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Found 9 results

  1. Unable to load from auto save a shared world. When first attemptint to load, the following prompt appears, and I am no longer able to attempt to load my save and see this prompt again even after shutting down the OS and cold-booting. The only thing that appears is this "processing" in the upper corner of the world select screen. I also tried to convert this save to a singleplayer copy to play offline, however the singleplayer copy won't load either. I checked around reddit and the forums and it seems like this is a server-side issue, Hopefully it is fixed soon! thanks for all your hard work.
  2. I was playing with friends when Game Pass ran out. When I renewed the subscription, I went back to the game and tried to enter the campaign again, the save selection screen was in an infinite loop, it just says "processing...". I can't load, delete, rename, duplicate (etc) any save. I just can't play the game anymore... Has anyone experienced this or know how to resolve it?
  3. When i go to host a shared world on xbox it just gets stuck in an infinite "creating lobby" loop. how do i fix this?
  4. Multiplayer, Shared world. My Friend (Xbox) and me (PC): We have just lost all our lvl 9 armor (Helm, Harness, Legwraps) and shields. Particularly, i have lost Left Elf Charm and last weapon i have equipped: Pinch Whacker. Game crashed when we were killed by mantis. When we re-entered the game, we spawned on the bed without armor and equipment. Before dying, we had free slots in our backpack; We have setted: Auto-save Interval 10 min and 5 auto-saves. My friend, who is the host of the world on xbox, could select only one save (Corresponding to our death). We still have other weapons and stuff we had in our backpack that were not equipped. No problem with the armor, we re-upgraded them all over again, but what can i do with the Pinch Whacker and Left Elf Charm? Lost forever?
  5. Shared worlds is a great idea in concept, but a terrible idea for playing in a non-creative game mode. Constant ruber banding band disconnects, doors being "open" but launching you all the way back because it was actually closed, inability to interact with items or hot bar unless you quit the game, Not being able to find or join your friend's host world, instead you have to go to start it yourself for it to tell you a friend is already hosting the world so you can join. And the worst part is the huge Latency issues especially when it comes to fighting any tier 2 or higher enemy. Currently in its state, Antlions or spiders or pretty much a coin flip. You either get good latency and you are able to parry or the game registers your hit late or not at all and you die immediately. Now you pair this with the death damage you take to ALL of your armor and this game puts you loops of constantly dying and breaking your armor. So now you have to constantly reload the world to recover back packs and that reintroduces all the aforementioned issues. I appreciate shared world but in its current state it's NEARLY impossible to play because of lag and other issues. I hope you are coming with a patch to fix this because if I knew it would take a huge nosedive in quality I would have rather started on a normal multiplayer file rather than this laggy issue riddled mess.
  6. As the title says, we have a multiplayer game, shared with 2 friends and we have noticed that the mints do not re-spawn. The anthill mint, In the cup on the porch, wood stack, lunchbox, none of them re-spawn. Is this by design, as the wikia article suggests only the mints in the starter box don't re-spawn. If obsidian wants to check my world please DM me I can share or provide the worldcode.
  7. So my friend and I loaded up the world after the 1.0 release. I Built tier 3 arrows and got the achievement, but when he built some his achievement didn't pop. Similarly enough, when we plugged up the haze cannister (he plugged it as I already had thr achievement) his again did not unlock. this is a shared world and I'm worried that if we progress through I'll be the one getting thr achievements and not him when it's a team effort. is this just a bug that is in the process of being fixed or is this because I am the creator of the world and was hosting it?
  8. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but i keep getting an error saying there was an issue hosting a multiplayer game when trying to host my shared world. My internet connection is fine. Whats interesting is that when I retry hosting that shared world, it says that a player (me) is hosting that shared world currently, even though im not actually in it. Figure its a bug and that i should share it so that the devs can work on a fix before 1.0.
  9. Hey, so I've been playing with my friends online and they live across the world from me. Usually this isn't a big issue when it comes to playing online games, but we've started to get a lot of lag and crash issues with standard worlds and the shared worlds no matter who hosts it. At this point, it's unplayable for us, so I was just hoping that someone would know how to fix this issue or if there will ever be a fix for this issue? We were hoping the shared worlds might fix something when it came out, but I think it just made it worse. Thanks
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