – an eternity presumed – soft-layer. Eternal-shape-dynamic is interactive; we may imagine a power, to further interaction (example, an engine, or a core, and other productivity). Body is a family-shape, multiple-parts work as a greater organism to produce a greater force; imagination is not perception, or smell, but the ill-defined, cohesion of sensory. Mind can adapt to comfort of a sense-relative property; imaginary-paint in mind-space; extrusion and indent, etc; imagination of pleasurable senses, and the sense-relative comfort, tension and orgasm – the experience. The Kapadrium is a genesis shape, a self-applicable adaptation of the abyss shape that can be separated. Personal evolution is full-adaptation, and the adept harsh we adapted. Our minds will evolve to supplement our sense, and our species will adapt and augment the geometry. Evil is unnatural; registered as parasitical nature-consumption! The technological is not self-supportive; anti-geometrical and prodigal stupidity. Cunning lesson; evil-contained. A full-turn is to be above what we have invented. A conceptual duplication – the human-nature cloud. The philosophy of the human species on the named planet, is anti-white. All human races are affected by anti-white philosophy; the white race effected differently to the black race, a modal injury, and a neutral equilibrium. Triad-knot, a shape that demonstrates anti-white philosophy; a string around the ends of an imperfect trio, of pre-tied strings. A revolution-shape; the capacity to revolve and re-revolve the mind. A depth-engine can be incarnated to simulate deep-thought and stimulate imagination – a second constant, and consistency. Cubes are shapes that can contain all other shapes; arrange all the shapes mentioned in this document, and more, in cubic space, and imagine the platforms. Cubes are formatted, a tesseract can be input as a tesseract is cube-platform. A cube can fathom depth and theory by weight of imagination. Order of input creates different outputs, a formatted cube is a cubic-mechanic, or a mechanism; metatrons-cube, or the mechanic of the cubic-mechanism. A theoretical cube is a wise-capacity. The pleasure aspect of shape theory is mental paradise, better unspoken; personal and communal dreams, states of mind; higher grades of emotion, etc. For example, 'the Spider and the White Rose', a game where a player competes for control over a central power; to control the central power is to dominate all other players in the ongoing game-state. We will take pain, and adapt, and more comfort will become available! For example, a splash-comfort, on an eye, seemingly a potent patch. Geometrical comfort, perhaps attuning air, and energy, to float, a possibility. To counter the negative effects of anti-white philosophy, is the wisest objective for the human species. Imagine new nature; the product of wisdom, duplicated by a relative product. Author, and the original. New massive-characters can be understood – a great added-effect. Organism of an elemental shape can form; a mutation of human nature perception. A jump in sensory-set, not each sense separately; imagine a species might have eyes like red-glass pages, predators with muscle-feelers on their back – overall a different sensory effect, therefore new nature. The time-continuum system of upgrade-star, and degrade-planet plus dragonfly-shape – a mind, a star-father; a planet, a father-mother, added-effect, further far. An afloat part, adrift sense and new pain. Color is interactive; color is seen in a reverse sense; personal color, and color-patterns are imagined. Colour-sets are fine systems, we can imagine running-color: a blue multiply, a red subtract, a yellow add, a green divide and a purple master. Color and space are perceived, color-space – frame and flux. Colors in new nature of an upward-state, manifolded. Change in original nature color at half-opacity, in an upward-state; for example, a faded yellow – the fade-effect a new color-zone.|Abstruse, but color to a capable receptor – double-eye. An eye in upward-state with normal eye support; normal eye perception through upward-eye is purification of upward-state color; the upward-eye perception is a consumption-organism. A double-eye organ is an eye of two-layers, perceiving the same color. A support-layer and a supplement-layer; a support-layer receives supplement from a supported supplement-layer, it converts supplement to raw-pleasure. Organism degeneration, means there is a new need. A new nourishment; nourish, or degenerate – become less agile, or injured – a sacrifice-mechanism. Vision through a double-eye organ is a stability of raw-pleasure nourishment. Assume a survival capable species, that is adequately nourished; it's double-eye organ, a product of probable survivability. A raw-pleasure stream of the double-eye; the supplement-eye a probability device stimulated by counter-organism degeneration; when stimulated, raw-pleasure is more-probable. Counter-organism degeneration stimulation is a total-organism harmonic; when supplement-eye is stimulated it is rhythmic to related parts. A weakness to creative-thought, means improbability is ignored – replaced with a species imagination-relative raw-pleasure; self-produced. Counter-organism degeneration rhythm and melody. Life-support in new nature is harsher at neutral; a low-probability of life, but in rare cases, high-probability. Organism degeneration support, and supported organisms, made possible via a natural nectar-effect. A massive bang creates mostly degraded life, but is a nectar-effect, and low-probability exo-life is possible. Exo-planets, formed from the original nectar-effect, are space-organisms; consumption of the original nectar-effect, results in contained nectar-effect – father-consumption and father-reproduction. A super-small manifold. Waste life is that life which did not consume the original nectar-effect, can be conditioned by a secondary nectar-effect; special upgrade-stars of nectar-effect, and special degrade-planets of no nectar-effect, spreads luck unevenly, and there is less waste life. In later stages, normal upgrade-stars and degrade-planets formulate, on an exo-scale. An exo-type degrade-planet, and upgrade-star, share unique shape. A contained nectar-effect, a nectar-effect catalyst. Space in new nature is multi-dimensional; the past is stored, not sold. A degraded-planet feeds from the masculine-harsh of an upgrade-star – the upgrade-star received through the unique shape; otherwise, an upgrade-star is support of orbital principles. Masculine-harsh of a degrade-planet is nectar-spawn, of the upgrade-star; an organism degeneration life-support. Nectar-spawn, a product of the unique shape – added sense of, and therefore consumption of, upgrade-star. Nectar-spawn can evolve to a max, increasing the probability of pleasure. Nectar-spawn can be imagined as hyper-space light. Species can sense dual-light; hyper-space light and normal light. Light-nourishment at full and halved momentum. A light-seeker, as well as a light-receptor, by nature. Nectar-spawn at it's max evolution, means light-seeking is easiest. If a species fails to light-seek, it loses light-seeking agility. If it