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  1. Which part of it? I have a lot of saves to reproduce virtually any part of my walkthrough, but I didn't record anything, and it took quite some time (120+ hours, including save/load of course). If you just want to see some specific episodes, I can do it.
  2. I wouldn't say "ruin", but it would certainly be a very welcome feature. E.g. my "evil pacifist" had to kill that monk (forgot his name) in Raedric's Hold for key instead of just pickpocketing it. Technically, it was the "most pacifist" way because it was just one kill, as opposed to fighting the undead in the dungeon (whom the game's kill counter doesn't differentiate from kith), and you HAVE to kill them to free that prisoner (even though you can sneak into his cell, he'll just refuse to leave until it's safe). Of course, even with pickpocket, I'd still have to fight Raedric or Kolsc to
  3. You are welcome! So, if you are going for stealth, you'll be using this trick a lot, again and again, so be sure to buy every figurine you see on sale (and other summoning items like the cloak of the fox and hunter)... Unless you are ok with resting every time you need a summon, of course, and even then, there are places where you'd better have more than 1. In fact, about halfway through the game, I started feeling like one of these fairy tale girls who have to distract their pursuer by throwing random items behind... :D
  4. Really? Why in the world was travel fatigue removed? Because someone "realized" walking long distances doesn't make one tired? No idea, really. I didn't watch this game's updates at all since I first finished it just after release, so all these changes were kinda big surprise for me. I even thought it's a glitch at first (when I realized that my character just never gets tired except after climbing a wall), but then found confirmation that it was a patch. Guess someone decided that it was too much trouble travelling back and forth between Caed Nua and the cities otherwise? It was a bit i
  5. Ah, I also forgot that Thaos' dominate isn't completely useless for him: it prevented me from using Wizard's Double potion, which doesn't care if the hit you just took went through deflection or anything else (even a fear aura tick can disable it). Since insta-losing deflection bonus just before an incoming cleansing flame was too risky for my liking (especially with the way how characters still constantly ignore my commands to drink a potion), I eventually decided to stick with Llengrath Displaced Image. Also, +5 bonus from Hearth Harvest was a very pleasant detail.
  6. On PotD, it shouldn't. But isn't the 20 second limit for all difficulties? It's not a fast thing to check, so I don't really know yet. And on easy/normal, summons should at least be fun. 20 seconds isn't fun. Also, on solo it takes away these super-precious quickslots. For the same reason, I never used damage-spell scrolls: they are too weak on PotD to be of any real use compared to the potions (especially Infuse with Vital Essence when you are going for No Rest for the Pro). Oh, don't even get me started. You know how I killed 5 harrassing thugs in the streets for the brothel ques
  7. That must be some skill! O.o Is there a video? I don't consider abusing base game mechanics and AI "dirty" in such runs for such games, but the trick I've used (not invented by me - thanks youtube) involved alt+tabbing to prevent statues from attacking me right away, so that certainly does qualify as "dirty" in my book. I really wish I could do without it, but at the moment, despite all the re-trains and buffs, it looked like the only option which turned this encounter into a competitive battle instead of a quick slaughter. Wow, I didn't even realise summons could prevent death on knoc
  8. Details on how I dealt with each of the story challenges (hope it will help someone achieve that perfect 7-kill run some day): 1) Caravan camp. I killed everything (2 wolves and 9 Glanfathans). Not much pacifism there, although I should have known better. 2) Cilant Lis. Sneaked around everything (started with 2 stealth as Orlan Cipher Dissident), including the treasure cache (for some strange reason, slime inside attacks 2 slimes outside, so you can easily loot the chest while they are dealing with each other). Had to "sacrifice" Calisca to get past the last spiders without a fight ("you mus
  9. ...And I have to say it was quite an interesting experience! I also went for "No Rest for the Pro", and it didn't make the game all that much harder now that there's no travel fatigue anymore. And I managed to legitimately miss "Zero Knockouts" achievement in a solo run, which, I guess, should be an achievement in its own right. :D Just for clarity: I was playing without Trial of Iron (I don't believe in legitimate triple-crown-solo anyway) and without Expert mode (finished on Expert my first time, but decided to enable spell area indicators and info on dialogue checks for the second).
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