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  1. It wouldn't be in bad faith to do a regular run first. You're free to do whatever you like. But I think it would be fun to jump off this cliff together and take our chances. If we die, we die. If not, we'll have a blind run NR or two. That would be cool.
  2. Jaheiras Witness: Are you still out there? Whatever happened to your RPed party run, intended for PoE II import? Now would be a great time to fire that up, if you haven't already.
  3. Congratulations on an outstanding run, Ivanfyodorovich! Though the end game may not have tested your limits, you did some excellent work to get to that point. It was a well earned victory, irrespective of whether you ended up over-powered. On the balancing issue, I'll note the following: I sympathize with the view that PoE can be trivialized with safe routing and over-leveling. And I do think that some of us may enjoy taking steps to remedy that, including reduced party size, as Ivanfyodorovich and Semiticgod have suggested, or 0 knockout runs, embraced by Serg and myself. Coming up with strategies to rebalance the adventure and rediscover challenge can be part of the fun. I look forward to that! While some of us may perceive NRing PoE as easy now, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that no one has successfully completed the challenge yet, since we've yet to move on to PoE II. Perhaps we should put a pin the PoE balancing discussion until after we have a least one entry in the Hall of Heroes? Speaking of which: Who is ready to move on to PoE II? If and when we get three yeas, I'll open up a PoE II thread, and we can begin. Since I was distracted by holiday beaching (and, later, Stranger Things binge watching), Arya is still in the PoE midgame. Arcadia is ready to go, however. I can start when others are ready. Who's in? Best, A. Btw, Ivanfyodorovich, I believe you mentioned that you're running PoE II on a MacBook Air. Let me know if you have any tips on making that work.
  4. Nice work in the Battery, Ivanfyodorovich! Glad you made it through! In Alyssa's run, which I declined to post, we suffered routine knockouts in the Durgan's Battery fights. I felt like I was being sloppy, but now I think they're just kind of hard to stop. Those fights seem to have been deliberately balanced in such a way as to insure that you'll take a mild beating in each encounter. Have you done the Durgan's Battery without knockouts, Serg? Do you have any advice on that? Best, A.
  5. Noted! Early January sounds good to me, too. We seem to have had a lull in activity, likely associated with the holiday. I, personally, will resume playing and posting on the 26th. I'm guessing others will too. Until then, happy holidays, everyone! And if you still feel like posting, over the next couple of days, please do. You will have readers. I'll be among them! Best, A.
  6. Sorry to hear that FNGRenegade! If you do continue your solo run, please do feel free to post it. (And if you move on to PoE II instead, let us know what you think, as a no reloader. Some of us haven't tried it yet.) Best, A.
  7. Glad to see you making progress, nice work! And Ivanfyodorovich: thank you for covering you dialogue choices.There are still a lot of options that I'm unaware of. I learned of a couple in your last post. Thanks! Best, A
  8. Yikes! That was a close call against The Dweller. I'm glad Mira made it! Best, A. Btw, what level was Mira at? I'm curious about the appropriate level for that encounter. I've only done it while severely over-leveled.
  9. Best of luck to Grim Face! May his adventures be injury free! Best, A. Btw, I agree that a no knockout no reload is possible. I just don't think that I, personally, have a high probability of success at this time. Setting aside the times when I've been playing for hours and hours without sleep (or playing on Klonopin and wine, trying to sleep), and speaking solely of the quests that I know and do, I run into trouble in the Skaen Temple and in Durgan's Battery. I can solve the Skaen temple problem by using your approach there. It's the small battles, fought consecutively, with rest restrictions, that get messy. I can just bypass those and drop Wymund. EDIT: Now that I think of it, Arcadia's team did the Skaen Temple without in combat knockouts and without leaving for camping gear. It not so bad, really. Alyssa just fought a sloppy battle there that unnerved me. In the battery, it's the spirit fights that get me They aren't really a threat to my teams, but I do have trouble keeping everyone on their feet. I probably just need to study the problem. I've basically just been lazily AoE bombing my way through those encounters, without carefully studying enemy abilities. Once I understand what they're doing to me I'll be in a better position to stop it.
  10. I think it could be highly effective. I also think it would be challenging, in some respects. One of the advantages of working with a stable team is that you come to know its strengths and weaknesses. You develop a battle plan and you refine execution. You iron out kinks. You remedy unexpected flaws. You stumble; you grow; you get better. I've always believed that knowledge of the resources you possess is often more important than the resources themselves. I feel that the approach you're proposing may sacrifice the former, for the latter. I also don't necessarily think that it would be inconsistent with an RP approach. The very first Alesia run, on the old, old forums was an RPed/novelization No Reload. It was abandoned in Saradush, sadly, because it had become too time consuming (I was in grad school, at the time). Alesia and Imoen were friends. They were a team. They were always together. As for other party members, they were added and discarded flexibly, based on the exigencies of each quest, intersected with RP considerations. Alesia didn't travel with a party. She navigated the world with a friend and assembled teams for each mission. It was a lot of fun. It was also challenging, in light of BG XP system. PoE would be better suited to that approach. As a matter of fact, when I do run Alesia in PoE, I'll probably do it that way, with flexible parties, often small, chosen for each mission, like her first BG run. What you're proposing is little bit different, but there is some similarity, I think. If you'd like to give it a try, feel free. I'll acknowledge, though, that I'm less fond of the respec and disposability parts of your proposal. I'd prefer to see a large stable of characters that you draw from flexibly. It's up to you, though, of course. What is the maximum number of characters that you can build and hold in reserve? Best, A.
  11. Best of luck! You're more likely to meet with success in that endeavor, I think. I have levels 1-7 down. My command of higher levels is a little sketch. I don't expect Arya to finish with zero knockouts. We'll try, though! I suppose that could become a new -totally optional- wrinkle on the challenge. Best, A.
  12. That's closer. A captain and crew. Quest related. Upper floor of a centrally located, yet low traffic inn. That's something in SoA exactly.
  13. Cool! Looking forward to seeing your priest in action. I'm sure I'll learn a lot. A perception of 10 is lower than I'd be inclined to go, but I do prefer to prioritize dex over per with priests, unlike the majority of classes. Priests spend much of their time buffing, a dex not per dependent activity. And for fights where you intend to use your priest offensively, to attack directly, there's blacsonn, which essentially converts two excess dex points to three per points. That's the approach I've taken with Arya. Faced with the choice between two extra dex points or two extra per points, I chose two dex point when I need dex, and three per points when I need per. It makes sense to me. We have Grieving Mother now, so we'll have paralysis v will, which should be great for that fight. I don't imagine we'll be able to lock Cali continuously with that alone, though. Mental Binding should be part of the plan, not the entirety of the plan. The breath weapon + Dire Blessing sounds really awful. I think we'll tackle that late, if we tackle it at all. Best, A
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