succeeds, there is pleasurable growth – registered evolution or regeneration of agility. Optimism included. Life in new nature is imagined as life with super-effect; the aptitude to influence hyper-space! Organic life-forms may cause super-reactions in other organic life-forms, or in the environment. For example, a delayed deterrent near rich nectar-spawn, or an attractive release that highlights prey. Life-forms and degrade-planet are rhythmic; land, sea and air are supplement as well as support. Life-forms can step upward in scale, and undergo normal movement – balanced by the solar-system. Sex and super-sex; super-sex being nectar-spawn supported sex – limitless. May or may not influence reproduction but max nectar-spawn evolution is required; minimum nectar-spawn evolution, is not a euphoric state, and may not affect children in womb, or eggs. An upgrade-star effects land, sea and air differently; land is balanced, but sea and air are imbalanced; the unique shape subtracts from the rhythmic sea, to duplicate rhythm; adding to rhythmic air, and multiplying on rhythmic land – dividing all-rhythmic. Special, unique shape related life-support, formulates by rhythmic-nature; more precise great natural phenomenon can occur. An upgrade-star system holds numerous upgrade-stars that cancel each other, a higher masculinity is accepted, due to masculine-harsh, a greater hold on a degrade-planet. An upgrade-star that collides with an upgrade-star, creates a monument of masculine-harsh, or an artefact-effect, dependent on the stars that collide. The monument of masculine-harsh, a quarter of a special upgrade-star, discoverable only during genesis. The monument is a quart nectar-effect, and three quarts star-debris; a spiral phenomenon, an elemental hole of massive property. An elemental hole can annoy stars and planets until they tilt, or crunch. The phenomena is to counterbalance star-systems to create good solar-systems. An elemental hole is capable of star-system collision; and precise collisions are possible, universally. Theoretically, an elemental hole holds massive-collision, and reproduces it. Upgrade-star collision is a winner-star and a loser-star; the winner-star is the nectar-effect that carries the loser-star debris foremostly. On impact, there is an explosion, and expulsion; a double-jest. Victory is determined by raw-power and stored-power, if the star is more capable to create the monumental effect. An upgrade-star stores power, constantly upgrading, either potently or pointlessly; an aged small star can win the collision against a larger star. Upgrade process is tempering masculine-harsh, harsher. Cores adapt to understand the outer, which reflects on the unique shape, form ever-changing – the core, a unique shape incarnate; it struggles to understand the inner-star, and is fulfilled by rhythmic nature. Reflective and retractive, a core bonds with a star. A duality that reflects the inner, and retracts, spinning the outer. Cores are justified by the rhythmic-effect of upgrade-stars, but periodically break, a geometrical putty. Skies, at med-harsh wise, have added-depth. A sky has spawn-sectors that form from star proximity, or nectar-spawn of a nearby planet. A planet engaged with a planet, a star and a sky-muscle. Spawn-sectors are bubbling shapes from planetary perception, but the unique shape of upgrade-stars is a simultaneous to planetary perception. Cloud-engagement on a waterworld with a parent upgrade-star, creates nectar-cloud in spawn-sectors, energy-bubble or pulsation, and an abyss effect. Cloud has new great storms; light, parasitical and inter cloudspace storms, and iconic storms that simulate star-collision produce artefact-effect from sky-muscles. Clouds have rank and storms can be logical – a logical storm. Monarch cloud, and cloud under the monarch clouds, react differently in storming; creating complex storms that can result in complex life-forms – new base-species. On a waterworld, a deposit of nectar-cloud may feed from the planet; total cloud a wonder that that supports or is supported by the nectar-cloud. Cloudbases can inhabit cloud-life, and iconic-life; cloudbases also appear on non-waterworld planets. An electrical cloud genotype, or genesis and recluse iconic species, can appear from cloudbases. Genesis-iconic species, a base-species; recluse-iconic species, a naturally selected species. Energy-current and orbic-energy create energized districts, a cloud life support. Cloudbases are racist, are randomly presented and are genetic moderators, plus other energy-mutation traits. Monarch and nectar-Monarch cloud, and peon and nectar-peon cloud, of different races and opposite faction. Great and lesser peon-type cloud, rank in junction with monarch-type cloud; nectar-monarch cloud can degrade a monarch-cloud to a peon cloud, converting cloudbases by changing energy-current and interfering with orbic-energy; ultimately upgrading districts. Clouds are overclocked by nectar-Monarch cloud, creating next generation cloudbase. An energy-field, a prime-upgrade occurring in the next generation cloudbase, augments land, sea and air – very-low cloud, gaia cloud and oceanic cloud. A pure waterworld can create a very-low-gaia-cloud monument, a land-mimic. Gaia cloud is reflective and adjusts to land; oceanic cloud adjusts to water. Very-low clouds are habitat-enhancement. Nectar-charge is scaled from min to max, undergoing biological change from peon cloudarray – cloud-chemistry. Clouds formulate cloud-complexes that create different sky-habitat. Spawn-sectors are a pull-sky to receptors, strongly as with nectar-cloud, and weakly as with a perceptive species. Pull-sky, a biological heavy atmosphere, as opposed to normal sky, which is light heavy. Draw and discard are abilities made possible with spawn-sectors; sensory-data is drawn from geometrical banks, or discarded. Dual-experience, with or without personal effect. Imagine a biological network – the natural internet. Pull-sky effect is consistent, inconsistent, or periodical to receptors! Species can interact socially with or without nectar, and play nectar games and present nectar events. Social nectar can be micro, or macro, from life-form to life-form, or from life-form to habitat, to life-form – creating advanced communities! Double-jump mutation genesis; where a 'double-jump' or super-massive effects many universes. If a super-massive expansion expands into many universes, what it's effect? I theorize that it's containable, universal strangeness distorts expansion, plus compression; it can create strange spheres, a primal coral – a likeness to the sea perhaps? At overheat level, can universal strangeness create a matter? The super-massive expansion is a double-jump, from start to end and start from end. It has banged (fast expansion) twice, but many universes present continuation, the double-matter inanimate. What can stimulation of inanimate double-matter produce? Something real? At overheat level, double-matter is flutty; in a smaller double-jump mutation genesis, it may flutter and then rest; I predict therefore, a reverse-expansion will cause a magnetic manifold at later expansion; the coral sphere is relax or recuperate