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Found 16 results

  1. I was playing with friends when Game Pass ran out. When I renewed the subscription, I went back to the game and tried to enter the campaign again, the save selection screen was in an infinite loop, it just says "processing...". I can't load, delete, rename, duplicate (etc) any save. I just can't play the game anymore... Has anyone experienced this or know how to resolve it?
  2. I'm not sure if anyone already brought this up but I know there are at least two fan versions of the map of Eora on the internet, and it looks like nothing official has been released yet. Whenever someone asks for a map of the world, they get directed to one of the fan made pictures. But. I've been running around Brass Citadel today, and I saw this in the Officer's Lounge on the hazatoha table: It's in the game so I'd say it's as official as it can get. As for the lands themselves, my guess goes as this (sorry for the sloppy paint edition): What do you think?
  3. What is your best build for exploring the world and story? Priorities: 1: high frequency of unlocking dialogue that give extra insight into how the extra-dimensional and Godly parts of the world really works. 2: high frequency of unlocking dialogue that give extra clues and insight into what goes on behind the scenes of the story. 3: a strong combat build within the above framework. 4: above criterias > melee characters > ranged > support 5: I find it hard to play cruel characters and goody two-shoes This site can be provide clues: https://wiki.fireundubh.com/deadfire/dialogue-options#root My current ideas: I started a game as a death godlike single-class priest of Berath. I'm looking for a better option because I find the support-role somewhat undesirable for my main. I'm considering a fire-godlike multiclass priest of magran and monk. But it's got low mental/social stats. I'm also concerned it's not very strong combat-wise. I'm considering a godlike ciper/priest of some form, but I'm just starting to theory-craft it and I don't apparently see how it would synergize properly for good effect.
  4. So in my last post I complained about how badly the characters, namely Pallagina and Xoti, were written. To balance things out i wanted to complement this game on its worldbuilding. The factions and cultures are extremely well drawn. I have trouble deciding whose vision to side with. It all seems very realistic and there is very little if any bias weaved into the narrative. Brandon Sanderson once said something to the effect of 'there are two kinds of writers, worldbuilders and character writers. I think Obsidian must just do a better job at he worldbuilding. There are noble natives with backward traditions; a monarchy with good vision but strong feelings of entitlement and ethnocentrism; there is even a republic run by business interests with a reckless bend toward science. All well conceived, and made to make the audience think, yet still relevant to current philosophical discourses. I havent finished the game yet but I am very impressed with this aspect of the game so far.
  5. Pillars of Eternity has a lot going on within it. I find it incredible that they got as much interconnected lore working given the time they had. Me thinks Josh and others had been day dreaming some of these things for a long time! For me I love that it's set in a "New Word." Age of Sail and Colonization and all that. Where old established cultures are confronting complete unknowns, in every imaginable form. Isolation on the frontier, colonial conflicts, lack of or imperfect law of land. Especially since it's exploring this era of history from a fantasy perspective. For me it's just a very fresh setting to experience and I feel I've only just gotten a small taste of it. I also love the idea of man made Gods. The whole setup of them actually being powerful, but also having seemingly abandoned most of kith-kind creates a really interesting dynamic. This contrast between a desire to be free, but also subjugated under a super-ordinate being. And how existing faiths will be shaken. Who knows maybe there are even true gods, or maybe Pillars metaphysics is far more secular. Animancy is sort of presented as a secular pursuit within the world, but is viewed through the eyes of jealousy and superstition by those that ascribe the views of old. Either way it's an incredibly different way to setup the metaphysics of a fantasy world. So how about you?
  6. Inspiration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6lvvHuuI4kZaHJqejNYNThrems/view?usp=sharing Interpretation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6lvvHuuI4kZOEFlNWh3QjVITXM/view?usp=sharing In case if it is not obvious enough,I traced in game icon of a globe (presumably of Eora itself). Because of a heavy pixelation this mockup is in no way geographically correct in details (hense why I call it interpretation). Still I hope it can give you some shape of the world we all love and play. On the drawing you can see the Sun,two moons - Ondra's Beloved and The Black Runner plus the third,extinct one called err...Abydon's Folly,Godhammer 0.5,Celestial Spoiler Supreme..? (Your own names are welcome!) Oh and Eora ofcourse. So all of this said and done,can you find Free Palatinate of Dyrwood?
