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  1. I just checked with old save at max level and Eder with 15 Stealth - this worked (distraction with sparkcrackers) but Eder should be completely hidden (no red or yellow filling) to steal from Ranga of Tikawara and not get a reputation hit. In most other places it is enough to have a yellow or partial red filling to steal without anyone noticing.
  2. There are some places (Port Maje Governor's residence, Tikawara Chief's house, Neketaka RDC lounge) where NPC see you stealing (and you get a reputation hit at the very least) even if you are stealthy.
  3. I took them all with Lifegiver/Ascendant MC, Eder(Swashbuckler), Xoti (SC Priest), Aloth (SC Wizard), Pallegina (Palladin/Chanter) on the first try each (after studying a lot of videos/this forum topics ofc). The main approach is to start the fight with Eder, then withdraw via Shadowing Beyond, MC apply Ancient Memory on Xoti who buff all (including BDD) and keep those buffs with Salvation of Time. Sigilmaster Auranic also need potions of spell deflection since one of her Sigils dispel all buffs with Arcane Cleanse. Ancient Memory+BDD+Salvation of Time is a cheap trick ofc. but those mega
  4. If you mean Against the Grain then there is a way to resolve this feud peacefully via Diplomatic approach without requiring any attributes. My characters never had base resolve higher then 12 (10 or even 8 usually) and they never had issues to talk down their way with some Res buffs/food/resting bonuses.
  5. I'm glad to report that Grim Face (Lifegiver/Ascendant), accompanied by Eder (Fighter/Thief), Xoti (Priest of Gaun), Aloth (Wizard) and Pallegina (Palladin/Chanter) after quite a number of unfinished runs and re-starts finally finished my first completionist, no Berath blessing, upscaled (all), PoTD Deadfire run including all four mega bosses and all optional SSS fights (Seeker's Pass as main). There were like three total reloads, all of which could be easily avoided. First one is when I forgot that there are four Sigils of Death in Sandswept Ruins execution chamber and rushed ahead after dest
  6. @Ivanfyodorovich Yeah, sea battles in Deadfire are unpredictable due to RNG and depend little on your skills. Personally I'm trying to avoid them as much as possible in no-reload. My current run with Cipher(Ascendant)/Druid(Lifegiver) is pretty smooth and fun and I think I'll be ready to full saga no-reload with him after finishing this run. Stay tuned!
  7. Oh, no need for apologies! It's all right. Yep, Grim Face as Cipher (Ascendant)/ Priest of Eothas went through Deadfire (PotD / upscaled / Trial of Iron / no Berath blessings) just fine. He hit level cap already, almost finished the main plot (just need to choose a faction to follow/or move alone and head to the end game), finished Beast of Winter DLC and started SSS DLC. I don't like Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC much, truth be told it's my least favorite part of the PoE2, so I'm running through it only for the sake of completeness. And then I've put that run on pause and started anothe
  8. @Boeroer: you might be right about autocorrection. The thing is that she never called me like that all this years we know each other. And she know I'm running through Deadfire many times already. That's why I'm confused with that post.
  9. Nice to see you, Alesia! I'm a bit confused with your latest post - whom are you referring to as 'stranger', and what is 'Deadline'?
  10. Since I'm not sure I'm not all alone here nowadays, just a note for the record that Grim Face finally finished my yet another one completionist/ upscaled/ PoTD/ Trial of Iron PoE/WM1/WM2 run. Each and every quest/task/bounty were resolved one way or another. The only exceptions are some companions' personal quests (Durance, Maneha, Zahua). The rest of the run (after my latest update) mostly mirrored the Gloomy Face's one with slight deviations alone the pass. This time we were able to talk Alpine Dragon out of fighting, completed WM2 main quest and defeated Kraken before going to Cragholdt Bl
  11. Sad to hear of your Crew demise, Enuhal... Those 'forgotten' are indeed tough. Confusion is the spell vs them (at least in my run they all were affected and that simplified things a lot).
  12. Grim Face (Hearth Orlan, Priest of Eothas) & Co - Part 8 TOC: Again it's about a month since we last heard of Grim Face and his merry band, sorry for that. Due to some unexpected RL events I can't play as much as I wish to though we made quite decent progress and gained two level ups. At the moment we cleared Caed Nua lower levels down to lvl 6, finished all available/remaining act 2 Defiance Bay side quests/tasks (except Cinders of Faith) and also Dyrford Village/Crossing. Most fights were completed via per-encounter abilities and Cipher powers. After gaining Lead Spitter blun
  13. Long live, Astarta! May the gods bless you! I hope your predictions about Astarta's fate, Alesia, turn out to be wrong.
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