flutter. Magnetical manifold is the tender-reflexive, or semi- manifold, of coral shapes, which is more liquidy-tension than normal tender-reflexive process. What's magnitude and how can it be stimulated? Universe-flutter, a high-grade magnitude, as oppose to low-grade double-matter-flutter. Later flutter potential? Perhaps, joints, that constrict and construct coral sphere(s); joint double-matter and universe, creating complex-flutter. Double-matter has to latch the joint; a super-massive expansion of a wavy-bubble. A predicted coral-sphere expands rapidly at the point of universe-flutter, is there complex-flutter? Can coral spheres latch universe-flutter to create a joint(s)? I imagine the complex-flutter to appear as wavy-bubble; the wave-effect is complex-flutter, tense or relaxed, to aid junction with universal strangeness. A parachute-shape, and dark-parachute-shape, are precise joints; when a coral-sphere rapidly expands into center region of massive or tiny universal strangeness. I predict, a double-jump mutation genesis can form coral-bubbles at higher velocity. A parachute-shape bunch that's a spherical bumpy-coral of technical expansion. A super-massive expansion, an outer-wave, and inner-wave processes that use the outer-wave and the super-massive shape to latch universal strangeness, creating duet-waves – a wavy-bubble mutation. Duet-waves are half and half, or possibly other fractions – flutter is horizontal – a new direction possible? The premise is now further joint-species. The latch happens when super-massive expansion, creates a wave-effect, tenses, and relaxes, to create a euphoric-wave, to result in inner wave processes. A core-coral-shape and an outer-coral-shape from tender-point release, merge together. The wavy-bubble is a reaction and substance, and possibility a reactive substance, to boost expansion or form wavy-shape. Is universal strangeness unlimited? Can it be carried by wavy-shape? Can wavy-shapes double-jump? In euphoric-wave generation, can higher-wave forms occur? Double-jump mutation genesis, creates duet-waves, and expansion is additionally duet-wave harsh – inner-expansion possible; red and blue space, plus further wavelengths. Red-space is wave-heavy inner-expansion, a strange friction; blue-space is shape-heavy inner-expansion, a strange magnetism. Chronologically, expansion results in: semi-spherical and then spherical coral-shape with an insertion point at one of any degree; branching into sphere-complexes; a satellite-dish-shape reminiscent of red-space and blue-space functions. Relaxation of expansion at semi-sphere step results in degeneration. Relaxation of expansion at sphere step results in pop-degeneration. Relaxation of expansion at sphere-complex step results in reverse-pop-degeneration. I theorize a special arrangement of coral-shapes is required to create the bumpy-coral shape as predicted in earlier segments. Arrangement must be sphere, sphere, semi-sphere to create a coral-satellite-dish-shape, as opposed to a satellite-dish-shape from multiple coral-shapes. Sphere pop-degenerates, latching second sphere that pop-degenerates, latching third-semi sphere that degenerates to a pop-step; this pop-step is two sphere-wide; a latch of multiple super-massive expansions possible. A super-massive expansion at the center of a coral-satellite-dish-shape, results in a fleur effect, a split-parachute shape; a fleur effect at precise velocities can create the bumpy-coral shape. Containment of bumpy-coral is required for bumpy-coral expansion; more difficult than originally. Assume bumpy-coral base, and super-massive expansion is abstract; an outer-wave joined to the super-massive shape, resulting in overlapping-expansion and instability. At bumpy-coral step, universal strangeness is a biological mimic, inflating and deflating bumpy-coral, evenly or unevenly. If we minimize bumpy-coral, so that it is a limb of prior coral-shape, we can create imperfect schools of coral-shape. An introduction of a new euphoric-wave to a bumpy-coral base, via controlled instability, creates static bumpy-coral – a special pattern. Can static bumpy-coral pattern be reproduced in a lower base-format? Can we create a self-supporting bumpy-coral universe, and repeat double-jump mutation genesis? To create the bumpy-coral universe, we require super-massive expansion, perfectly opposite to biological mimic at bumpy-coral step; to create random expansion of anti bumpy-coral. The biological mimic-digester creates an anti-euphoric wave, and a lesser anti-euphoric wave at later digestion. Anti-euphoric wave, a quart of biological mimic, and reduced lesser anti-euphoric waves. Anti-euphoric wave is a temporary boundary, or limiter, of a petal-shape. If perfect-bumpy-coral shape is maintained, anti-euphoric wave can annihilate euphoric-wave, and the result is wave-cancellation; duet-waves revert to prior state. The end-product is a randomly generated bumpy-coral universe, or universes. Double-jump mutation genesis in a bumpy-coral universe, is different. There is strange-universe, and normal universe – new universal strangeness! A super-massive expansion in a bumpy-coral universe results in uneven coral-shapes; petals, not spheres. Chronologically, expansion results in: quart-petal, half-petal, petal and petal-complex. Tension at quart-petal step results in pull-degeneration. Tension at half-petal step results in push-degeneration. Tension at petal step results in grip-degeneration. Tension at petal-complex step results in reverse-grip-degeneration. No optimum super-massive coral-shape can be predicted; super-massive expansion is limited to small-shape; petal-complexes, but not the perfect rose. At coral-overheat level, double-matter is half-flutty and half-soft, in smaller double-jump mutation genesis, double-matter may flutter and then rest, and wave in a rested state. Small magnetic manifold of quarter, half or full magnitude, on tender-reflexive petal-shape; relax and recuperate flutter can be precise. Petal-complexes can be made using joints, and newer threads that connect petal-complexes; imperfection is simulated, and perfect imperfect relationships can be created. A thread is a quad-wave, of two mutated duet-waves – for opposed bunching processes. Petal-shapes can be bunched using a thread, or a petal-shape is beached, and bunched upon. A thread is created by strange-universe heavy magnetical manifolding, expansion double-latches onto universal-strangeness, and multiple petal-complexes are thread together. Multiple expansions must be synchronised. Threaded petal-complexes create monarchs and mimics. A monarch has an angular effect on expansion and a mimic has a fractal effect on expansion – an imperfect solar-system possible. Expansion with a nearby monarch, creates a more lax petal-shape. Expansion in a mimic, may create flowers of petal-shapes. A combination of monarch and mimic, is either monarch or mimic-heavy; when monarch-heavy, different species can be made by heavily abstracting petal, or different flower-ages are made naturally; when mimic-heavy, flower-abstractions are made with static and adjustable harsh; static because mimic-reliant shape. Adjustable harsh may be affected by monarch