  7. I hope we'll get to see a very lot more of Eora. When you take a look at the map, it is so promising ! http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Eora If this, is going to be 3D, I'll be even more disapointed if the Game doesn't feel really Big. Let's not care about a lot of "Travel time" between Quests blabla... Give us a mount, I wanna visit Eora. The Size of a Map is only defined by : Lengh x Width x Height, so... What's the matter ? Make it huge, (emphasize around the height ?). In any case, a ton of Hype & Hopes are happening here Godsidian is working out.
  8. You all know what I'm talking about. The fourth Jurassic Park film that has been in the works forever. That Speilberg himself wanted to direct, but isn't. Well, now it is a reality. Coming out June 12th of 2015, and there's no thread about it yet? What a bunch of losers you all are. No, really, I love you all, don't ban me. I'm sure by now you've all read the spoilers (which are probably true), and have seen some videos. What we know: - Chris Pratt is in it as an awesome guy. He's a dinosaur trainer, and Owen is a mix of Malcolm and Grant. He lives in a shed and trailer combo away from the main facilities and housing. - Jurassic World, from concept art, will be roughly the size of Disneyworld Proper. - No feathers, although the rumored inclusion of Henry Wu means they might touch on this. It is 2014, I'd be pissed if they didn't. Even in the book, they explained why the dinosaurs had no feathers. - The theme park has been operational for a long enough time for the inclusion of about a dozen species. - It will be set in the future as to allow for believability. The going rumor is 22 years. So 2037. But other than some light cosmetic changes, nothing will seem sci-fi in aesthetics. So expect holograms (in fact, holograms will be reportedly used as both information outposts as well as a high-tech version of JP1's tour of the labs), but don't expect hover jeeps. - In-Gen is a rumor, but no BioSyn (Dodgson's company).
  9. Not sure the best way to go about asking these questions, so here they are. I'm working on finalizing my item submission and want to make sure the content is consistent with the world and lore. I've read through the wiki and while it is very helpful, it didn't touch on these (that I could see). Could someone (like an animancer) in the PoE world perceive a shattered soul cycle? Would it be possible within the lore for someone like that to know if this happens to another person? In the PoE world, is the construct of marriage similar to the real world? Particularly in The Dyrwood and Vailian Republics (as the item is related to animancy and the wiki mentions those nations as leaders in that particular field). Is the item appearance submission field text just to help describe the item to the devs, or is that field part of the final text? Can the in-game memorial name+content be related to the item? In my case there is a logical connection, and I think it would be neat to have that be referencing something in-world rather than too obvious of a 4th wall wink/nod. Pretty excited about getting my submission in ASAP, so I really appreciate any additional info you can provide!
  10. Catching up on news, I ran into this article on RPS this morning: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/12/14/obsidians-bold-future-eternity-meets-skyrim-a-second-ks/ I'll now quote the article, which quotes Feargus , "What I’m trying to figure out is, how could we make something that is more like a Skyrim for PC – forget console for now – with the engine we made in Unity for Eternity? Where we are with our conversation, quest, data editors, and all of that. If we were careful about scope and let Chris Avellone go wild with creating a new world, more of an open world, what could we do?" Later, "What could we do that would be interesting enough and at the right quality level?” he ponders aloud. “Because the one worry we have about moving away from pre-rendered stuff, is that as soon as we get into first-person or third-person or something like that, the expectation of triple-A-level console graphics comes in. So what can we do for a lower budget but let people still say, ‘Whoa, that’s crazy’?” Obsidian... Guys&Gals... I have one word for you: MINECRAFT Seriously, we loves open world and sandboxy RPG settings. Skyrim's success in spite of it's many terrible narratives and even, at times, nonsensical NPC interactions ("Here, take this and hold on to it.") is proof that many of us are dying to play the character we make up as we go along playing. Minecraft's success is proof that people will overlook graphics quality in the face of a great playing experience. So, Obsidian wants to kickstart an open world RPG for PC with a great story, a rich and detailed world that has "only" Unity quality graphics, holds on to text based dialogue windows and only has voice over for the 10 most important world characters? I'm IN! Where do I pledge? EDIT: Just pleaaase make mod-friendly part of the design goals. I was really looking forward to doing something for Skyrim right up until I read about the community content navmesh bug.
