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  1. i start regretting going with 2 ciphers. i picked npcs from a pure prefernce point of view for their storylien and alignement...now i see tactic wise its a painfull choice. myself being a 2nd cipher i regret not rolling as a mage or a priest since i killed durance/aloth :D i feel melee are underpowred...true eder/pallegina/zahua/meneha stats are messed...but the gear shud catch up for that, alass it dont... without a priest the enemy casters simply disable and burn u down ...
  2. guess i might try respec the cipher for get charm and puppet master. will see how it goes. crafting levle 4 scrolls require gems i nu have yet
  3. problem of levle is vicious circle. need the bounty doen for unlock next set of bounties for the xp. even if i menage get to endless path maybe level 7-8 withotu getting raped dubt is give me enough xp to level 9. might bed forced start som act 3 quests then. anyway i find game more enjoyable when its not easy.get to this levle 7 when playing from start with 50% increased xp needed proved a challenge.Espcilly with 4 melee/2ciphers and no priest/mage who are op lol.
  4. Hey guys, so i'm on my 50% reduced xp playthourgh with only npcs, . so far its been challenging but ok. i got to act 3, i'm levle 7, and decided do the bounties/paths for try get to 9 before going white march ,although doubt the xp suffise lol. Anyway my probleme is NALREND THE WISE. my party has eder,pallegina,mother,me ( cypher), and 2 customs with exact same stats as zahua/meneha, until i get the real ones. so 4 melee, 2 caster, and no priest/mage. my cyphers are getting raped by insect plague and melee have hard time too...i have no topazes yet for craft firewall of confusion scrolls. so what can i do ? expect goign town for get mage custom or such... how with my compo i can beat them? it's stupid cus i'm sure i can handle other bounties much easier way. but nalrend and the pack infront cave are wiping with my face.
  5. hi, after talking previously to the marshal in the keep about getting army for yenwood battle, and inquiring about the veterans, i said maybe later to him. after gaining a couple levels, and coming back to him being ready for battle, i no more have the option for hire the veterans. i dont think it's normal is it ? if he offered the option on first talk about battle, why no more...
  6. hey, i belive there suposed be 2 camping suplies in dyrford ruins? i just did ALL the place, clearing every single room and chest and being forced go back town twice in middle dungeon simply cus there was not a single piece of camping suplies inside... bug i assume? how u expect ppl clear a big place liek this with so many mosnters withotu a single resting supply... only one was the one after the boss, toward exit....pointless since no more enemies after and u forced peddle back town when clearing before without any supply...
  7. that would be great, i couldent find anything on the net about it. also there no scaling for act 3, only for sun in shadows, so if i back from white march part at lets say level 14 or so, feel liek unscaled at 3 will be a joke.
  8. hey guys, a question : if i go white march part 1 at levle 5, just for get the new henchies, then immediate after back doing my act 2 stuff in root poe, when i back to white march later a 2nd time at lets say levle 10 will it still propose me to scale up the difficulty? or is it only a one time check when going there for the very first time? really wan do act2/3 with maneha/zahua, but not at the price of having whole white march at levle 6-7 mobs instead scaled...
  9. you realise the big impact mage/priest get on game. when you reach defiance bay being only level 3/4 max, and have 4 melee or so some stuff become very hard. even eothas temple in guilded vale, withotu any fire casting is hardcore, as the shadows/sahdes tear ur party apart with their cold damage and summoning. forced respec picking talent vs cold damage reduce, and craft fan scrolls once arrived defiance, its same same
  10. did you try it even ? because i did and the unity assets bundle extractor no work at everyones computer. after unzipping the .exe starts but crash as soon u try ope nat assembly file...
  11. Sup, so after completing full game on potd and facerolling all with my custom party ( 3 mages 2 war 1 pala) and with 25% increased exp gain i was kinda disapointed by the low t oaverage challenge ( only hard part being monks in part 2) So i decided take the step further : complete all on potd with a full party of premade npcs and 50% increased experience gain...and oh boy is it fun. On my previous plays i often came to dismiss many items ebcause useless. Like Potions foods +attribute items who droped in double or so. Here when playing with pre made chars and due to their messed up attributes, the +attribute items earn a whle new valor and so potions like wizard double/elem res who are priceless for ensure your eder or palagina dont get wiped out. My current party is eder/palalgine/zahua/menega/grieving mother/myself as cypher too. No priest for buffing and no amges for big aoe etc for make it too easy and add ot the challenge. So far i'm enjoying it. you are forced pick carefully the order in which u proceed quests, every crafting mat scrol land potion is valuable, and CC are priceless. it gives a whole renewal to the game. it made me realise all this people bitching about game being too easy simple faceroll with full customs/edited stat chars/op classes liek mage/priest.... The usage of +4 aatribute items or +3 ones, of armor enchats, the pickign of skills...a new world. And skills likes wound binding or such considered as crap become primordial when you premade char health keep drop so easily. What's your though guys? Try the potd full premades +50% xp needed...u will feel the difficulty bump.
  12. yeah with latest ie mod game keep crashing all time. only mod i use is the companion attribute one and the xp one. keep crash every time randomly when using abilities... so it's a no
  13. the game keep crasing since instaleld and using ie mod. middle figh or at other random moments. annoying. any fix to this ?
  14. yh thats my point. forced hexa editing something that should been fixed since how many patchs?
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