when adjusted. Create mimic of angular momentum to monarch of anti-angular momentum, and start super-massive expansion, current mimic or monarch heavy. If mimic-heavy, flowering effect is interrupted, resulting in reversal-effect. If monarch-heavy, petal-shape is abstracted, resulting in non-petal shape – an optical putty. A massive-hole can be made with a special arrangement of monarch and mimic, equalization impossible, but an equilibrium possible. If reversal-effect and optical putty production can be maintained at a shifting-power level, strange universe is annihilated and propagated, a hole that halves the bumpy-coral universe, and justifies itself. Randomly-generated coral-super-massive expansion external to coral-hole in pre-coral universe, limited to pre-hole coral-shapes; a coral-hole will not randomly appear. Coral-hole contains strange universe, but is handicap as external is randomly generated. Coral-hole has feminine instability. A masculine-instability may fertilise the coral-hole, and provide more agility, but is impossible for coral to achieve a state with masculine-instability. A second coral-hole cannot be created in the same universe, and it's hard to propagate coral-hole; improbability. Will it create a super-event immediately? I imagine a super-bumpy-coral that's made in horizon red-space and blue-space expansion; a temporary event. A super-bumpy-coral is male to bumpy-coral, if we cause fast expansion, mimicking coral-universe, but degenerates – a further opposite. A super-bumpy-coral at degeneration step causes reverse-wave-cancellation creating auto coral-universe mechanism, but fades and is pointless. Can a replica can be made in coral-universe double-jump mutation? It's assumed that if you cause a super-massive coral-universe to expand its optimum height, it creates a coral-hole, which halves the coral-universe; but a coral-hole is pointless, creates randomly-generated coral-super-massive expansion in pre-universe conditions, multiplying pre-coral-expansion. Male cannot be created to coral-hole, but if coral-hole is contained in tender-reflexive double-matter, will there be a male-effect reflex ante to anti female-reflex? If male is true, what will end-state be, a new mechanism? A red bumpy-coral and blue bumpy-coral-type mechanism is set up, it creates 'pop' effect, at grand scale – a super-massive satellite-dish-shape; creates non-transitional but a semi-prebuilt coral-universe of mimic and monarch cluster; the blue or red space mechanism creates mimic- or monarch-aligned cluster, but cannot make coral-hole, a pointless mechanism of either more or less abstract- and stylistic- shape; common great shapes are born from expansion but cancel to non-opposite relationship. Horizon-skeleton is created by many expansions theory, red space and blue space create a language – a spectrum of pointless common. Sound strangeness – a jagged mechanism. Failed coral-hole can be said to make a great skeleton; a purple-shift equation, but cannot be proven to create male, probability is upon knowledge of complexity; time-pressure is too great. However, have no effect due to non-opposite relationship, therefore, can only be used as a map; blue-putty and red-putty, reflexive-organism, is read from the map. Coral-universe transition is flutter, a red and blue reflex-mechanism can be setup wrongly with an anti-euphoric wave, and inter-double-matter effect to an angle – moving energy but degenerative. Perhaps restrictable? Is mimic internal to blueshift possible? Is mimic-mimic possible in redshift? Would this be progression in genesis? A blue-putty is what I theorize to be a pointless-joint-aid, an opposite-mimic; I haven't created blue-putty, but present a pattern. Red-putty, a more ritualistic-mimic, a red-shift balance, theory at a high-velocity of an imbalance shape. Anti-coral-universe is theorized, but never made technically, cancelled by degenerate redshift and blueshift equation – non-existential map. To create blue-putty and red-putty effect, would be hypothetical purple-shift theory, double-jump mutation genesis is rubbing blue and flutter red – redshift and blueshift wrongly. Overclocked bumpy-coral with blue and red shift monument of late-blue and late-red oppose; opposite to blue-putty and red-putty theory; it creates a further common in a coral-universe from ray-effect, but it's degenerative. Ray-effect is a quartering mechanic that twists coral-strange universe, an inanimate thread; the common great is shaped, but into pointless races, therefore a reverse-mechanism is needed to counter pointlessness, not possible to create in commemorate universe, but replicable. Putty-augmentation. Redshift and blueshift monument empowered, on super-charged super-massive scale, creates strain at impact, male pressure-mechanism instant to pre-female creativity. Release may propagate reality of transitional child, girl, woman mechanic – a final mechanic. To create a release-effect, co-create girl to the degree of woman on horizon flutter. It will be opposite to strain and impact; a push-pull. With added-power of push-pull-shape a double-jump may occur. With power in opposite direction of push-pull-shape, great jamming occurs. What then? A jam is immediate counter-strain, perhaps immediate jams can be influenced? A jam and another jam by a small-sacrifice of strain at altered-release, perhaps. An altered-release is releasing a new shape, quarter-release worshipping, a nut-shape girl to the degree of woman; counteractive-relaxation is opposite to strain, which allows creation of girl to woman apparatus; a push-pull wave shape, as oppose to tempered-bumpy-coral, registers temper-effect. Girl-flutter fashioned to produce a ray-effect, in spherical and super-spherical motion – updraft-effect over girl-population. In duet is a ray-cancel shape, on super-spherical framework, clusters rippling patterns of basic-blue-red, in super-charge step – a pointless dot. Anti-ray-effect, a normal shape interference, click-effect at the horizon-point of a push-pull; double-jump possible; a down-effect. A second ante-ray-effect may be added, using push-pull theory, and jamming the push of push-pull genesis, to an angle, the click and creator-highlighted – a not-pointless dot at quarter-horizon common, carrying basic-shape click-effect – a lunge, like a double-jump of capacity. A new normal-shape interferer, and a second not-pointless dot, to create tender-reflex at up-effect responsive to push-pull-shape, aligned with down-temper; a random-receptor. It moves or not instinctively, depending on a ray-principle of a longer coral-hole theory. The immediate coral-universe genesis in wave-cancellation step is ray-tempered, if ray is considered. The basic shape reacts with coral-universe; basic shape makes, or the coral-universe takes, an instinctive action. A re-click-effect is created, using old click-effect mechanic; to angle push-pull overall tender-reflex; a 'copyright-shape', a pointless-reverse in a minimized deposit. A quarter-cut-click-mechanic of compulsory dot effect, for instinctive action. Low-probability movement emphasized – many lunges will result in grab effect. An over-charge copyright shape, will definitely