  11. Hi! Wanted to first say what an amazing piece of art. Good job. It is very beautiful. I've looked at it with a zooming glass, just because I appreciate the detail you managed to capture half a face in the waterfall as well, an angry God perhaps? Maybe even a statue in the waterfall which the water runs off from? No matter. The rock just next to the boat looks like a bearded man's head as well. Has the thought struck you about one big world? One giant canvas? How intriguing does it seem versus the workload it naturally presents? Out of the scope or possibly a reality? A sandbox painting. There'd be prestige in it, no doubt. But is it something anyone would like to touch or even work with? Is it easier to create split areas instead of having a large painting?
  12. The Event happened, you've finished the prologue, you're in an open world. In Baldur's Gate you could go straight to Nashkel, or go to the Friendly Arms Inn (or explore the world as you saw fit). Nashkel and the Friendly Arms would still have been there for you. What if you had a 3rd path you could've taken, which would be "Your" path (the Characters path, the story/main-story) and you can explore Nashkel, help out with the mines, if you wanted to. What if the entire story with Sarevok could've been a side-quest and you, the character, has a bigger purpose than that. Back to the first sentence, how would you want to embrace the world? "Go to point A" or point "B"? Or would this mark the moment where you can go anywhere and integrate with the world? Could you battle the Factions, or join one of them as an infantry man? Kingdom of Amalur felt to me as if it had something like this, but I got confused and lost in all the side-quests so I didn't even know what was the main story anymore. What is important for the story to be consistent and not.. confusing? The same thing happened to me in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3. Though in Fallout 3 (when I started to follow the main story) I enjoyed it much much more (never tried that for Fallout: New Vegas). Star Wars The Old Republic as well. When does too many side-quests become too many side-quests? In SWTOR I found it was way too many important NPC's in one location, and finishing one quest for them gave you 3 more, that led to some other place that had 3 more NPC's with 3 more quests each. The Lost Forest of the Side-Quest Tree is a difficult one, and one way to handle it (in my opinion) is to not have too many Quest givers send you off to another City where there is more NPC's waiting for you, but specifically sending you off to the Firewine Bridge, or one sends you off to Shandalar's Ice Island. Some might ask you to go to Beregost and clean out their spider infested home (which leads to more Quests in Beregost, though those quests in Beregost felt like West/North/East/South quests that you led you all directions and you could pick and choose which way you wanted to go, in a good way). Baldur's Gate had a real nice pacing on quests, and I never felt that I was lost from the "cause", what I was doing in the world or what the purpose was. It was always clear to me that Nashkel was the way to go too (and that it would give me more resolution if I did so. The Black Knight was always the clear path and it was known from the very beginning). Unlockable areas are important as well. I get to Chapter 2 and a new area is available (Not perhaps right off the bat on second one of Chapter 2 but one area that I couldn't access before I can now by talking to some weird NPC that has either spawned or didn't tell me before). It is important that the Main Quest isn't sent in the Fog ("What is the purpose??") or into the Forest ("So many trees!!!") but most importantly that it never is Shadowed ("This Main Quest SUCKS! That Side-Quest before felt like the End Times of Chaos and I just owned the **** of that!!!"). There needs to be a clear threat to the Character/Player consistently throughout the game, mysterious to a start and confusing to a start (We are unraveling the plot as we go along after all, I did not realize Koveras was who he was until it was told to me and it gave me an "Oh **** I'm stupid" expression added with a touch of admiration and defeat towards the Developers/DM "Most intelligent ho ho most intelligent" *slow clapping*). I want to believe that one guy is the enemy but really another one is, in Baldur's Gate it was pretty much a given right off the bat who I was facing. What if it had been revealed after I beat Sarevok that someone else was? Oh right, Irenicus. But those are 2 games (put together: 1 big game). I want to be fooled but I also want to see through it, could I ignore the dummy Sarevok and head for Irenicus instantly if I can unravel it on my own on a side-path? Perhaps one of the Companions in my party (depending on who I got) alerts me and tells me "We are being led the wrong way" or something, and I can ignore the Mid-Boss pretending to be Final Boss and head straight for the Purpose (by solving clues and taking a different approach/path) <- This could work well for a Non-Lethal approach, I don't want to fight too much and I want to be more stealthy/scholarly/intelligent. EDIT: Maybe even taking the other path towards the Final Boss makes the Mid-Boss grow and he becomes a different type of threat (Saruman, Silmarion, which I haven't read but I have researched it slightly). Thoughts?
