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  1. JuliusBorisov over at the Beamdog forums has pointed out an opportunity for PoE2 no-reloaders. See the end of the video:
  2. I've made no progress in my run (I've been doing an unrelated BG run), but as soon as the new thread is created, I think I'll get back to PoE2 and start posting. I don't have anything saved up, but I'm ready to go whenever.
  3. @Ivanfryodorovich: Most of us played BGTutu back in the day rather than the original Baldur's Gate (partly because modding BG1 wasn't really a thing), which meant we were playing BG with the BG2 engine. Thus, we had the option of choosing kits, and spells and items operated as they did in BG2. If I recall correctly, importing a vanilla BG character into BG2 allowed you to change their proficiencies (proficiencies were different in BG2) but not give them a kit. That is, your longsword-wielding fighter could become a katana-wielding fighter, but not a katana-wielding Kensai fighter. BGTutu and E
  4. In the BG Hall of Heroes, the run had to be a continuous narrative across BG, SoD (optionally), SoA, and ToB. Failing at any point along the way meant it no longer qualified as a saga run unless the player re-started all the way back at Candlekeep. For example, if you beat BG and SoA, then died in ToB, then re-started at the beginning of ToB, and then beat ToB, it wouldn't count as a saga run; it would just be a successful BG run, a successful SoA run, and an unrelated successful ToB run. Dying in PoE2 would send a character straight to the Honorable Mentions section. To qualify for th
  5. @Ivanfyodorovich: We'd be discussing things on the new thread, which @Alesia_BH will start for us. One of our goals will be to establish a positive and cooperative atmosphere for the new thread to make sure new participants absorb the local culture. We want to make sure the new thread is less about showing off one's skills or competing with other participants, and more about sharing knowledge and helping each other out. That means we'll want to post a lot of stuff very quickly in the new thread to establish a trend.
  6. How about this: we try to complete PoE2 blind without reloading, and if we die somewhere along the way, we continue as a normal run, with reloads, and continue discussing our progress and thoughts on the strategy for a no-reload run. I doubt any of us will make it through PoE2 blind without dying, and I certainly don't think we should try to make our first complete PoE2 run a no-reload run (no need to restart over and over again instead of playing through the game on the first time normally), but some of us might get a respectable distance into the game before we get splattered.
  7. @Alesia_BH: Good point about the Hall. Since we don't yet know how difficult PoE2 is going to be to complete without reloading, creating additional restrictions on PoE1 is premature. If PoE2 is significantly more challenging, then it might make sense to tolerate a lower-intensity PoE1 run, since a full saga run would still be dicey. Also, since we don't yet know all the differences in the game mechanics, we might want to know if there's a way to standardize restrictions across the saga. For instance, if mage/druid/priest spells are per-encounter in PoE2, then a "no per-rest abilities" requirem
  8. Three characters in a party sounds like a good alternative to a full party without attempting a highly-restrictive solo run. I'm afraid it would do too much to inhibit party diversity, though--there would be a powerful incentive for every party be at least 1/3 priest and to a lesser extent 1/3 wizard. Another way to avoid the over-leveling issue is to do a less completionist run, or even to fight Thaos before tackling White March. This would involve loading an earlier save to continue after Thaos, but I think it would be realistic for a Watcher to beat Thaos and then go on to White March r
  9. About our with-reloads run with a cipher, wizard, two priests, Firebrand-wielding rogue, and dual-wielding barbarian: After the Skaen temple, we tackled the spider den (I don't know the real names of most areas) and got nearly overwhelmed through sheer offensive pressure, suffering a knockout on one of our priests. We failed to corner the party and therefore took a lot of pressure, especially because the enemy came in waves and the spiders weren't clumped together closely enough for us to catch as many of them in area-effect spells. Ectopsychic Echo cleared the field before we suffered mor
  10. About the PoE2 thread: If we're going to do what we discussed before--have a bunch of runners all start posting in a new PoE2 thread simultaneously so we can establish a friendly atmosphere right off the bat--I will be ready to do soon it after January 2, when I have a test.
  11. I've been thinking about the prospects of creating custom characters and using re-training for situational purposes, and Searing Falls seems like an ideal place to bring in a disposable druid or two just to lock down all the Drakes with Hold Beast. If Cail's Will defense is 66, then a level 6 Hearth Orlan druid with maxed-out Perception and Intellect could very, very easily paralyze him for many seconds. With the right resting bonus and some cookies and casserole, you'd have an Accuracy of 67 with Hold Beast, you'd have 4 castings total, and the duration would be 9.52 seconds if you also wore
  12. My current with-reloads run will involve tackling the Sky Dragon, White March, and all of Od Nua, as well as whatever optional side quests I know of, like the Drakes at Searing Falls. I don't plan on hunting down every tiny quest (that would require research on my part), but I'll be going after all the big fights I can find. This is a research/experimentation run. I've also considered trying my hand at another no-reload poverty run, with another priest or wizard replacing one or both of our druids. I have a better handle on wizards and priests, and I think I'll just craft a party of Moon G
  13. I used to pass on Slicken because of its short duration (it seemed like a weaker version of BG's Grease spell), but so many enemies have poor Reflex saves that the spell can be chain-cast to reliably lock down groups of enemies for several rounds, allowing the player to establish a strong foothold early on. The really weird thing is that Slicken works on so many different enemies, even certain floating enemies like most Spirits and legless critters like Spores. @Alesia_BH: Sounds like White March and level 11+ abilities offer a lot of new options on expanding damage output. On a related no
  14. @Alesia_BH: Since I neglected to mention it earlier, I'd love to hear more about your cipher. Also, how do you get custom portraits in PoE?
  15. Right-o. Our Watcher this time is Frost, another Hearth Orlan with a re-used portrait and name. This is the first time I didn't use the blonde orlan portrait for my Watcher. As before, I've maxed out Perception, which I do for any character that's not a tank. Partly this is because of the offensive bonuses, but mostly I do this for the reliability. I think this is especially important for spellcasters, who only get so many chances to make an impact with offensive spells. If you can only spare a single Confusion spell, you want to minimize the chance that it will fail outright. The
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