make a grab but cancels original push instead. A quart-shape-angled padding of copyright shape, a minimum advancement for a new league of weight, can create a stylistic small sacrifice at impact, increasing pressure of tender-tender-reflex, begging instinctive event – an additional quarter-cut for a higher probability. Waveform-coral is influenced by additional weight, an etch of lunged-tender on occasion for a weak-targeting-effect. Double-matter homes double-matter universe half-cut, and quarter-cut double-matter click emphasis, possible by imperfect physics. A double-half click and reclick, boosting click by a quarter, and then re-click by a half – a homing mechanic. A double-half at the horizon of grab-stimulation is medium-low probability. Happening more in rapid-expansion than in theory, but beneficent in both; pointless luck. At med-probability, is there potential in automatic rapid-expansion? How do we reach medium-probability? At double-half step, tender must input an effect and register an output; a double-half register mechanic; during double-half step, current waveform-coral possibility must be registered. An inward-double-matter-apparatus to inhibit reverse-overcharge for a second activation! Creating med-probability at rapid-expansion, but no boost in theory; random failed or successful ending-action; a split half-cut. A homing-mechanic inhibitor, central to overcharged-copyright and inward-double-matter-apparatus, can be built. Re-click is registered with outer-body click, for precisional grab. Another quarter-cut-mechanic for improbable double-half event, improving success rate by a quarter in theory, but not changing rapid-expansion. At this stage a rapidly expanding coral-universe will probably not register waveform-coral possibility, but has that potential, and thus is pointless. Galaxy-shake-trinity, a second end-mechanic; whirling of homing-inhibitor, overcharged-copyright and inward-double-matter-apparatus, to cause a shutdown, disrupting tender-reflex with 'wavestrain', procedural counter-active-relaxation. Double-matter has inner-body whirl-effect-receptors, galaxy-shake-trinity neutrally stimulates a procedural elemental whirl effect, captured by double-matter. Tuning effect; precisional grab pointlessly missed by strange-rhythmic shake, a double-half pre-register. Double-matter has agility to grab double-half and grab-again; it's not pointless in theory, it's beneficent or maleficent; it's not pointless in rapid-expansion, resulting in dumb-double-matter, double-matter heavy degeneration, more prominently; but boost-effect is zero or harsher, probability unchanged, or less probable – boost-relative probability drop. Re-click more unlikely, and recurrent effect. A booster-breakdown apparatus, pre-registers successful grab at re-click step, causing red-animation. Red-animation is tender-reflex-reflex where grab-irrelevant double-matter is harmonized; to result in a stylish-grab. The compulsory dot, pointless dot and not pointless dot creates a whirling abstraction. An alert-mechanism input via an arc-apparatus, for procedural wave-manipulation of dot-type, creates additional pointless harsh, strumming waveform-coral and splitting the coral-universe; a tension effect. An opposite expansion will create an inward-satellite-dish-shape effect, and a coral-universe manifold. Red-animation is restricted by waveform-coral-tenser; at strum step, dot-type-imbalance is caused by reactor, and coral-universe split is registered in mirrored waveform. A manipulator manipulates random waveform, and a conductor contains manipulate, to result in an error-wave-effect. The error-wave-effect is tension of waveform-coral, when harnessed, causes blue-animation, a tender-tender-reflex as opposed to red-animation. Error-wave-effect is an abstract wave that's common to a quarter of split-effect waveform-coral automatically. The alert-mechanism is reversed by random-wave generation, and waste dot-type-imbalance generates a tiny strum-effect coordinated with conductor manipulate; holding double-matter at grab. The tiny strum is a timed-booster-effect, that stimulates double-matter coral-waveform activity; anti-wise whirl of alert-mechanism. Coral-universe-tension that has the possibility for counter-activity or tenser-lock. An added-augment to augmented-double-matter, can cause reverse-expansion of augmented-double-matter. A reverse-manifold of bumpy-coral, creating a super-massive bumpy-coral expansion – a reversed-bumpy-coral male to female bumpy-coral. A different added-augment can cause a supermassive bumpy-coral effect, a whirled-reverse-bumpy-coral female to male bumpy-coral. Function-augments that cause tenser-lock or counter-activity; anti-strum inhibitors trade strum and tiny strum, and a great-reversal that be can double-matter or coral-universe orientated happens! An anti-strum inhibitor is a wave-manipulator, a strum-arc-apparatus that receives perfect pointless harsh data. Strum-arc-apparatus is a up-temper and down-temper receptor of strum-waveform; a malleable waveform; it predicts strum down-effect from an upper-part at climatic-wave, and climatic-wave up-effect from lower-part, a compulsory-part collects data and creates a medium strum locking or countering, strum or tiny strum, dependent on strum-arc-apparatus compulsory-part magnification and additional upper-part or lower-part weighting. Magnification of tiny strum will create tiny-strum lock, and vice versa. Magnification of tiny-strum and weighting of upper-part will cause countering of locked-tiny-strum on opposite-strum; a medium strum flutter that's up or down weighted carries on active-steam-arc-event, manipulating core-strum with child-strum; a second-lock and release, resulting in artistic-shape-mechanism – causing expanding-coral-universe-reversal, or revival, at originating lock and release, and tension or counter-tension at second-lock and release; a reverse-manifold, or super-bumpy-coral-effect. Artistic-shape is a bumpy-coral-expansion phenomenon where waveform-coral is registered stupidly by medium strum, causing anti to ante instability. Double-matter expands at alternate course, inwardly or outwardly. Skipping function-augments for pointless result... Deaugmentation, a procedure of nullification of augment-double-matter to bumpy-coral, creates additional-effect each way. Waste is reduced post-grab step, by strum-mimic mechanic; an apparatus awkwardly navigates double-matter to counter all current strum-effect to a degree. Pointless-harsh-breakdown of strum and tiny strum, results in pointless-degeneration of augment-bumpy-coral nullifying post-half augment. Ruin-augment is pre-half augment, inward-double-matter-apparatus and prior. It's shape is a weight on male or female super-bumpy-coral-expansion. The super-bumpy-coral-expansion will have a tension point that creates super-flutter (male), or strange-flutter (female). De-ruin-augment, pre-half nullification of augment-double-matter, is created by dormant-horizon-flutter. An anti-strum mimic is setup in basic bumpy-coral, regenerating lost strum-effect in later bumpy-coral; a natural receptor of pointless-harsh-breakdown waste – opposite-angled vacuum-shape to