  13. I've been thinking about the kinds of creatures and monsters which might inhabit the world of Project Eternity while adhering to the themes and the nature of the world. Here's a few main "types" I've come up with: 1. Soul-Swapped These are wildlife or people that have accidentally been assigned or possessed by other souls. Perhaps a person's soul was accidentally transfered to an animal, and both the physical animal and soul within become changed and twisted over time. This should allow an interesting menagerie of were-creatures - some good, some aggressive, while still adhering to the "natural" order in which the world works. 2. Corrupted Creatures or people who have had malevolent souls forced into them by necromancy or dark magic. There will be distinctive physical manifestations in many instances which would create an interesting assortment of twisted monsters. Evil mages may use these possessed creatures for protection or weapons. 3. Disembodied Souls These disembodied souls fail to complete the great cycle or have lost the ability to atune to living creatures, and thus become trapped in the physical realm for eons. They become either extremely wise as they observe the passage of time over many cycles, or become bitter and weary, as they are never allowed to die and be reborn. They often grow jealous of mortal beings, and this twists them into malevolent spirits. They either possess the area they were forcefully disembodied, or may wander aimlessly. Sometimes, they construct false bodies for themselves as a substitute for a real body. They can "possess" and animate a wide range of inanimate objects or forms - sometimes cobbled together haphazardly, sometimes fashioned meticulously over eons. To get even closer to their ultimate desire of inhabiting a living body, they often possess the dead. In combat, they can sometimes leave their physical form and attempt to wrestle with the souls of party members. Those with lesser powers may incapacitate the party member temporarily as they struggle, or sometimes very powerful souls may possess the party member and turn them against their friends temporarily. Only magic is capable of harming or destroying these souls. 4. The Godforged and the Abandoned. These entities are the results of attempt at creation by the gods. They either were forged to coexist with their makers in the god realm, or are abandoned creations which were never "born" into the physical realm. They are forged using soul energy, but do not possess souls as those on the physical realm do. These entities often reflect the nature of the god they are created by, and may be beautiful majestic creations or vile, ugly monstrosities. Because of their godly nature, they are rarely seen in the physical realm, but there exist certain phenomena which can open rifts between the two realms... What do you guys think? Are these ideas still too "conventional fantasy"? I suppose I've simply "justified" some conventional ideas for creatures/monsters by linking them with the idea of souls. Should Obsidian go for something more unique? How do you justify fantastical creatures in a fairly low fantasy and realistic setting? What are some of your ideas? It's definitely fun making this stuff up!
  14. Wondering if people are as interested/excited as I am about the possibility of a physical almanac. If it can't be included at higher tiers like 500 for free, then I am surely willing to pay a little extra in order to secure one. Up to $50 I'm willing to part with for a Physical Almanac. Interested in perspectives of all, but especially higher tiers of 500 and above and their willingness or non willingness to part with a little more cash for a Physical Almanac.