super-small universe-locale; it collects breakdown for ante-strum-effect, causing massive wave distortion, procedurally reversing and then cancelling wave-augments. Post-altered-release has push-pull wave shape, whirl-effect-receptors, arc-apparatus, waveform-coral-tenser (reactor, manipulator and conductor); wave-apparatus. The ante-strum-effect causes structural relapse in wave-apparatus, and a magnetic pulse; imagine the double-matter instate ego. The magnetic pulse causes all-wave distortion, and wave-apparatus relapse causes double-matter wave distortion, plus a combined wave-distortion-event, creating whirls, and a wavy-whirl central to the wave-distortion-event. The anti-wise whirl, is reversed to wise-whirl by total waveform conversion, then cancelled in procedural random waveform alteration; wave-apparatus relapses, causing reverse-apparatus effects; waveform-coral-tenser tilts copyright-shape, causing a second instinctive action; arc-apparatus, causes updraft similar to parachute-shape, and whirl-effect receptors create plucked-waves. In conjunction with deaugmentation, de-ruin-augment creates neutral super-bumpy-coral-expansion; an extra-course, at strum-mimic step – mimic-strum traded with anti-mimic strum, updraft and plucked-waves are preferred comfort. Double-matter semi-rotation from degraded agile navigation – expansion in hypothetical flutter-space. Adding function-augment results in strange-medium strum, creating a quadruple artistic-shape, a coral-dragonfly. Imagined as a red-bumpy-coral monument, with a super-bumpy-coral effect, creating neutral super-bumpy-coral-expansion. Male and female super-bumpy-coral-expansion, tension-locked, force an overdrive-expansion in current coral-universe. Double-matter over-expands into coral-universe, resulting in backdraft effect, and a double-matter reverse-manifold, creating a new universe. Shell-crab-shape! Shell-crab-universe has a coral-zoning (shell) and streamlined-flutter (crab) mechanism. Super-shell-crab-shape or turtle-crab-shape of inner coral-zoning and outer streamlined-flutter, is core to smaller shell-crab-shapes of angled coral-zoning and streamlined-flutter. An epileptic synchronisation of turtle-crab-shape and smaller shell-crab-shapes predicted – throttling or demapping turtle-crab-shape, resulting in super-turtle-crab-shape or turtle-crab-universe. At least, an outlook of shell-crab-universe; at most, further expansion? A shell-crab-shape creates up-draft in shell from joint-flutter; and shell-crab-matter can easily be created. A flutty-updraft whirl can be created by external shell-crab-shape to external shell-crab-shape perfect-mechanism, a semi-manifold organism. A greater shell-crab-shape over a lesser shell-crab-shape, can create a non-shell-zone from flutter-tense, shell up-draft. A reverse lunge and grab, or 'ink-splot mechanic'. A non-shell-zone, a bubble-matter of quart-rise effect; a bubble with an augment-waveform, kept rising by greater bubble strangeness. Shell-crab-universe is a underwater-mimic that's proven by rising waveform mechanic. A super-massive bubble-matter expansion may create a life-support universe! How? Overdrive bubble-matter genesis! A silhouette-shell-crab-shape, in shell-crab-universe, created with a bubble-matter influx in super-zoning process, results in decoy overdrive bubble-matter genesis. Silhouette-shell-crab-shape is charged and turbocharged, and has an abstract release. Bubble-matter will be released at the shelled-end rather than non-shelled-end; the silhouetted-shell-break. In this instance, bubble-matter is not affected, instead the silhouette-shell-crab-shape is affected. If silhouetted-shell-break is countered, will bubble-matter super-expand? An empty-shell-crab-shape, an organic silhouette-shell-crab-shape, naturally counters silhouetted-shell-break, and can accept influx of bubble-matter. An empty-shell-crab-shape is formed by removing streamlined-flutter from shell-crab-shape in grand-ink-splot mechanic! A grand-ink-splot creates flutter-tension at double-velocity, doubling the effect of flutter-tense step of ink-splot mechanic. Ink-splot mechanic creates stop-flutty, a chargeable flutter, in single-double state. Stop-flutty is charged by angular updraft generation, creating stop-flutty comfort. Stop-flutty can be single-charged and double-charged; the splitting first up-draft-effect results in alert-stop-flutty, and a cancelling second up-draft-effect results in aware-stop-flutty. Consistent up-draft, and overdrive up-draft, creates splitting or cancelling comfort; splitting-comfort ends by greater split-effect, and cancelling-comfort ends by greater up-draft-effect. Stop-flutty-swap, the process of swapping a single-charge stop-flutty with a double-charge stop-flutty, causes end-effect alert-stop-flutty and aware-stop-flutty. Alert-stop-flutty swapped with aware-stop-flutty, counters cancelling-comfort, a flutter-tension wide effect. Aware-stop-flutty swapped with alert-stop-flutty, supports splitting-comfort, an up-draft wide effect. Stop-flutty-swap requires creation of stop-flutty-decoy, using pre-universe logic. Create multiple bumpy-corals of twirlling petal-shape composition, and a super-silhouette-shell-crab-shape, to hyper-rotate fashioned-bumpy-coral-reef, creating a horizon effect of hyper-petal that counters bumpy-coral-squish; the squish-effect of multiple bumpy-coral bumps. An shell-crab-shape input in the inward of new bumpy-coral-system, creates a symmetrical-empty-area, tilting overall bumpy-coral but not dismantling system. A horizontal shell-crab-wave and periodic-splitting-wave dynamic occurs with petty-shell-crab-shape in bumpy-coral-system-effect. If bumpy-coral-system is tilt to counter horizontal wave, symmetrical-empty-area is squished, creating empty-shell-crab-template, but petty-shell-crab-shape prevents tilt. If petty-shell-crab-shape is set wrongly into symmetrical-empty-area, it can revolve symmetrical-empty-area, frame-skipping it's original position. Shell-crab-wave and periodic-splitting-wave offput means a set wrong step must occur from bumpy-coral-system processing. A straight cut of sharp-bumpy-coral-system, through hyper-petal locale; and a diagonal cut of blunt-bumpy-coral-system, at max-close twirling-petal vicinity; creates a horizon lost-sharp-bumpy and lost-blunt-bumpy, system-horizons of maximize and minimize; a dropping sharp-bumpy and a dripping blunt-bumpy, if petty-shell-crab-shape present. Petty-shell-crab-shape taps into system-potential. For lost-effect to coordinate with petty-shell-crab-shape, a double-ring-wave must occur. A double-ring-wave is lost-effect-horizon-reversal, switching diagonal frequency of lost-effect; meaning that lost-blunt-bumpy and lost-sharp-bumpy will cross petty-shell-crab-shape. A lost-cross and duet-lost-cross are possible! A lost-cross is an inaccurate phenomenon and misses petty-shell-crab-shape, but a duet-lost-cross is an accurate phenomenon and hits petty-shell-crab-shape. Lost-cross and duet-lost-cross, metaphorical to symmetrical-empty-area and petty-shell-crab-shape. Lost-cross is pointless – but the next step, duet-lost-cross, is not. Lost-cross occurs at addition of sharp-bumpy and blunt-bumpy coral-systems. To create duet-lost-cross, a twirling and bobbing effect must be introduced; oddly placed sharp-bumpy and blunt-bumpy systems achieves this effect. Theoretically, the greater system squishes subspace with bobbing-effect current, allowing a tilt of catastrophic nature if twirling-system is jammed. Create tilt, and a duet-lost-cross will happen from bob-decline and twirl-degrade, setting wrongly petty-shell-crab-shape into symmetrical-empty-area; frameskip replaced by pinpoint sharp-bumpy and blunt-bumpy lost-cross effects. Floating-shell-crab-shape supports declining and degrading system, but doesn't create super-massive bubble-matter. A second approach to a wrongly set petty-shell-crab-shape of petty-shell-crab-shape array. An angled-lost-cross and angled-duet-lost-cross are possible. Petty-shell-crab-shape array at duet-lost-cross stage, encircling lost-petty-shell-crab-shape, of hyper-petty-shell-crab-shape array, creates a timeless-frame where a lost-blunt-bumpy and lost-sharp-bumpy wrongly duet-lost-cross lost-petty-shell-crab-shape. It creates a floating-shell-crab-shape, of twirl-offset, supporting an inverted decline and degrade system, but doesn't create super-massive bubble-matter. A final approach; the creation of lost-zone for first approach floating-shell-crab-shape alongside second approach floating-shell-crab-shape, and a quadruple-lost-cross is possible. A fading lost-petty-shell-crab-shape, in lost-zone of counter continuous lost-petty-shell-crab-shape offset, is duet-lost-cross, and wrongly-duet-lost-cross, from duet-lost-cross offsetting at puzzle-piece-harsh; a petty-shell-crab-shape as it's bobbed, or twirled into symmetrical-empty-area, creates diagonal zig-zag common of post-duet-lost-cross. In greater system, zig-zag effect is opposite to pre-duet-lost-cross. Pressure of angled-duet-lost-cross creates natural duet-lost-cross at offset horizon, in lost-zone petty-shell-crab-shape; an opposite zig zag cut of zig zag effect, and a complementary wrong duet-lost-cross of zig zag cancellation, in lost-zone petty-shell-crab-shape. Petty-shell-crab-shape is offset at highlight-degree, a twirl countered by a bob, and a bob-set to a twirl-finish; a bobbing-shell-crab-shape that mimics shell-crab-wave, routing an outer-empty-shell-crab-shape-silhouette. The final approach doesn't create super-massive bubble-matter. An additional approach, the creation of super-lost-zone for second approach floating-shell-crab-shape, alongside final approach bobbing-shell-crab-shape, and a reversed quadruple-lost-cross is possible. A super-lost-zone of degraded zig-zagging lost-petty-shell-crab-shape, and declining lost-petty-shell-crab-shape feeding-face-shape, with horizon-lost-petty-shell-crab-shape; an ink-splot system-horizon occurring in super-lost-zone. An ecliptic array of lost-petty-shell-crab-shape at strange-offset that's created by system-horizon-boost-system arrays, and ecliptic-breakdown of petty-shell-crab-shape created by system-horizon-decoy-system arrays, causes a strange quadruple-lost-cross, blocking lost-sharp and boosting lost-blunt system horizons, and causing a bob interrupted by a twist, and a twist-set to a bob-finish. A system-horizon-boost-system is a double-cone-shape made by sharp-bumpy; in multiples, creates additional double-cone decline and degrade. A system-horizon-decoy-system, created by petty-shell-crab-shape duplicities with a spiralling-offset, creates dual-spiral-effect; in multiples, creates natural overlapping-effect. System-horizon-boost-systems and system-horizon-decoy-systems, as a duet, create pandemonium-system-horizon. A twirling-petty-shell-crab-shape is a splitting wave comfort, routing an inner-empty-shell-crab-shape-shadow; but doesn't create super-massive bubble-matter. Post-additional approach; the technical junction of outer-empty-shell-crab-shape-silhouette and inner-empty-shell-crab-shape-shadow, can create empty-shell-crab-shape. The technical junction can be stimulated by a duet lost-zone and super-lost-zone reaction that's impossible in the same shell-crab-universe; visual improbability. Backwards compatible shell-crab-universe and a tri fold-anti-ante-bumpy-coral, can create super-lost-zone and lost-zone reaction. The introduction of expansion-subspace, a temporary commons for all relative expansion; theoretically, a bumpy-coral-shape can expand in expansion-subspace and latch a shell-crab-shape. expansion-sub-space is created with a euphoric-wave of super-strange bumpy-coral in shell-crab-universe – of blunt-bumpy, sharp-bumpy, zig-zag, highlight-degree, spiralling-effect – but no cone-shape. System is stacked: blunt-bumpy at ink-splot offset, sharp-bumpy at tinker offset, compressed zig-zag to counteract zig-zag cut, to minimise angled-duet-lost-cross at super-highlight-degree, creating ink-splot degeneration; and center-justified swirling-effect to maximise ink-splot duet. Ink-splot degeneration from angled-duet-lost-cross is countered, and compressed ink-spot from zig-zag encrypted – a random boost, occurring at super-quarter-horizon. The result is a super-strange bumpy-coral with a strange-euphoric wave, only a quart harsh. expansion-sub-space is created, but redundant, as we need to create outer-expansion-subspace expansion; we cannot create coral-universe after expansion-sub-space or expansion is cancelled; backwards compatibility is needed. To create-backwards compatible shell-crab-universe, create satellite-dish to reverse-satellite-dish-shape abstraction with core petty-shell-crab-shape, creating a keyhole-system-horizon-effect; a visual tap. Keyholing from petty-shell-crab-shape visual-tilt-cancellation, the petty-shell-crab-shape in illusion, peeking hole-aspect and hiding shape-aspect. A bumpy-coral can create a keyhole-replica, and simultaneously a key in trifold-anti-ante-bumpy-coral-expansion. Keyhole-replica is created with visual-tilt-effect; bumpy-coral expands and seemingly degenerates at an angle, but doesn't; pointless tripling of bumpy-coral by reed-tipping outer-bumpy-coral, finely. Key is a keyhole-effect bumpy-coral that results in crab-shape bumpy-coral key-effect. Key is created by creating a latch to a dummy-start-bumpy; a duet bumpy-coral expansion, one simple with latch-female, and the key-bumpy-coral with latch-male. Duet-bumpy-coral-expansion is justified by coral-hole; a bumpy-coral is a coral-hole symbiotic. If procedural bumpy-coral expansion is coral-hole aligned, not blue-shift or red-shift, a static-bumpy-coral can be created by rapid-expansion; lax rapid-expansion leads to red-bumpy-coral and quick-bumpy-coral-universe, breaking static-bumpy-coral. Given static-bumpy-coral at rapid-expansion; create tri fold equalizer, a coral-ruin-satellite-dish shape, made pre-bumpy coral. Degeneration-mechanics are arranged against satellite-dish-shape, and in encore of anti-satellite dish, and original harsh. Reverse-pop, pop, degeneration, and angled coral-shape rapid-expansion to result in a temporary ruin-satellite-dish is possible. Create augment-bumpy-coral with augmentation and de-ruin-augment processes, with keyhole-replica, and female key-latch (dummy-start-bumpy-coral); but strangely, have