  15. My brother and I have both played through Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 countless times since we were teenagers, and we were debating the other day about which we prefer. We both more or less agreed that BG2 was an improvement on BG1 in pretty much every area: storytelling, combat, NPCs, classes and character specialisation etc etc. But despite all of that, in a way I still prefer BG1 for one reason: the immersiveness of the world, due to the inclusion of 'unimportant' zones across the world map. In case you haven't played either game, compare these two maps: In BG2, if you want to get to the Umar Hills, it's a single click from the Athkatla City Gates, and you're suddenly on the other side of the map. In BG1, after you leave Candlekeep you have to traverse two entire zones to get to the Friendly Arm Inn. Then you go South to Nashkel, which takes you across 4 zones. If you decide to do the Gnoll Stronghold side quest, you have to go across about 3 or 4 zones. All of which are 'insignificant' not only to the main storyline, but also to the large side-quests. Yet these unimportant in-between zones add so much to the immersion of the game. In that way, it's very similar to games like Fallout 3 or Skyrim. You can spend endless hours exploring the scenery and having random encounters, without ever progressing through the main story. And that, to me, is what makes a great, immersive RPG world. What do you guys think? Obviously every bit of content that goes into the game takes time (and money) to build, so there has to be a bit of a tradeoff. Would you rather see a fully populated world, with lots of inconsequential zones between the quests? Or would you rather that more time and effort went into major areas where the quests are actually carried out? And in case anyone from Obsidian is reading: what is your opinion on this? Do you guys have plans to create lots of in-between areas?
  16. Alright, this is more of a specualtion thread. So, we know that choosing your race will strongly determine your position in the world. Prejudices against races will be different in different lands, somewhere humans rule, somewhere they are hated. Also there have been hints that your class might have a minor influence, as to mages might be hated by some groups etc. And that pushes us to the question of gender. As of late most developers, who implement gender choice in their game, tend to make the game indifferent to this choice, making it little more than a cosmetic one. Sure, your romance options may change, your visuals may change, and if conversations are voiced - your voice will change. But usually that is the limit to what is one of the most definitive characteristic of a person. Indeed, in a fantasy setting, which is based on medieval times(even if a bit too loosely) wouldn't it be quite logical for many occupations and even activities to be strictly divided into masculine and feminine. Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't that be more engaging? Imagine a female character. Let's say she's a warrior class, swinging sword is what she does for a living. And maybe she's quite good at it, but why would anyone newly met take her prowess and experience as granted? I can't imagine male soldiers, noblemen and such acknowledging her easily. At least at first. At least until they get to know the character better. And even then you can't expect everyone to like her. She wouldn't be trusted to go on the most important assignments, and know the most important aspects of the state of things. Maybe she wouldn't be permitted to enter a tournament or something. I even bet some self-important bastard would even take on a grudge on a woman taking up a sword. That could lead to a conflict, either open, or concealed where she is ambused in her sleep etc. And now we move on. We've seen our first city, felt first grudges, fought our first foes. Now we march into more rural placees. And what do we find there? A cenobite monastery! A tied female character is gratiously taken in, offered food, water and roof to sleep under. Maybe the Grand Cenobite has a long issue needed to be resolved and she personally trusts the female character with that issue. Maybe it's not just a monastery, but a part of a grand order and the female main charachter might even have a chance at joining the order's holy warriors caste. And here a male main character comes along to the monestery. He is met with deep disdain and distrust. All communication is done through a proxy - a eunuch monk. The most this male character could count on is to be offfered a sleep in the pig stalls, along with pigs. And food? Well, sure! If you can take it away from the pigs. Oh, of course the Grand Cenobite has something so ask him of as she sends her eunuch proxy with a message - chase away the wolves who love snaching away monastery's pigs. And then be on your way - we have no more use of you. On the other hand, as the male charachter enters an aforementioned city, where a woman was met with great prejudice - soldiers meet him as an equal, noblemen respect him. And that one bastard who tried to assasinate the woman may even be as nice as to help the male character rise faster in the society, put in a good word for the male charater to be enrolled into high tournament and probably made an officer. Now imagine gender prejudice mixed with racial one. Imagine our heroes venturing into some sort of elven(or something) society, which might be deeply matriarchal. And even though both our heroes might be insufferably human, the female would be tolerated even if considered of lesser species, whereas the male would be treated outrightly as little more than a slave. Again this is a speculation thread, since gender differences this great in story are probably too much to be implemented. Yet still, isn't it fun to think about it? Itsn't it engaging to contemplate such possibilities?
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