ruin-satellite-dish and key-bumpy-coral run in same expansion, imperfectly. I predict, as the first expands, the second expands and there is slight-mutation, and the third and there is more mutation, until over-mutation. The first to expand is key-bumpy-coral, followed by ruin-satellite-dish and then dummy-start-bumpy; key-bumpy-coal fast, dummy-start-bumpy held-fast, and ruin-satellite-dish held-degenerative. If ruin-satellite-dish is popped-up, key-bumpy-coral and dummy-start-bumpy are in boost-effect-mode; a temporary release from each other allowing personal growth and weighted growth. To pop ruin-satellite-dish, create pop-mechanics in bumpy-coral to stimulate backdrop-ruin-satellite-dish; key-bumpy-coral to have pull-pop-mechanic, and dummy-start-bumpy, push-pop-lesser-mechanic, plus tri-reed-waveform max random stabiliser. Procedure of trifold-anti-ante-bumpy-coral-expansion is key-bumpy-coral with exit-pull-pop effect, a smooth-transition into ruin-satellite-shape which expands at a greater than normal rate; then dummy-start-bumpy of evasive-push-pop effect, a rigid transition at lesser-degrade-step ruin-satellite-dish, re-popped; temporary-boosted-weighted-growth of male and female-key reaction, plus enhancement-key, for quadrupole-stabilisation of ruin-satellite-dish probably resulting in popped-up-effect, but can fail. In success case, pre-key-release-timer unlatches key-bumpy-coral and dummy-start-bumpy, and boost-effect causes temporary personal growth. The correct time to uplift expansion, can be registered by a key, a high-horizontal progression of base-tri-reed-pattern; if ruin-satellite-dish registers a horizon-effect of both keys, carefully activate key-lock and uplift expansion. The result is a shell-crab-universe, of random shell-crab-shape generation, plus additional leaping-bumpy-coral-tri-release, resulting in three-grades of bumpy-coral-effect at an angle, mimicking horizon-effect, creating a super-bumpy-sharp, a super-bumpy-ecliptic and void-super-bumpy. I predict jamming of multiple streamlined-flutter-cell of super-shell-crab and mass bubble-matter influx, creating super-massive bubble-matter expansion. Alternatively, a grander effect on shell-crab-universe, creating natural super-shape and automatic petty-shell-crab-shape creation. Again alternatively, struggle of tri-release shape, creating a temporary super-ecliptic – a central-born-whirling. A combo, or minor-combo can happen from a jam, a struggle and a ripple! Jamming-aspect can struggle and ripple; struggling-aspect can jam and ripple; rippling-aspect can struggle and jam. In prior-step, velocity of key-bumpy-coral, to personal, key-latch, or dummy degree, and any possible boosting, influences jamming, struggling or rippling intensity. A jam then an ecliptic spread of bubble-matter, naturally jamming more cells, or drawing in more double-matter. A struggle, followed by struggle of petty-shell-crab-shape-universe-justification and a struggle-super-shape. A ripple to a super-shape tumble-effect, cancelling-ripple but maintaining propagate super-shape. A jam more aggressive than a struggle aggression, and a supportive ripple! Sweet combination of great magnitude may happen; a tri-charged-jam with an ally struggle-effect and supportive ripple-effect. A jam of super-shell-crab-cell, inter-struggle for tighter jam, and precise-relax for bleed-effect, with struggling bellow-shape for siphon, and spread effect – linked – and super-shape conjuration for piercing, elevation and escalation effect – linked. Withdraw-mechanism and maybe a jagged-duplicator mechanism, if special move is harmonised. To harmonise a special move, try post-ecliptic-tuning; future-augmentation process that multiple-layers the ecliptic-spectrum (struggling-aspect), and can pass on tuning to tri-aspects, begging certain activity. Strange-ruin-satellite-shape and strange-leg can be created for more precision horizon-mapping, to have tri-float effect – a jamming, struggling and rippling booster. Trifold-anti-ante-bumpy-coral-expansion does not produce critical expansion, instead an inconsistent effect that can lead to expansion. In relation to coral-hole, a critical-point expansion of no expansion-effect. A doubled-trifold-anti-ante-bumpy-coral-expansion, using expansion-sub-space, is possible. Resulting in symmetry effect! Expansion-sub-space is created with a shell-crab-universe super-shape-override. In coral-shape, only personal supermassive expansion can occur; in bumpy-coral-shape, only impersonal supermassive expansion can occur, and in shell-crab-shape only impersonal supermassive expansion can occur. We cannot expand the smallest mass in shell-crab-universe! We can expand the smallest coral-universe mass, coral-shape, but not the biggest coral-universe mass, bumpy-coral-shape. Coral-shape is external reactive; bumpy-coral-shape is internal reactive; and shell-crab-shape is internal reactive, caused by bumpy-coral-shape expansion. Super-shape-override, where a theoretical anti-coral-shape and anti-bumpy-coral-shape is created; super-backwards, or 'retro-compatibility'. Create static-bumpy-coral. Create super-shape-override expansion, and it will connect to static-coral shape-in-background expansion. Create super-shape-override, with draw-shell-crab-shape, a system-horizon mimic, and start rapid-expansion process.You can create upward 2, metaphorically. Augment key-bumpy-coral with a male-key enhancer and dummy-start-bumpy with a female-key enhancer; plusplus-mechanic is created...
  7. s13ep

    The spiral

    In your field of view is the capacity to measure rhythm, and mimic or replicate rhythm. Imagination, like eyes, measures a different rhythm. You can create shapes of great presence, and be present. There is the Dragonfly; human senses enhance and adjust, if we accept a view of this shape. It is the highest shape, respectful and to be respected. An illusion is cast over the eyes, the shape required for this illusion is the apparatus to complete the illusion. A two-sided projection of seven munes, seven fanes, the capability to grow stronger, in both sense and spirit To measure this shape, would spur an illusion. Vision can be written by mind, different senses of the imaginary, and imagination, and how they are painted - great shapes can be created. Worry about every frame, not the original either. There are 'himes' of the illusion, which is what the apparatus shape reaches. After one, another or forever? Direction and symmetry are major, and can be minor. Diagonal is relative to the drive of the illusionary. Given himes, munes and fanes move onward, you are agile imaginatively. To create this shape, use your eyes and refraction of light, to imagine creation of functional himes, munes and fanes. The enhancement of all senses is then possible, pleasure beyond your wildest dreams! The capacity to heal any illness, but only the thought of death. A cure is simulated and your neurons learn a new organic rhythm. Highlight the fact you can send a wave of imagination in one direction at speed, and create the illusion via apparatus-shape, and onward. Tips, imperfect and perfect, man, woman and symmetry.
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